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Being in the Hunger Games with Tim Drake

•Being chosen from your district to fight other deadly teenagers was not your planned idea of your weekend.

•Coming from a poorer district you knew you be at a disadvantage since some trained their whole lives for these games.

•Your partner was an average kid who you knew would sadly die in the beginning.

•Thankfully your parents taught you some key survival skills.

•Not to mention you were pretty intelligent, you preferred to analyze different situations rather than acting recklessly.

•Arriving at the capital you were met with the fellow competitors and the game makers of the Hunger Games itself.

•A young boy about the age of yourself was calmly browsing through a tablet he had in hand.

•”He’s probably designing the layout to kill us right now.” A fellow competitor whispered in your ear.

•”What do you mean?”

•”He’s the head game maker, he plans the attacks, the fires, the floods, everything.”

•The Gamemaker rose his head and stared at you both.

•You remained to stare right back at him while the other nervously avoided the eye contact.

•The boy slightly smiled and turned his tablet around… he was planning the layout of the game.

•And then the training started.

•If that Gamemaker stuck to the layout you knew that it would be placed in a tropical setting.

•You read endlessly on edible things and survival tatics while others threw knives at each other, trying to earn dominance in the game.

•But why did he show it to you?

•A couple days later when you were talking to your mentor a quiet knock was heard.

•You got up and opened the door to reveal the Gamemaker, still tapping on his tablet.

•”Gamemaker.” You said promptly

•”(Name) (Last name)”

•You mentor stood up and gestured him inside.

•”Mr. Drake, what pleasure do we have seeing you?”

•Tim looked at the mentor and then to the books you had sprawled out on the table about different climates.

•”I just wanted to inform (Name)… privately on the next stage for the games, things we expect.”

•”O’course I’ll take my leave.”

•Tim sat down on the chair and ushered you to do the same.

•”I’m Timothy Drake, the head Gamemaker.”

•”Ah, the one that wants to kill us all.”

•Tim looked at you with an undectable look, “That’s the job requirement yes.”

•”I see you took the appropriate measure to fully conquer the game setup.” He gestured to your books.

•”You are the one who showed me it.”

•”Yes, I would like to keep you alive.”


•”For reasons we cant discuss yet.”

•Tim got up and prepared to leave.

•”Wait! What about the others?”

•”I have decided fully on them yet.”

•And with that he left.

•You began to notice how his eyes would constantly follow you wherever you went.

•Or how your mentor suddenly had the right things for you to say to win over the capital’s crowd.

•There was even books subtly placed near the ones you read that helped your knowledge extensively.

•2 days before the games you had to get evaluated by the Capital on your skills.

•Your fellow competitors complained how the Gamemaker never even looked up during their evaluations.

•But when you went it was different.

•In the spectators box was just Tim tapping on his tablet again, but when you came he paid full attention.

•On the day of the Games you paced nervously around the waiting room.

•Suddenly the door unbolted and Tim appeared.

•”Here to give me tips?” You said sarcastically.

•”I plan to keep you alive… and a few others if possible.”

•”WHAT FOR!? So I could become your toy if I live?”

•”There’s going to be a revolution and I need you to be apart of it.”

•”To overthrow the capital?” You said shocked.


•The tube opened and signaled you to step on it.

•”Why keep me alive? Why are you doing this.”

•”As I said for the revolution… and for my personal motives too if I were to be truly honest.”

•And with that the Hunger Games commenced.

Midnight Routines, a batman fanfic | FanFiction
Bruce has a routine he does every night for the sake of his own sanity. But really, it shouldn't be so darn challenging to get all of his kids to go to bed, should it? Featuring some good ol' Batdad content.

Boy oh boy, look who wrote another thing. I was in the mood for some Batdad fluff, so that’s what this is. So… yeah. Read it if you want. (Sorry I’m awkward okay) 


Batboys x Reader
Bruce Wayne (mentioned)

A/N: Tim makes a few mistakes that need more than one pair of hands to help clean up.

Warnings: None.

TD has created a Chatroom.
TD has added DG, JT, and DW.

TD: Guys, we have a serious problem.

JT: We always have a serious problem.

DW: Figure it out yourself.

DG: Is it serious, or serious?

TD: You don’t understand, it’s about Y/N.

DG: So serious, then.

DW: What about her? 

JT: What happened? 

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Damian Thought Tim Died

Day 6

There was an explosion. Damian thought Tim was caught in it. He believed the older boy was dead. The only thing Damian could think of was the last thing he said to his older brother was that he was incompetent.

That was when Damian learned how crushing regret could be.

When Tim came back to the cave, injured but alive – alive! – Damian jumped into his arms without thinking. Tim caught him, even as he hissed in pain, which made Damian feel a little guilty.

But, I need to make sure he’s alive, Damian thought, justifying his own action.

“Damian?” Tim asked, sounding curious.

Damian did not answer and merely tightened his hold. Thankfully, Tim did not push for answer.

After a moment, Damian climbed down, feeling his cheeks burn with embarrassment. He hoped his dark skin could hide his blush. “I was wrong,” he said through gritted teeth. It hurt his pride to admit a mistake, to Drake of all people. But he could still remember the tumultuous guilt he felt when he thought the last thing he said to Drake was an insult. He did not care to repeat that experience. “You’re not incompetent.” It was the closest thing to an apology he could give.

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Good Big Brother’s Day!

Meanwhile, Jason’s kind of the bad Big brother…

Thanks to my Aniki for the idea! This is for you!♡


Happiness (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You’re a speedster that joins the Young Justice team.

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: Death, Cursing?

Word Count: 3090


(Y/N)’s POV

“I mean boy wonder’s not that bad looking” Lexa said as we walked through the mall, I rolled my eyes “Can you stop fan-girling for once” I say, “Oh come on (Y/N), you’ve got to admit it” She whined, “I’m not admitting anything” I say before there was a commotion from the level below causing me to look over to see that a large sign was collapsing on to an area that was full of young children and no one had noticed, I sighed, running down and clearing the area that the sign was going to land then appearing next to Lexa before she noticed my disappearance, “Did you see that?!” She yelled, “See what?” I asked as the sign landed on the floor, “There was a blue streak!” She yelled shaking me by the shoulders, I chuckled at her reaction “Another speedster hero?” I questioned raising an eyebrow.

She nodded before showing her phone, “I caught a photo of it! I’m so starting a blog about this” She gushed as we made our way out of the mall, I shook my head as we made our way towards her car, “What should I call them?” She asked as she walked out into the road, “Lexa!” I yelled as a car came at speed towards her, she looked up and let out a scream before I ran at her, picking her up and getting her to the other side, next to her car, “I-You-But-” She stuttered trying to find the words to comprehend what just happened, I took her car keys and got into the driver’s seat, she got into the passenger seat, so I set off.

We arrived at my house and I lead her in before sitting her down, “Okay, shoot away” I say, “You’re a speedster! And you didn’t tell me?! Oh my god! This is so cool!” She yelled, I raised an eyebrow “You’re not mad?” I asked, she laughed “Of course not! Wait do you have a costume?” She questioned, I shook my head making her squeal before she began rambling as she went on her phone, “Hey! You can’t tell anyone about this” I say as I removed her phone from her hands, “Give me that back!” She said reaching for it, “Lexa, promise me you won’t say anything” I say, “Why would I tell anyone? (Y/N), you’re my best friend and I’m also going to be your little hero helper” She smiled, “Hero helper?” I asked, she nodded snatching her phone back.

“Yep! From this day forth you’re the ‘Blue Notion’!” She announced as she showed me her blog, I chuckled shaking my head at her, “I also ordered some materials for your suit, it should be here tomorrow. Now for a hide-out lair” She said looking around, “You mean like this?” I asked as I moved a hidden panel under the stairs leading down to the basement, she went down “Perfect!” She yelled making me laugh as she came up and hugged me, “We’re going to be a dynamic duo” She laughed.


“Hey Blue! What’s the situation?” Lexa asked through the com, “Bank fire. Looks like Heatwave and Captain Cold are up to their usual” I replied, “Put it out. Also try get them to cross streams” Lexa said, “Understood” I say before running to the fire and moving my arms in circular movements, putting the flames out then appearing in front of the two thieves, “Honestly boys, do you ever learn?” I asked folding my arms, “Well, if it isn’t little blue” Snart said, “Aw you’ve come up with a nickname for me, how sweet” I teased, “Rory, light her up” Snart ordered, “Thought you’d never ask” He chuckled shooting his flames at me, I avoided them before noticing a group of kids watching in amazement, in the path of Heatwave’s flames, I ran in front of them getting hit with the flames and protecting them.

“Go” I ordered the kids as I fell to my knees, “Blue, are you okay?!” Lexa yelled, “Yeah, just a burn” I groaned before I was kicked on to my back, I looked up to be met with the barrel of Snart’s cold gun, “Do you ever learn?” He mocked before a can was thrown at his head, “Leave her alone!” A kid yelled, I looked over to see the group of kids with various items in their hands, Snart began laughing at them “How cute. Do you like the cold?” He chuckled as he aimed the cold gun at them, I hit him behind the knee bringing him down then holding him in a headlock causing him to go unconscious, I quickly picked up his cold gun and shot at the ground in front Rory causing him to slip on to his back and drop the cash and his heat gun, I picked them up and kicked him in the face as the police arrived.

“Here’s the stolen money, and their weapons, Captain” I say as I handed him them, he nodded before I made my way towards the kids, I crouched down to them “It was pretty reckless what you did today” I say, they all lowered their heads, “But, I’m glad you got involved, your recklessness saved me” I say, they all looked at each other smiling, “However that doesn’t mean you can do it again. So, promise me you’ll all stay safe, yeah?” I say, they all nodded “I promise” They all said in unison, I smiled “Now, high-five” I smiled at I held my hand up, they all high-fived me and I stood up, “Stay out of trouble” I smiled before running home, I got in and was immediately met by Lexa checking my suit, “I’m so glad I made it heat resistance” She said making me chuckle.


“Hey everyone!” Wally yelled as he, Barry and I entered through the zeta tube, “Kid! This your girlfriend?” Nightwing asked, I cringed “No, this is Blue Notion” Barry introduced, I gave a small wave “Oh, I’m-” “Nightwing. Then we’ve also got Beast-boy, Robin, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis” I say as I went around the room, “Okay…” Nightwing trailed off as my com began to ring, “Hello?” I answered, “Ah Blue Notion, I’ve got your friend here” They replied, “Blue don’t!” Lexa yelled in the background before yelping, “You’re dead” I growled, they chuckled “I won’t be but your friend’s gonna be if you don’t turn up in 5 minutes on top of STAR labs. And make sure you’re alone” They demanded and hung up.

“Who was that?” Wally asked, “Some arsehole who’s got Base on top of STAR labs” I replied, “Base?” Robin questioned, “Yes, she’s my helper and also my best friend. So, if you’d excuse me” I snapped, “Blue-!” Barry yelled after me as I ran through the Zeta tube and to the top of STAR labs, “Well, she must really care about you” The masked male said as he threw Lexa to his feet, “Blue…” She trailed off, “Don’t worry. Who are you?” I asked, “You’ll find out soon. Bye-bye sweet cheeks” He said as he fired a bullet, “No!” I screamed as I ran towards them, only being too slow and the bullet going into her head, I froze as I stared at Lexa’s lifeless body, the criminal burst out laughing gaining my attention, “I guess you’re not that fast” He mocked, “You wanna see how fast your head goes up your arse?” I growled before I ran at him, knocking the gun from his hand and slamming his face into the roof, repetitively “Blue! Blue! That’s enough!” Barry’s voice yelled from behind me, I slammed his face into the roof one last time, extra hard before going to Lexa’s body “I’m sorry” I whispered as I cradled her body.


Wally, Tim, Garfield and Dick entered the room, “Hey guys” I say as they approached me, “Hi (Y/N)” Tim smiled, Dick went to say something but was cut off by the alarms and the building going into lockdown, “Unknown activity. Lockdown initiated” The system said before a young male came out in a suit “I’m here!” He announced, “Unknown impulse” the system said, “Impulse? I like it” He said before zipping around the place, I rolled my eyes “Another speedster?” I groaned as I looked towards the boys, “Stop him” Dick ordered the boys, I rolled my eyes as ‘Impulse’ avoided their attacks, even Dick’s attempt, I sighed before running at him and pinning him up to the wall by his throat.

“Oh my-! That’s so crash! You’re her! Blue Notion!” He squealed, I raised an eyebrow at him before Dick put him in restraints, “I don’t go by that name kid” I say as I folded my arms, “Ah, so this is what you meant. Don’t worry you become her again” He said, “If you knew me from the future then surely, I would’ve told you not to tell anyone when you go into the past anything from the future” I scolded, he lowered his head “You did” He sighed, I sighed as Dick came in with a glass of water, “Coming from the future must have been thirsty work” He said, as he gave ‘Impulse’ a drink of water, “Oh yeah because you’ll need a saliva sample” He said spiting into the water, “Such as Dick Grayson thing to do” He said causing us all to look at each other.

“How did you-?” “Know? Like I said I’m from the future. Dick Grayson. Wally West. Tim Drake. Garfield Logan. (Y/N) Dr-(L/N)” He corrected himself, I raised an eyebrow “And who are you?” Tim questioned, “Bart Allen. Barry Allen’s grandson. Can’t you tell by the good looks I inherited and the speed” he bragged, I rolled my eyes “Bart’s short for Bartholomew, correct?” I asked, he nodded “That’s good to know. I’m going to alert Barry and Iris of this situation” I say, “What?!” Wally exclaimed, “Don’t be so surprised. I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic to meet their grandson from the future” I say as I left the room.


“It’s going to take all three of us to stop it” Barry said to Bart and Wally through the com as they were reversing the Chrisylis, “Or just one of us” I muttered as I glanced at my Blue Notion suit, Wally let out a yell of pain making my eyes widened as I quickly put my suit on and ran through the Zeta-tube, to the Chrisylis, I grabbed Wally and placed him on the ground before joining Bart and Barry in running, “Blue?!” Barry exclaimed, I saluted at them both and increased my speed, but I slowed down when the two of them where getting hit by the Chrisylis, “Blue, don’t even dare do what you’re thinking of” Barry warned, “Sorry Flash” I smiled before I grabbed the two of them and placed them next to Wally and continued to run.

Tim’s POV

We arrived at the Chrisylis to find Barry, Wally and Bart on the ground as a blue streak whipped around it, “What’s going on?” Dick asked as we approached the three speedsters, “Blue exchanged places with me” Wally answered causing my eyes to widened, “Then why are you two here?” I questioned, “Blue’s faster than us all combined so Impulse and myself were being hit by the Chrisylis so she’s replaced us all” Barry explained, “She’s going to kill herself” Jaime said gaining everyone’s attention, “What do you mean by that?” Artemis asked, “He means that she’ll have to run herself out of existence in order to stop the Chrisylis” Barry explained, “(Y/N) No!” I yelled as I ran towards the Chrisylis, “Robin stop!” Dick called after me as I was grabbed by Wally, “I’m sorry Tim” (Y/N) said through the com making my eyes widened, “Wait, there’s two” Bart announced, “She’s created a time remnant” Barry said, “We deserve happiness” (Y/N) said before one of the blue streaks flew out of the Chrisylis.

(Y/N)’s POV

I groaned as I rolled across the ground, I looked back up to the Chrisylis only to find it had disappeared along with the other me, “Blue!” I heard everyone calling out, I forced myself to my feet and walked towards them, Bart noticed me first as he ran over to me tackling me with a hug, “When I said you’d be her again, I didn’t mean you’d become her just to kill yourself” He said as he pulled away, revealing the tears in his eyes, I smiled at him and wiped a tear that had fallen, “I thought you didn’t cry” I teased, gaining a small shove before Barry and Wally tackled me with a hug, “First day back on the job and you save the world” Barry said, “Go big or go home” I chuckled as they pulled away, “Don’t save me again” Wally scolded, I pouted “You think Artemis would have let me live if I hadn’t?” I questioned, he laughed wrapping an arm around my shoulders as we made our way to the group.

I was tackled by the girls with a hug, “Thank you” Artemis whispered making me smile as they pulled away, the Justice League members landed “Blue Notion” Superman said, I sighed as I walked over to him, “What you did was reckless” He said, “You say that like I didn’t know already. I saved the world so what? Yeah, I almost died in the process but it’s in the job description” I snap folding my arms, he sighed shaking his head “Go on, say it. I dare you” I growled, “Blue back down. This isn’t a fight you can win” Wally warned, “Well…” Bart trailed off causing me to smirk, “Blue, fight another day, yeah?” Tim said causing me to turn to him “Fine” I sighed making him smile as he motioned me to follow him.

I raised an eyebrow but did so, he lead me inside the air-craft that he and the other Young Justice members arrived in, “How are you feeling?” He asked as he removed his mask, “Brilliant” I say removing my own mask, he raised an eyebrow and folded his arms, “Honestly” He said, I scoffed “Honestly, I’m terrified. I almost died” I admitted, “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked, I shook my head “Not yet, at least” I answered, he gave a small smile “How are you?” I questioned, confusion covered his face, “I heard the panic in your voice when you yelled my name” I commented, he sighed dropping his head, “I was scared of losing you” He confessed, my eyes widened “Why?” I muttered, “Why? Because you’re a beautiful, intelligent and selfless girl, (Y/N). You may have been affected by Lexa’s death, but you wasted no time in saving Wally, Bart and Barry” He replied looking at me, I tackled him with a hug which stunned him “Thank you” I whispered, he returned the hug “Anytime” He smiled as we broke apart.


“Hey (Y/N), Tim” Bart smiled as he entered the main room of Headquarters, I sat up properly and gave him a small wave, “What’s up Bart?” I questioned, “W-what? N-nothing” He stuttered, I raised an eyebrow as I stood up to face him, “You’re a terrible liar” I commented, he sighed “Man, Dick’s going to kill me. The guy that killed Lexa broke out” He said, “(Y/N)…” Tim trailed off as he stood up, “Where is he?” I growled, “Dick, Wally and Artemis have gone to get him before you found out” Bart answered, I zipped into my suit and placed my mask on, “How long ago?” I questioned, “About 13 hours” He answered, “Not even that much of advance would help them” I smirked, “(Y/N) don’t kill him” Tim begged, I sighed “I’ll try not to” I smiled, he folded his arms and raised an eyebrow “Fine, but you said nothing about a coma. Love you” I say as I gave him a quick kiss and then ran through the zeta tube to find Dick, Wally and Artemis.

I found them, and they were cuffing the b*stard, I zoomed past them grabbing him and running to the top of STAR labs, “You have some balls breaking out on the anniversary of her death” I growled as I threw him across the roof, he chuckled as he stood up, “What can I say? I like to relive my kills. I think it was this spot, ah yes…her blood’s still here” He taunted, “You’re playing a very dangerous game” I warned, he scoffed “Sure I am sweetheart” He chuckled, “Just don’t kill him. I might have to break that promise Tim” I muttered as I stalked him, “Stalking your prey? I like it” He smirked, I stopped in front of him and phased my hand into his chest where his heart was located, “I could easily kill you. You took my best friend away from me so why shouldn’t I take your life” I questioned as I tilted my head at his feared expression.

“Because you’re better than him, Blue” Tim’s voice said from behind me causing me to gasp and face him, seeing that he, Bart and Wally were stood there in their suits, “Killing him won’t bring Lexa back” Wally said, “You think I don’t know that?!” I snapped, the criminal chuckled “So which one’s your boyfriend?” He questioned making me glare at him, “You’re in not situation to talk so shut it” I growled, he held his cuffed hands up in defence backing away from me to the edge of the rooftop, I rolled my eyes and appeared behind him and hitting him unconscious, “You’re going to rot for the rest of your life” I growled, “I’m proud of you Blue Notion” Dick said, I scoffed walking past them all, “Oh!” I say stopping momentarily and facing them “You should really remove the pistol in the back of his jeans, the knives in his socks and the hatchet in his jacket pocket” I say before continuing on my way.

Footsteps approached me, and Tim appeared next to me wearing a small smile, “You could’ve let him fall off, you know” he said, “I was never going to kill him, he deserves to live with what he’s done” I say, his smile widened as we approached the zeta tube, “One of the many reasons I love you” He said pulling me into a kiss, I chuckled before returning it.


On sale NOVEMBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Everyone in Batman’s orbit is broken somehow—some more than others. For Clayface, keeping the pieces of his psyche together has been a years-long struggle…and it’s a war he may be about to lose! And as the team tries to pull itself back together, their enemies have learned something from Batman’s newfound spirit of cooperation…and have formed a cabal of their own!