tim rake

docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

im sure baristas still misspell tim's name on his coffee.

Ok what about this, Jason bribing every Starbucks in town so whenever a Tim Drake comes up to write Pretender on the cup. Tim just wants his coffee dammit, he is so tired, there are spots in his eyes, what day is it? His order is called followed by a confused shout of Pretender. Tim rakes his hand across his face. He’d forgotten Jason had done that, he is so tired, he doesn’t even care. 

“Yes I am the Pretender, I stole his damn name and his goddamned costume but I did it for truth and justice so just give me my coffee.”  

perfect-tea  asked:

Hi! Could I possibly put in a request for Tim and Jason raking leaves at the manor, only to be foiled by Damian? Thank you so much! You're wonderful! ♥ tea

They’re raking to help Alfie~


They could see him, standing on the porch. Silently watching, his dog at his side.

Tim noticed first.

He noticed Damian’s sneaky grin. Noticed Titus’s barely contained excitement. Noticed the growing pile of leaves between he and Jason. 

It was the first childish thing Tim had ever seen Damian ever do.

“Don’t.” Tim snapped, holding his rake up like a weapon. Jason blinked, glanced over his shoulder. “Damian, don’t you dare.”

Damian just widened his smile. Whispered a soft, “Sic ‘em, Titus.”

Titus ran forward. Tim yelled. Jason swore. The leaf pile exploded.