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Hugging A Bird

  • National Hug a Vegetarian Day: Damian Wayne (Prime Earth)
Today is National Hug a Vegetarian Day (22 September) and I couldn’t resist trying to find pictures of Damian Wayne allowing people to hug him. Surprisingly, for a person who is averse to hugging, it was rather easy to find many examples of people trying to hug the little bird and vice versa. I rather enjoyed doing this photoset and hopefully there will be more incidents in the near future.

Damian Wayne decided to become a vegetarian in Batman Incorporated #1 after rescuing Bat-Cow from the slaughter.

Image Source:
  • Batman and Robin #14 by Patrick Gleason and Tomás Giorello (Middle Left)
  • Batman and Robin #37 by Patrick Gleason (Middle Right)
  • DC Rebirth Holiday Special by Ian Churchill (Lower Left)
  • Grayson #12 by Mikel Janin (Upper Left)
  • Nightwing #20 by Javier Fernandez (Upper Right)
  • Robin: Son of Batman #6 by Patrick Gleason (Lower Middle/Lower Right)
  • Super Sons #7 by Jorge Jiménez (Center)
  • Teen Titans #18 by Eddy Barrows and Rodney Buchemi (Upper Middle)

Bow Ties are Cool

  • National Tuxedo Day: Bat Family (New Earth/Prime Earth)
Today is National Tuxedo Day (10 October) and no family looks cooler in a tux than the Wayne Family as the above photoset proves.

Image Source:
  • Bruce Wayne: Batman #613 by Jim Lee (Center)
  • Damian Wayne: Batman and Robin Annual #1 by Ardian Syaf (Upper Right)
  • Dick Grayson: Grayson #9 by Mikel Janin (Upper Left)
  • Duke Thomas: Batman #2 by David Finch (Middle Left)
  • Harper Row: Batman and Robin Eternal #7 by Álvaro Martínez (Lower Middle)
  • Julia Pennyworth: Batwoman #3 by Steve Epting (Lower Left)
  • Kate Kane: Detective Comics #856 by J.H. Williams III (Lower Right)
  • Luke Fox: Batgirl #45 by Babs Tarr (Middle Right)
  • Tim Drake: Batgirl #8 by Talent Caldwell (Upper Middle)

anonymous asked:

Do you ever miss the old Tim Drake (as in, how he was before the New52)? I sure do. :'(

Oh, my goodness YES! I don’t even feel like the new52 Tim is Tim like my brain just blocks all of that out, to be honest.  

Our Tim is a goofball, and bursting with personality,

He can be a dork at times, and excitable, 

He has been through a lot,

He’s lost too many people to count,

And that has left him a bit broken, and a little insecure, 

But he still shows love,

He still has friends, people he knows he can rely on.

He has earned the respect of Batman (and many others) and is beyond smart.

And I have to say, he is beyond creative- especially when it comes to taking down villians and covering his tracks,

Willing to take himself out to get rid of an evil older version of himself-

Faking his death to trick Ra’s al Ghul (with the help of Cass)

Staging a failed assassination attempt on Tim Drake-Wayne (with the help of M’gann)

And a bunch more. He really thinks outside the box.

There isn’t anyone else like him in the DCU. I love Tim Drake. 

And I feel like the new52 just took Tim and stripped all of that away, meaning that he isn’t our time he’s just some cheap knock off. I mean, do these writers even read comics!?

So yeah Anon, I miss Timmers, I miss him a lot…

It’s our time to make a move
It’s our time to make amends
It’s our time to break the rules
Let’s begin…


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“I love you!”

Part 1/ Part 2


My fancast of the Batfamily

Adam Sandler as Tim Drake
Bradley Cooper as Jason Todd
Kylie Jenner as Cassandra Cain
Jennifer Lawrence as Stephanie Brown
Steve Buscemi as Damian Wayne
Sam Winchester as Dick Grayson


Stephen Amell as Druce Dwayne/Green Batman (Bruce Wayne’s little brother)