tim needs money

I…don’t quite get why people are calling this a scam? It’s not like Double Fine has ever NOT made a game with received kickstarter money, and it’s not like the Broken Age money disappeared on hookers and coke. “But they got over 10x the amount they asked for!” They sure did, and instead of going for the originally-planned browser game which would’ve cost much less and would’ve been significantly smaller, they decided to scale it up to something bigger, something on the scale of, say, Indivisible (which, whaddayaknow, ALSO costs about 3 or 4m to make even though we only donated 1.5m), but ended up falling a bit short- so what did they do? Did they take what dignity they had and admit defeat? Take what money was left and run for the hills? Of course not, they came up with a solution and just made it episodic instead of one big game, and whaddayaknow, it’s still good. And Double Fine made Broken Chalice after that game, having learned from their mistake with Broken age, and they planned everything better, and the entire production process went smoothly.

 If people want an ACTUAL Double Fine debacle, look at Space Base DF-9. Broken Age was a run-of-the-mill ‘crap we overshot and ran out of budget and we don’t have a bigger investor’ kickstarter problem (and don’t give me that ‘10x the money’ shit again, Broken Age is already WAY more massive than it was meant to be), but Space Base DF-9 ACTUALLY had a debacle- they took it out of beta way too early because they couldn’t afford to keep it in beta at the rate the early access sales were going. THERE’S your actual Double Fine controversy. It wasn’t kickstarted and it didn’t even have Tim at the helm, but it’s WAY more of a problem than Broken Age EVER was.

So, for Psychonauts 2…I don’t see the huge issue? The biggest forseeable problem is that we have no idea if the game is gonna live up to its predecessor or not, but otherwise, I see no reason to distrust it? People complain about of lack of information, concept art, and prototype- which, granted, would be REALLY nice to have, but DF has NEVER put up a prototype or concept art for a kickstarter before, to my knowledge- Massive Chalice had an amount of information comparable to Psychonauts 2, and this wasn’t exactly a time when putting up demos was unheard of, Undertale’s KS page already had one. Nobody’s really complained about this BEFORE, I’m not sure why we’re picking NOW to do it, especially considering it took Lab Zero TWO MILLION to make that prototype to begin with. Not to mention that people keep saying they’re going to have to ‘make another kickstarter’. Not the case, actually. They’re asking for 3 million here- which, if you look at the development cost of the ORIGINAL game, is nowhere NEAR what it took- Psychonauts was a full AAA-level release, it took 10-13 million to make- if Tim needs more money, he’s not coming to US, he’s going to his INVESTORS. Besides, Double Fine has already confirmed that they’re not just making Psychonauts 2, they’re making ANOTHER game, too- a PS4 VR exclusive called Rhombus of Ruin, so that’s already TWO games they need that money for. And does Tim have issues with money? Yeah, he does, I’ll admit it! He gets overambitious and overshoots what he can do with the amount of money he’s given, but maybe now that he has outside investors to help keep him in check and learning from Space Base DF-9 and Broken Age, he’ll be able to stay a little bit more grounded and know what his budgetary limits are. 

So…TL;DR: People are acting like this is a scam even though Double Fine has NEVER just taken the money and run, they’re totally trustworthy and there’s no reason for people to pretend like they’re just going to waste all of the money, especially when the bulk of it isn’t even coming from us.

Side note, if you’re a G/G/er or an anti-sj, walk away now, I’m not even going to BOTHER talking to you. YOUR issues with Tim are completely different and you channel it into calling this game a ‘scam’, I’m NOT negotiating with you.