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The family’s girl (Batfam x reader) Part4

Here it is, Part 4 of the family’s girl. @hamsterforlive and @miissu, i read your coments while writting the part 4, i thought I’m going to surprise them! ;)

We’re 109+ little wing! OMG I never thought so many people would enjoy my writiing! I thank you soo much!


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You felt your blood flood your cheeks as mister’s Wayne piercing glance looked at you.

“Hello. You must be Miss (l/n), Tim talks a lot about you.” Mr Waynes hand grabbed you and pulled you up. Tim, who was about to help you up, stopped dead in his tracks as his cheeks reddened.

Damn, why couldn’t his family stop saying he only talked about you.

But you did, Timmy.

I know. But I don’t want them knowing it.

Too late.

“Come, miss (L/N), Alfred has our dinner already served.” Bruce grabbed your hand and leaded you toward the dining room where Alfred was serving dinner.

You sat between Damian and Tim, with Dick and Jason in front of you.

“I hope you enjoy my (f/f). Master Tim said it was your favorite.” Tim hited his head against the table as you looked at him surprised, his family with an amusing smile and Bruce… Bruce just sipped his wine like it was normal.

“So, (y/n). Where are you staying?” Steph asked you and before you could respond Dick answered for you.

“She lives in front of me! We’re neighbors!! “ He said with a silly smile.

“Yes, I meet Dick when he helped me moving in.” You smiled.

“Ohh sooo chivalrous Dickiebird” Jason mocked.

“Stop it Jason.” Dick said.

“Ow! Grayson, why do you hit me with your foot! Do you wish to start a war?” Damian said.

“Sorry, Dami. I was trying to hit Jay.”

“Sooo mature, Dickiebirdd” Jason mocked once more.

“THAT’S IT!” Dick said.

“OW! GRAYSON. YOU STARTED IT” Damian said before hitting Dick with his food.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Jason laughed until Dick shoved his face in his food.

“FOOD WAR!” Shouted Steph.

Everyone except Tim, whose face was red of hitting it with the table surface, You who was looking at them weirdly but amused and Bruce who was just chilling there, sipping his wine. He suddenly asked you

“I hope their incessant questioning isn’t overwhelming you.”

“Oh no, I-“

“She’s overwhelmed, you are underwhelmed. Why isn’t anyone just welmed?” Dick asked before being tackled by Damian and his battle cry, spoon in hand.

“Please (y/n). Don’t let this change your opinion of me! I’m sorry! Pls don’t stop talking to mee” Tim said giving you the cutest puppy dog eyes ever. Even when Damian splattered his plate of (f/f) on his face, he didn’t tear his eyes from you.

“Don’t worry, Tim. I won’t stop talking to you and this is rather amusing if I say so myself.” You grabber your handkerchief and wiped Tim’s face clean. Now his face was red for another other reason.

He smiled at you dazzling. His brother, who were a little jealous of you ignoring them for Tim, grabbed his food and splattered Tim and you.

Tim’s eyes became murderous.

“THAT’S IT! YOU CAN HIT ME, BUT YOU CANT HIT MY LOVE-I MEAN MY BEST FRIEND” Tim tackled Dick, who was in front of you and soon Jason and Damian became involved somehow.

Meanwhile Cass was eating peacefully, Luke and Babs facepalmed and Steph recorded it.

“Send me the video, please.” You whispered in Steph’s ear. “It makes good blackmail” You smirked at Steph’s surprised face that soon turned in a smirk.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.”

This continued for a while, with Alfred trying to stop the batboys but the fight didn’t stop until a tiny little piece of (f/f) smudged in Bruce’s face.

Then all became quiet.


Spooky quiet.

“…” Bruce hand wiped his face as he bat glared at his children, who looked at scared as f*ck.

“I’m sorry, miss (l/n). My sons can be rather…childish. I hope you excuse their behavior.” Bruce looked at you seriously and you swallowed.

“You can call me (y/n), mister Wayne.” You smiled awkwardly.

“If you wish.” The boy returned towards their seats as Bruce started eating his food.

The dinner went quietly since then. No one dared to do something else no wanting the Batman’s anger unleashed.


Tim and you were sitting in the couch, talking animatedly.

“Oh my god, (y/n). Bruce likes you! You are the first girl I’m friend with that he likes!”

“Really? He looked at me rather…angry”

“Nah, don’t worry, babe. He always looks like that.” Jason said as he sat next to you.

“Your cute…” You whispered.

“Thanks doll” Jason smirked.

“…Did I said that out loud?” You blushed. Tim glared at Jason, looking at his longer hair and clothes.

Would you like him better with shorter hair, dyed white and with leather?

“Am I cute too, (y/n)?” Dick bounced happily, searching for your attention.

“You are not, Grayson. You are more like an unavoidable annoyance.”

“Ow Dami…” Dick frowned sadly.

“You are cute too, Dick…” You said to make Dick stop pouting.

His face lightened, cheeks reddened.

“Hmph” Damian humphed.

“I think you are cute too, Damian. “ You smiled at him, your hand brushing his short hair. He slapped your hand away, blushing.

“I’m not a child! Don’t call me cute.”

You laughed at his tsundereness.

“Do you think I’m cute too, (n/n)???” Steph said tackling you on the couch.

“I’m sorry for her behavior.” Cass said, grabbing Steph away from you and sitting herself next to you.

“I like your case” She said, pointing at your (f/t) mobile case.

“Thanks! I like your dress!” You smiled at her as Babs approached you.

Babs and you started talking about what you were studying, the bests methods to study and on, boring all the bad boys except Tim, who sometimes interfered in the conversation.

“Oh, talk about something else! Not school. School is for weekday. Not weekend!” Dick said childish. Babs smirked and said nonchalantly.

“Did you know, Dick here had a crush on me when he was young? He did the weirdest things for getting my attention”

“Really? Tell me more” You said as you saw upcoming blackmail material. Jason became interested all of sudden in embarrass his older brother. Dick face exploded in a blush so violent, it seemed he was going to die.



“I had the best time of my life!”

“Really? You don’t think my family is weird?” Tim asked.

“No, they’re….extravagant but not weird!”

Tim’s face relaxed.

“Besides I love them! I’m going out with Steph and Cass on Saturday, then I’m meeting Babs at her house, she is going to teach me a thing of two for my (least favorite class)! Then on Sunday, Damian is going to show me his art-“

“But he never let’s anyone near it! Not ever his father!” Tim said.

“Dunno, he said he show me and his pets. He say he’s got a lot!”


“Then Jason and I are going to meet for dinner on Friday!”


“Tim, are you alright?! You look like you are about to faint!”


“Tim, relax. It’s not a date. We’re meeting because we got a lot in common. Also, don’t kill your suit, it’s not alive. And you look dazzling in it.”

“I do?” His face came closer to yours.

“You do” Your lips were about to touch, finally when.

“(Y/N) I’M GOING HOME! DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME??”” Dick’s face got in between you two.

You blushed.

Tim thought about 1000000 ways of killing his obtrusive big brother.

“I’m going to take her home” Tim said with a smile as scary as the Joker’s.

“But Tim, If she can come with me why bother Alfred, because, you know, you don’t have a driving license.” Dick smirked.

“But I do! And I got my baby right there and I have a spare helmet for you,(y/n).!”

“…” You didn’t know what to do. “ I don’t want to bother Alfred more, he’s got a lot to clean for your little fight earlier…”

Yes  Dick thought in his head, highfiving himself

NOOO Tim said in his head, He’s going to woo her.

“Okay. Sorry Tim, do you want, maybe, meet me tomorrow to have lunch with me?” You said, scratching your head awkwardly. Tim’s whole demeanor changed. Eyes sparkling, smiling lovingly.

“There’s nothing else in the world I want to do more…” Tim said.

“Okay! See you tomorrow!” You kissed his cheek and bounced towards Dick who pouted in jealousy.

But now was his chance!


You’re so smart, Dick! He praised himself in his head

You bid everyone goodbye and before going Bruce stopped you.

“Wait, (y/n).” You stopped dead on your tracks.

“Yes, Mr. Wayne?”

“Call me Bruce.” He winked. And you know now why everyone calls him a playboy. You smiled, cheeks flushing.

“Bye, Bruce” You waved.

“See you for the charity ball next Sunday. Bring a date.”

“Wait what?”

But before you could say anything more Dick had already snatched you away.


You were hugging Dick’s waist for dead life as he speed his bike like he was racing someone.

But really

He just did that so you would hug him like your life depended of it.

“CAN’T WE GO SLOWER?” you shouted.

“NO” said Dick, speeding more.

“AHHH, I’M GOING TO FALL!!” You hugged Dick tightly, your helmet on Dick’s shoulder. Dick’s smirking face was covered by his own helmet.

Dick: 1  Damian: 0  Jason: 0  Tim: 0



“ YOU ARE AN IDIOT, DICK GRAYSON!” You hit him in the head. He smiles at you, but soon his arm grabs you shoulder and leads you to your home.

The ride in the elevator was tense, as Dick planned his next move.

Once the two of you were in front of your home, Dick backed you against your door.

“Dick, what are you doing-“


Dick face approached you.

His chapped lips nearing your soft ones.

Breaths mingling.


To be continued…


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