tim mclaughlin

noahschnapp: Our very own version of the breakfast club. My friendship with @milliebobby_brown @gatenm123 @therealcalebmclaughlin and @finnwolfhardofficial means everything to me. And to @dkharbour @matthewmodine @caragoodface @shawnlevydirect @timives Matt and Ross Duffer and Noni - we all watch you closely every day. We learn from you. You are the people we hope to be one day. Acting is a tennis game and you can’t do it by yourself as said by Mr Modine to me tonight. You guys inspire us to be the best we can be. I hope we continue to live up to your expectations every day.


Oh Raoul. You sweet man, you aristocratic hunk. Here’s some favourite publicity/posed/plain photos. 

1. Sean McLaughlin, Broadway. 
2. Ryan Silverman, Las Vegas. 
3. Jason Forbach, Las Vegas. 
4. John Ruess, Far East Tour. 
5. Tim Martin Gleason, Las Vegas. 
6. Michael Xavier, West End. 
7. Robert Finlayson, West End. 
8. Nicolas Martinelli, Buenos Aires. 
9. Kip Wilborn, Toronto. 
10. Nando Prado, Sao Paolo.