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Make Your Bed

Prompt: How about Alfred gets de-aged and the rest of the batfam has to deal with it, and maybe the reader kind of turns into the one who keeps the whole thing going without spinning out into chaos before they can figure out how to get their old Alfred back

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Fandom: Batman

    You wince every time you hear a crash, but you refuse to investigate. Because if you investigate, you’ll figure out what’s wrong. And if you know what’s wrong, then you’ll have to fix it. You’ve had enough fixing things to last a lifetime.

    There’s another crash, and you adjust the wash cloth that’s covering your eyes. A small hand lands on your arm, and you shoot up into a sitting position. Moving the wash cloth aside, you stare down at the reason for your current anguish. The little boy smiles at you before offering you the Teddy Bear in his arms. Instead you pick up the boy and cuddle him close.

    He snuggles into your arms. Quietly you ask, “Are you ready for a nap Alfred?” The boy shakes his head, all while rubbing his eyes. The usual wrangler of the Wayne family had been de-aged by a vindictive Thalia Al Ghul three days ago. In the time since, ten different fights had broken out, there had been no edible food in the house, and a smell had accumulated in Tim’s room that no one wanted to go near.

    Very quickly your family had turned to you for guidance, and you weren’t exactly sure why. You couldn’t cook. You weren’t some neat freak. And you much preferred instigating fights to stopping them. You actually found them looking to you just a tiny bit sexist. You’d quickly put Jason in charge of food, Dick in charge of stopping fights, and Tim and Damian on tackling what ever was making that smell in Tim’s room. You had taken to watching a three year old Alfred.

He was a troublemaker to say the least. He liked to hide in the giant mansion, and he was almost always playing with something he shouldn’t. More than once you had dumped him into Bruce’s arms and simply left to go take a bubble bath, or beat one of your brothers in the gym.

But now, cuddled against you and sucking his thumb, you had to admit, Alfred made a pretty cute baby. And at the very least, he wasn’t telling you to make your bed.

Raised by Bats- Part Three

Yay, Part Three!

Word Count- 1016

Summary- You, a four year old child, have just lost your father in a car accident only seven months after losing your mother. With no more living relatives, you have to be put in foster care, moving from family to family, house to house. Except when the richest man in Gotham City wants to adopt…again!

This is the story of how you grew up in what may be the most dysfunctional family there is, and how they came to love you, and you came to love them.

Warnings- mentions of death, angst

Author’s Note- Yay, Damian and Tim are in this one! To be honest I don’t have that much practice writing for them so sorry if they seem a bit out of character. Also I’m really sorry for taking forever to update this. I know not a lot of people follow me, and for those of you who do and actually read these, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I love you forever.

Now that school is over and done with I’ll have a lot more time to focus on my writing rather than finals and homework. Yay! I’m going to be posting some rules about taking requests later so stay tuned, for I will be taking requests soon.

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The house was bigger than any building you had ever step foot in. The grand double doors, the lush gardens, the golden lights. You felt as if you were walking into a palace. A palace that was now your new home.

A wave of nervousness washed over you. What if Mister Wayne and Mister Pennyworth decided they didn’t like you and sent you away? What if you accidentally broke one of the nice looking vases or pictures in the house and they got angry with you? What if you could never feel home here? 

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