tim irwin


X-Men #192

  • Writer: Joe Casey
  • Art: Chris Bachalo, Mark Irwin, Tim Townsend, Jamie Mendoza, Jon Sibal & Victor Olazaba
  • Colors: Antonio Fabela
  • Letters: Cory Petit
I don't ask for too much, I just want

A new IPhone,
Concert tickets,
To travel the world,
Victoria Secret’s underwear,
American Apparel clothes,
To be friends with Selena Gomez,
All Kylie cosmetics products
A penthouse in NYC,
One Direction to come back from their break,
To have Ariana Grande’s singing skills,
A Michael Kors bag,
To be able to speak Italian,
To eat pizza without gaining weight,
Luke Hemmings in my bed…

I mean, I don’t ask for too much.

Calum has this “fuck you and your happiness” look on his face that I only have when I haven’t had any coffee