In case you were wondering just how accurate the whole ‘Canadians love their Tim Hortons’ stereotype is, politicians here go as far as getting their photo ops taken there. No word of a lie.

here’s our (asshole) prime minister handing a man a cup of timmy’s

this was one of our opposition leaders serving up what could be a double-double

another one of our old Prime Ministers casually hanging out in a Tim Hortons.

look, it’s stevie harper sipping some Tim hortons coffee.

The moral of the story is that we Canadians love Tim Hortons way more than we love our politicians which causes them to try to buy us with going there, and I think that is beautiful.


Lights Hometown Stories presented by Tim Hortons

​Grant Faithful, Cree man soaked outside Tim Hortons: “I’m tired of getting treated that way.”

One of the homeless men who had water poured under him by someone working at a Tim Hortons franchise in Vancouver says he’s glad people are upset about the incident, but he’s not convinced it won’t happen again.

“That’s cool that people are getting up and doing something about it. I’m tired of getting treated that way,” Grant Faithful said.

The 30-year-old said he was trying to sleep outside a Tim Hortons on Robson Street Friday when a man who works at the store told him to leave, because employees planned to clean the street.

“I was sleeping, just trying to stay out of the rain. It wasn’t actually a very good spot, but I was tired,” Faithful said.

He didn’t leave, and said the man came back and poured water from a bucket on the ground near him and his dog, Pikey.

“All my stuff, all my ground cover and blankets that are keeping me insulated from the concrete, got wet,” he said.

All of his belongings were also “drenched.”

Faithful said there may have been bleach in the water, because he saw an employee carrying a “big bottle of Javex.”

“I get it, it would be irritating to have homeless people sleeping in front of your business,” he said. “But still, that’s not how you treat people.”

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you know

i was just thinking that starbucks aus are so used up but then what about and Tim Horton’s au

“I asked for a triple triple but you gave me a double double.”

“oh um okay sorry bout that i’ll make you a new one”

“also there’s only 9 timbits in my 10-count box so i’ll need another one, please. oh, make it chocolate glazed.”