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What the ever living shit Spidey, I just had an all-dressed potato chip for the first time and now I'm concerned. What other shit are you crazy canucks hiding from us?


Real poutine!  A mix of fresh cut fries, specifically spiced poutine gravy and cheese curds.

Hawkins Cheezies!  You like Cheetos?  Well buckle up because Cheezies are better in every way.  They’re crunchier, more cheesy, made with corn and don’t look/taste artificial.

Smarties!  Think M&M’s but bigger and with a harder shell more solid chocolate inside.  In fact, most Canadian chocolate is different (better) as it is smoother, sweeter and creamier.  Which leads us too…

Coffee Crisp!  Foam coffee filling between wafers and covered in chocolate.  

And Aero bars!  Super sweet, Canadian milk chocolate, aerated with little bubbles so the bar feels like it was made out of a chocolate cloud!  

Fudgee-O’s!  Made by the same company, think Oreos but with a fudge icing inside!

Hickory Sticks, goddamnit!  Slivers of hickory smoked potato chip slivers.

Tourtiere.  Spiced meat pies!  Pork or beef, nothing quite compares.  Crisp on the outside, savory on the inside.  The best meat pies.  Period.

Kraft Peanut Butter.  Apparently Kraft doesn’t make this peanut butter for you Americans.  Probably for the best, since it’d put all other peanut butter brands out of business.  Also, LOOKIT THE CUTE BEARS.

Tim Hortons, sweet baby Jesus.  From donuts to timbits to bagels to coffee, you can’t go wrong with this chain.  I cannot even begin to describe what you’re missing out on if you haven’t had their coffee or donuts.  Rows upon rows of donuts of all assortments, with the smell of brewed coffee in the air.  Holy shit.

Oh and the annual Roll Up the Rim to Win.  Which beats the crap out of whatever monopoly scam McDonalds pulls.


Imagine Bitty being super confused because Jack is really excited for the first Roll Up the Rim of the year.

Bitty: so you’re excited you could win a car? Honey, you make enough that you can just buy a new car.

Jack: A car? A CAR ERIC? I don’t want a CAR. I want to win a free donut!

Bitty: (under his breath) I could just make you donuts…

Jack: (slamming his fists on the counter) IT’S NOT THE SAME

Headcanon that Ransom and Holster periodically roadtrip up to NY (where there are Tim Horton’s) during Roll up the Rim season. Or you know which ever closest state has a Timmies.

Did Jack go, you ask?

99% of the time he says no, because obviously he had to concentrate on school work and captain-y stuff. Also the coffee at Annie’s is probably superior anyway. But Rans and Holster usually bring him back some sort of drink anyway cause they’re good bros. Jack rolls his eyes but goes along with it anyway, sometimes warming up the now cold coffee or just dumping it. Jack’s cup is almost always a winner, which pisses Holster and Ransom off to no end, but they keep doing it anyway.  

The first year after Jack has graduated, the boys show up on his doorstep the day Roll up the Rim starts with a cup for him. 

Jack does not cry because he loves his friends and their stupid traditions. He doesn’t. Really. 

When it’s Canada Day

Don’t know why we’re amazing?

Check these out:

And finally:

Doctor… I smell burnt toast!

If only school was going on, I’d bombard my class with all these… nah, it’s summer time!

Hope everyone has a great Canada D’eh!