ok but tell me someone has made a joke about the boys chirping jack and bitty into oblivion because of tim horton’s timbits and how close it sounds to zimbits???

  • like ransom is making his daily timmys run like the good canadian he is and jack and bitty are sitting at a table drinking coffee (gotta mix it up from annie’s every now and again).  he gives them a short wave and goes to get his coffee when he turns back and sees an ad for timbits in the window between jack and bitty and he just.  stops.  slowly takes a pic on his phone and sends it to the group chat.  enter: chaos.
  • holster is the haus’s resident pun master and he is SO ANGRY he didn’t make the connection first.
  • chowder thinks it’s adorable and points out that it’s canadian baked goods!!!!! so it really does fit!!!! it was meant to be!!!! <3
    • chowder: cuz jack’s canadian and bitty’s a baker!!!! it’s perfect!!!
    • bitty: aww chowder!!! you’re so sweet!
    • jack: i think in this scenario you’re the sweet one, bits.
  • lardo fining the hell out of their cute asses.
  • rans and holster coming home with a box and smushing two together making exaggerated sex noises in the living room
  • it becomes a Haus Thing to buy timbits and take a selfie with the box “just hanging out with jack and bitty.  love these guys”
    • shitty definitely takes it too far and makes a video of himself naked and making out with donuts and tags it “finally part of the threesome i always wanted”

Imagine Bitty being super confused because Jack is really excited for the first Roll Up the Rim of the year.

Bitty: so you’re excited you could win a car? Honey, you make enough that you can just buy a new car.

Jack: A car? A CAR ERIC? I don’t want a CAR. I want to win a free donut!

Bitty: (under his breath) I could just make you donuts…

Jack: (slamming his fists on the counter) IT’S NOT THE SAME


“I Don’t Even Smoke” by Stick and Poke (2016)

For this one, I flew out to Vancouver to hang with the wonderful people of Stick and Poke. I’d compare it very closely to the last Mischief Brew music video, with a much smoother execution. For that video, we didn’t rehearse the blocking as much as we made it up as we went. The actions in the background for that one were generally made up for each take. For this one, we actually spent an entire night rehearsing, running through several takes so we’d have it down pat when people showed up, and generally stuck to that pretty closely while shooting.

Originally our takes were coming in a bit fast, but once we really slowed down and paced ourselves through the house, we started nailing it. The Mischief Brew video took 14 complete takes, so the goal was to finish it in less than that. In the end we had 13 takes, 5 of which were passable as final cuts, and we narrowed it down to this one from there!