tim hortons

Imagine Bitty being super confused because Jack is really excited for the first Roll Up the Rim of the year.

Bitty: so you’re excited you could win a car? Honey, you make enough that you can just buy a new car.

Jack: A car? A CAR ERIC? I don’t want a CAR. I want to win a free donut!

Bitty: (under his breath) I could just make you donuts…

Jack: (slamming his fists on the counter) IT’S NOT THE SAME

Headcanon that Ransom and Holster periodically roadtrip up to NY (where there are Tim Horton’s) during Roll up the Rim season. Or you know which ever closest state has a Timmies.

Did Jack go, you ask?

99% of the time he says no, because obviously he had to concentrate on school work and captain-y stuff. Also the coffee at Annie’s is probably superior anyway. But Rans and Holster usually bring him back some sort of drink anyway cause they’re good bros. Jack rolls his eyes but goes along with it anyway, sometimes warming up the now cold coffee or just dumping it. Jack’s cup is almost always a winner, which pisses Holster and Ransom off to no end, but they keep doing it anyway.  

The first year after Jack has graduated, the boys show up on his doorstep the day Roll up the Rim starts with a cup for him. 

Jack does not cry because he loves his friends and their stupid traditions. He doesn’t. Really. 

so @powerfulweak sent me this post, proposing that  this is how Holster and Shitty make fun of Jack and Ransom - they insist that all Canadians eat their ice cream from pine cones. It happens frequently enough for the chirping to become casual and sound serious. So much so, that they manage to convince Chowder that it’s true:
”Brah, no lie. Canadians discovered that the pinecone is the perfect shape to naturally form the spiraled swirls around.” 
“They’ve been doing it with snow for centuries.”
“But how… How do they eat it?" 
"Chowder, my boy, that’s just part of growing up in the wilds of Canada; eating pines cones, fighting moose, surviving on nothing but Tim Horton’s coffee-” "Holster, STFU! That’s not true!" 
"Ransom, you’ve driven 4 hours for a cup of Tim Horton’s, don’t play that shit with me”
“… well, it’s good coffee" 

Shitty even goes as far as getting a soft-serve machine for the Haus. Chowder loses his shit when everyone’s gathered around it and Jack goes outside and comes back in with a pinecone and asks for a serving, because he’s a Canadian Troll™ (*shows Chowder an old peewee hockey scar* "My first moose fight… that guy was a scrapper.” *cue Holster barely keeping it together and Shitty having to leave the room bc Jack’s so straight-faced*)