tim hensley

Original art purchased from Tim Hensley. I’m pretty sure this comic ran in the Believer at one point. There’s a collection of this type of stuff that desperately needs to be published - I would by hundreds of Hensley’s originals if I could afford to.

The really cool thing about this artwork is that the newspaper bits in the corner and the striped pattern on the jacket and plant have been applied by hand, which I would never have realized just seeing it in printed form.

APE haul, left to right from bottom:

- Love & Rockets New Stories Vol. 5

- Jim Woodring giclee print 

- Love & Rockets 30th anniversary poster

- EXXXS porn zine by Tom Neely

- Negron by Negron

- The Voyeurs by Gabrielle Bell

- Ticket Stub by Tim Hensley

- Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 2 by Tom Kaczynski

- Lollygag, edited by Lark Pien 

- Jellyfish Boner by Jonas Madden Connor

- The Hero with a Thousand Excuses by Jim Woodring

- Frank Vol. 2 by Jim Woodring

- Burgermancer #1 by Jason Fischer

- The Return of Cyrstal Girl by Natalia Hernandez

- New York Drawings by Adrian Tomine

- Original illustration by Jason Fischer

- Tim Hensley bookmark from Yam Books

- Venus by Gilbert Hernandez

- Frank (Spanish edition of Weathercraft) by Jim Woodring

- Leporello by Joost Swarte

- You’ll Never Know by Carol Tyler

- The Cartoon Utopia by Ron Rege Jr

- “How I Make My Comics” poster by Gabrielle Bell

- Ticket Stub original title page artwork by Tim Hensley

- True Swamp #2 by Jon Lewis

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