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Endless List of DC Fancasts (Young Justice-Comics)

Laurence Coke as Kon-El (aka Superboy) // Freya Mavor as Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wondergirl) // Sota Fukushi as Tim Drake (aka Robin) //Jasmine Sanders as Cissie King-Jones (aka Arrowette) // William Marcin as Bart Allen (aka Impulse) // Mimi Elashiry as Greta Hayes (aka Secret) //Lida Duch as Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) // Belouka Almonacy as Anita Fite (aka Empress) // Seth Atwell as Lil’ Lobo

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And I see we have an addition to the team. Was she subjected to a rigorous background check, an exacting series of standardized tests designed to measure her powers, and a sequence of personality interviews to determine her mental fitness?

Nah, we just let her in.

Oh, good. I was worried things had changed.

Young Justice.

About young justice
  • Everyone: I want season 3 of young justice!!
  • Me, screaming from the top of my lungs and not being heard: I want an actual show based on the young justice comics !!

Title: Sometimes
Fandom: DCU, Young Justice (1998), Teen Titans, Red Robin
Rating: PG
A/N: Well, for first fanfic in this fandom It isn’t so bad. And I hope, there’s not too much mistakes.
One-shot based on head canons between me and angel-gidget. Just look for MisterS!anon tag there. Enjoy!

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You can’t have a friendship without trust…nor a relationship…nor a teammate. Take Batman for example… He trusts me to keep his secrets, to cover his back. I trust him the exact same way. He knows that I’ll always consult him on anything having to do with those secrets, and vice versa. Because of that implicit trust, our relationship works. And it’s unique.

–Tim Drake to Secret and Spoiler (Young Justice #30 – Round Robin)