tim hatton


Featured Photographer: Tim Hatton

Tim Hatton, a photographer from the UK, has only been in Doha seven months, but he’s spent much of that time exploring the city, camera in hand. 

Through his street photography, Hatton says he aims to capture people in their environment, and at that “decisive moment,” through the lens of his phone:

Doha’s streets hardly contain the hustle and bustle of cities such as London or New York, but it definitely has its own personality…

I soon realised that using a large DSLR for street photography wasn’t going to work in Doha. You stand out too much. Now I mainly just use my iPhone 5 camera. It’s powerful enough to capture a quality shot, but is much more unassuming.

His background is in illustration, but he’s found photography really is a great way to connect with people here, online and otherwise.