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40 Prompts (Sad/Angst)

June 1, 2017

(Update August 17. Do not send in requests from this list)

Requests are open! Send me the number(s), character, and small plot (if you can)

I write for…

The Flash

BatFam (Bruce and boys)

Avengers (Loki included)

X Men

Some of these were found on google

  1. “Please don’t do this”
  2. “Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture”
  3. “Loving any of us is a death sentence huh?”
  4. “No. Not you. Anyone but you.”
  5. “There’s what I should have said when I still had the time.”
  6. “I can feel you forgetting about me”
  7. “You don’t protect your heart by pretending you don’t have one!”
  8. “There are things far more frightening than death.”
  9. “Don’t say a word.”
  10. “I hope you never regret me”
  11. “I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t”
  12. “You couldn’t have almost died another day?”
  13. Breaking a bone
  14. Loved one dying
  15. Loosing memories
  16. Underappreciated
  17. Hiding scars
  18. Overworking self
  19. Someone gets sick
  20. Suicide
  21. Mental breakdowns
  22. Falling from something
  23. Character killing S/O
  24. Brainwashed
  25. “We can fix this.”
  26. First fight
  27. Walking out
  28. Injuries
  29. Depression
  30. Panic attacks
  31. Car crash
  32. Divorce
  33. Bad break up
  34. Prank gone bad
  35. Incurable disease
  36. Coming out
  37. Unhappy thoughts
  38. Nightmares
  39. Being put in a coma
  40. Loosing a sense (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)


Character Names...

First off I’m probably the worst at finding a good character name, so when I do find one, I write it down asap. Here’s my list if you’re stuck! Hope it can help you out ;)

  • Arabella/Bella/Belle
  • Jake/Jacob
  • Florence/Flo
  • Tiasha
  • Stephanne
  • Lily/Lilianne
  • Kris
  • Aoife (Pronounced eef-a, I actually love it)
  • Asher/Ashton/Ash
  • Cecile/Cece/Cecelia
  • Caspien/Casper
  • Jessi/Jessica
  • Magda
  • Shane/Shay
  • Tristan
  • Pippa
  • Esme
  • Marina/Marianne
  • Alistair
  • Gabe
  • Bailey
  • Zack/Zachary
  • Orla
  • Timea (Pronounced tim-ee-ya)
  • Harrison/Harry/Harriet
  • Aidan
  • Cameron/Cami/Camilla/Camille
  • Elska (meaning ‘love’ in Icelandic- I’m currently using this name too!)
  • Rowan/Ro
  • Raelene/Rae

I don’t know guys, honestly I think this’ll help me out more than it’ll help you! Lots of love from Yasmine xox 

The last two came from @miloszsghost DM me if you’ve got a good name XD

Christmas 1963 - 1969
The Beatles
Christmas 1963 - 1969


Do you want to listen to all of The Beatles Christmas messages but just haven’t enough Holiday time to spare? Well fear no more, here they all are from 63 - 69, arranged in a fancy Xmas tree multitrack session:

It makes for a much busier, holiday tinged Revolution 9.


1 May 1970 George in New York I Photo Credits: Tim Boxer

“His brown eyes were penetrating yet peaceful, and he immediately disarmed my nervousness with his gentleness. As he shook my hand and graciously introduced himself to me, all the initial apprehensiveness I had been feeling suddenly vanished. I felt in my heart that I was meeting an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years - or maybe lifetimes.” - Gary Wright, excerpted from his book, “Dream Weaver: A Memoir; Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison.”

George Harrison, 30 October 1970, photographed by Tim Boxer; screen capped from Living in the Material World

“In July [1970], after a long struggle with illness, George’s mother - who had stood alone among the The Beatle parents as an active champion of their talents - died in Liverpool, and the sessions were put on hold. To complicate matters yet further, Clapton was obsessing over Pattie, as Bobby Whitlock - who, adding to the strangeness, was dating Pattie’s younger sister Paula - well knew. ‘At one point I said, “Why don’t you just go out and fight it out?” I knew everything. Everybody knew it. George didn’t give a shit, but Eric didn’t know that.’” - Mojo, July 2001 [x]

  • Bruce: Alfred's orders, you're on bedrest for the rest of the week
  • Tim: There are things I have to do, Bruce, people I have to see
  • Bruce: I can do it for you. What is it?
  • Tim, leaning in: On Harrison and 5th there's a 24/7 CVS and right in front of it is a mail box next to a street lamp. That is my gym. I need you to take my phone and go there and make sure Dick didn't take it over yet. If it's red there's no problem. If it's blue, you need to use my Arcanine to take it back. I named him Hot Dog on my phone
  • Bruce: ಠ_ಠ

George Harrison with Howard Smith and Pete Bennett (photos 1 - 4) on 1 May 1970, and with Pete Bennett and Phil Spector on 30 October 1970 (photos 5 - 7) - photographed by Tim Boxer

The following archived article is courtesy of 15 Minutes Magazine and the official George Harrison Twitter account:

“Martin Scorsese licensed three of my exclusive photos for his latest documentary, George Harrison: Living in the Material World. The film will be shown on HBO in two parts on October 5 and 6.

I had these rare photos in my files thanks to Pete Bennett. On May 1, 1970, Bennett, the enterprising promotion manager of Apple Records and promotion manager of each of the Beatles individually, invited me to his Manhattan office. Harrison was preparing to record his first post-Beatle album to be called All Things Must Pass and Bennett was already promoting his client.

I came in and found Village Voice writer Howard Smith interviewing Harrison for his ABC-FM radio program to air a week later. It was evident that Harrison was unhappy with the breakup of the Beatles. Asked about the possibility of a reunion, he replied, ‘I think it’s very selfish if the Beatles don’t record together.’

With solemn demeanor Harrison posed with Bennett and Smith. I thought they were too serious. Bennett reached for an American flag. Harrison scribbled on a card, 'We are not these bodies,’ reflective of his Eastern philosophy. He was warming up.

Suddenly he grabbed Bennett’s hand and, with a great big smile, skipped around the room. It was spontaneous and it was wild! It caught me by surprise but I managed to capture five extraordinary images of Harrison cavorting with his promo man.

From May to September, Harrison worked with producer Phil Spector on recording his first solo album. In October Bennett called again. He said come to Media Sound Studio where Harrison and Spector were listening to the final recording mix of the album. This was my second time to create unique images of Harrison.

The album, All Things Must Pass, was released in the U.S. in December and became an instant smash. As a follow-up to his success, Harrison released Living in the Material World in 1973, which also became a monster hit.

Martin Scorsese’s associate producer called last year to review my cache of George Harrison images. Scorsese selected three prints to use in his documentary of the Beatle who died of cancer at age 58 in 2001.” - Tim Boxer, 15 Minutes Magazine, issue 103

George Harrison, photographed by Tim Boxer, 1 May 1970

“Well, I got the impression it was like, [Paul] still acted as if he was the groovy Lennon/McCartney. Because there was a point in my life where I realized anybody can be Lennon/McCartney, you know. ‘Cos being part of Lennon/McCartney really I could see, you know, I could appreciate them - how good they actually are. And at the same time I could see the infatuation that the public had, or the praise that was put on them. And I could see everybody’s a Lennon/McCartney if that’s what you wanna be. But the point is nobody’s special. There’s not many special people around. And somebody else… If Lennon/McCartney are special, then Harrison and Starkey are special, too. That’s really - what I’m saying is that I can be Lennon/McCartney too, but I’d rather be Harrison, you know.” - George Harrison in an interview with Howard Smith, New York City, 1 May 1970