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I’m sorry… It just gets to be night and that’s a very complicated time for me.
—  Life In Pieces

Hey guys! So next week my family is going camping and I wont be able to write anything for a full week. If you would like a fic written, please request it before Monday! I want to be able to pump out as many fic’s as I can before then! Just a reminder, I write for all of the Avengers and most other marvel characters, X men, the Batfam, Gotham and More. I can and will try my hand at any character’s you throw my way! so yeah, don’t be afraid, I can do song fics or prompt list, Just request away:)

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THIS is what everyone was expecting in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story trailer… ACTUAL Toy Story interactions. Duuuh. (I’m so sorry, haha.)

Hey Tumblr friends!

I threw together a dumb lil’ video after getting the idea while watching the actual trailer. It’s all I could think about. Haha. I hope you dig it and share it around!

Here’s a couple other links, if you’d rather share those:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhoisNAL/status/887732135850905600

I hope I could bring a smile and a lil’ bit of joy to your week, if ya needed it. Hell, we could always need it.

To infinity and beyond, partner.



I’m sorry for all the inactivity, but I knew I needed to at least keep up the “stupid valentines” tradition! I love and miss you all! 
Hopefully my life will get back on track soon so I can get back to screencapping regularly… D:

BONUS: (because I know there are some Brice lovers out there…)

(made with photoshop/powerpoint)