tim gould

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this is a few in one ask: Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian and Bruce aesthetics with songs of your choice

My fAmiLY okay yes! Songs and their corresponding characters will be at the way bottom!

Dick = Burn by Ellie Goulding

Tim = Saturn by Sleeping At Last

Damian = Savages by Marina and The Diamonds

Jason = No Exit by Childish Gambino

Bruce = Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco

I feel like I got so behind at my uploading pictures. I need to catch up! At least now I can start by posting something. I always felt like I have to post my pictures that I have in a particular order but I can’t wait for the order! I should just post them! So here is to posting more often! This was taken in West Hollywood, CA just across the street from the Pacific Design Center. In this picture I am featuring an Izod Sweater! The scarf and hat came from Ross. I am going totally “norm core” on my pictures lately. Iggy Lopez took the pictures! He is a event photographer as well as fashion photographer in LA. He captures the best of my