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Parallel Instances - Jordan Fisher x Reader

Summary: The story of the reader’s firsts and lasts with Jordan before they go, ranging over the lifetime of two people: one that was allowed enough years, and the other that was cut too short. 

Words: 2,603

Warnings: Death, angst and a lot of sadness. Ouch. 

A/N: This was written while listening to “Liability” by Lorde on repeat. So as you know, I totally missed Day 6 of the Write-A-Thon (about first times), but here I am to repent for that! I haven’t had the honour of writing for Jordan yet, but this is such a sad piece that I feel like I have to write some cathartic fluff with this gem soon too. 

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The first time he held your hand, it was on a birthday party dare in the second grade. You barely knew the birthday girl’s name but your mother had insisted you go to make new friends. The only person you knew there was Jordan, and the kids soon latched onto that with a vicious grip.

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Kirsten getting all hot and heavy from watching the dead girl have sex with her lover was funny. Tim commenting on the pool sex being overrated was even more funny. Gotta love Tim. Linus likes Ivy and I ship it already. What’s their ship name Livy… maybe? So Sabine’s (dead woman) rich Russian boyfriend Nic is being sent home to his rich father Viktor in say it with me ‘Mother Russia’ haha oh Camille. Camille meets new medical examiner Amanda and it was a fun interaction. Amanda likes to meet in clubs to tell info. Linus with the help of Ivy to crack the code on Sabine’s phone and they do. Drunk Camille is a riot. So Sabine was killed in order to get Viktor Comenko to come to the States and get killed. That is messed up and slimy. Ivy goes to the lab to help find Viktor and she does, but doesn’t get much love from Maggie and Cameron. They ge to Viktor in time but he is shot anyway. Maggie appoints Cameron in charge when she is away at Washington. Camille is upset about that, but she gets a girlfriend. Camille… I approve. Kirsten shows Cameron where the NSA is safely keeping her mom. Next week Kirsten’s hormones affect her stitching. So no horizontal tango for Camsten anytime soon I guess. Till next time lovelies!

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Sugar and Spice (She Kissed Me Twice)

Merry Christmas, Cate! @camerongooodkin I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I’ve enjoyed being your Secret Santa! :)

Also tagging @leofitzsass because she’s literally the best :)

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Cameron wiped his flour-covered hands on a towel and yelled out, “Coming,” as he rushed to open the door to his apartment. Kirsten stood opposite him, an expectant half grin gracing her lips.

“Stretch, what are you doing here?” Cameron asked, leaning against the door.

“You bake, right? Plus Camille and Linus kicked me out of the house,” Kirsten said. She brushed past Cameron and set her bag on his couch.

“Excuse me?” Cameron asked, confusion evident in his eyes.

“I need help baking for the party tonight. You’re the best that I know,” Kirsten said as if it should’ve been obvious.

“You’re telling me you can’t bake,” Cameron said slowly.

“Exactly,” Kirsten said, “So, what are we baking?”

“Sugar cookies. And I found this new recipe for a pie that’s like a fruitcake that I thought I’d try out,” Cameron boasted, his chest puffing out ever so slightly and eyes sparkling.

“Cameron, I am not letting you make a fruitcake pie. Those kale smoothies you made would taste better. Can we just do something simple? And chocolatey?” Kirsten insisted.

“Whatever you want, Sweets,” Cameron said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

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Stitch Lab: Next Generation

(I’m sorry. I started thinking about it and then I couldn’t stop…)

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Goodkin (eldest child of Cameron & Kirsten)

Edward ‘Eddie’ Goodkin (youngest child of Cameron & Kirsten)

Lacey Fisher (only child of Detective Fisher)

Claudia Engelson-Ahluwalia (eldest daughter of Linus & Camille)

Maddie Engelson-Ahluwalia (youngest daughter of Linus & Camille)

Will (son of Alex & Chelsea)

Becca (daughter of Alex & Chelsea)

Dayo (son of Ayo)

TJ (son of Tim)


  • When the kids were infants, Cameron often woke up in the morning to find Kirsten in the baby’s room, rocking them because she lost track of time when she got up to check on the baby in the middle of the night.
  • Cameron started piloting stitches with the baby strapped to his chest in the Baby Bjorn
  • Maggie has to put a daycare in the lab because so many of the workers started having kids and needed a place to put them when they come in in the middle of the night for stitches. The room evolves as the kids get older into a hang out/library/workroom for the kids to chill and do homework or other projects.
  • Cameron’s also super supportive of literally anything the kids want to do. He gives them a wall in the house if they want to draw on it and goes to all of their dance/music recitals and sports games and if they want to try an activity, he doesn’t hesitate to sign them up because he wants them to have the childhood he couldn’t have and never wants them to feel like they’re anything less than the best.
  • He also tries to coach little league one year but it doesn’t go so well because he’s a little too competitive and…well…so is Kirsten and they argued all the time over it and the kids were like “seriously? We just have to hit the ball and run. Its not that big a deal”
  • So then Fisher takes over and coaches one of the kids soccer teams and he’s actually a great coach and he’s really good with kids and he wears the team tshirt and gives all the kids specialized trophies and cake at the end of the season.
  • Maggie starts giving people Saturdays off for ‘team time’ which is basically when they go to their kids games and stuff and hang out after.
  • Everyone’s confused why all these people are watching a pee-wee soccer game when their kids aren’t playing because how do you understand Stitcher family?
  • Tim is a human jungle gym for the kids. He lets them climb all over him and pretends to be a monster chasing them around.
  • Ironically, Tim’s son, TJ, is a highly energetic pipsqueak.
  • Lacey is like besties with Eddie and Linus. They geek out over computers together.
  • The lab takes bets as to if Eddie and Lacey will end up together (not telling Cameron or Fisher of course)
  • Lacey ends up falling for Eddie and Fisher is kinda annoyed but also not really because Eddie is actually a great guy.
  • When Jackie’s like 4, she goes up to Fisher and asks him if she can patch him up after he gets in a scrape and he ends up with like 4 cartoon bandaids all over his face for the rest of the day because it’s not like he can say no to h
  • And Cameron is totally confused as to why Tim & Fisher like his kids so much but they’re not so big on him and Kirsten and Camille just roll their eyes because they know its not true
  • Jackie and Eddie were adopted. Cameron was worried about passing his heart condition on and Kirsten wanted to adopt, to take in kids who’d been abandoned like Ed had taken her in.
  • Jackie’s really into medicine and wants to be a doctor like Ayo. She’s also really good at cooking (she blames her dad)
  • Claudia’s an engineering prodigy. She can build anything. She’s not allowed to be in the lab (or break room) unsupervised because of several ‘I was just trying to see how it worked’ incidents.
  • Maddie inherited ‘the touch’ for piloting, but doesn’t seem to have much interest in it. She’s a great artist.
  • Lacey is really good with computer systems. She’s a great cellist.
  • Eddie is too, but he wants to be a field agent. He does gymnastics and plays soccer.
  • Maddie & TJ are best friends, so are Jackie, Claudia, Becca.
  • Dayo’s the oldest of the ‘Stitch Set’ and takes care of the kids however he can. They typically go to him for advice whenever they’re having problems. He somehow always manages to have fresh cookies with him and was the first one Eddie told about his crush on Lacey.
  • Eddie thinks of Dayo like a big brother. Their relationship is similar to that of a puppy & and older dog, or Fisher & Cameron’s, but with more affection.
  • Eddie is highly energetic and falls all over himself, especially when Lacey is around.
  • Eddie’s also the one who seems to most ‘get’ Temporal Dysplasia. Though Kirsten’s come along way since joining the program, she still has her moments and Eddie’s the one who’s most patient with them, including stating the time aloud whenever he can. He’s also done a lot of reading on the condition. (He’s a total Mama’s Boy)
  • Eddie and Will are practically inseparable. And they’re constantly getting into trouble. They both have a thing for pranking. (Camille helps them out sometimes)
  • Will is a great athlete and a very good pianist. 
  • Will is gay
  • Maddie is 5 years younger than her sister. She’s the youngest of the Stitch Set but TJ’s only 4 months older than she is. (Camille wasn’t sure she would be a good mother, so after Claudia was born, she waited until she knew she could handle another child before trying for Maddie)
  • Lacey has a bunch of dietary restrictions so when she was younger, Fisher went to Cameron for help with recipes for stuff she could eat.
  • All of the kids have taken self-defense classes.
  • The Stitch Set all go to the same school (it makes pick up & drop off easier on their parents) and they all look out for each other. Someone made fun of Eddie and Jackie because their mom ‘is weird’, so Will punched the kid in the face.
  • The Stitch Set plays ‘guess the movie’ during long days where they watch recordings of old Stitches and try to name the movie that Cameron quotes before the Stitch is initiated.
  • All of the kids are scared of Maggie. Except Jackie. They get along great and Jackie even voluntarily hangs out with Maggie. She also takes the blame for some of Will & Eddie’s troublemaking because she knows Maggie won’t punish her as much. 
  • The Stitch Set frequently respond to questions with “we’re kids of science” and then the hand thing. 
  • Eddie & Will started up a mini-detective agency in the 4th grade after reading Encyclopedia Brown and now, the Stitch Set tries to solve mysteries whenever they can, including listening into their parents’ case briefings and trying to help them. 
  • Cameron makes jokes about how they’ve all got so many kids so there’s gonna be a stitch lab ‘next generation’ because of course their kids are gonna take over the lab for them one day, which is clearly what’s gonna happen.

In honor of Kobe Beano officially giving up on winning more championships than Michael Jordan, here’s a 12 minute highlight video of Game 1 of the 2001 Western Conference Finals, featuring a 22 y/o Kobe Fro dropping 45 on the Spurs. May this be a reminder to all the people who don’t remember how good Kobe actually was in his prime.


I AM SO INSPIRED. I need to go to an art store ASAP.