tim finally breaks in the last one you can see him laughing

Why I’m so in love with “Camren”

*Bonus - the last part of this post is a must-see

Hi guys!

This is like a Camren Guide. LMAO.

I’m bored so Imma make a post about my favorite and only ship!

So first things first, to those who do not know what Camren is, it’s a ship name for Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui and former member Camila Cabello. Camila + Lauren = Camren. Look them up on youtube and get acquainted but I suggest you ready yourselves because it’ll suck you in to the bottomless pit of mixed feelings. It’s a fucking rollercoaster ride of emotions so buckle up if you may.

For those who are new in the fandom, Camren is not that much of a hot topic anymore. Knowing that Camila left the group last year. Both went on separate ways now and they’re said to be in bad terms. Plus, Lauren is supposedly dating Ty at this point in time so… But who knows, right? Maybe the people behind them are just creating drama to survive the show business because that’s what makes people keep up. DRAMA.

To my fellow shippers, we will go down with this ship till we hit the bottom. But even so, Imma still hold on because who knows? Maybe the ship will rise back up! Hold on you guys. Our ship is endgame. I repeat, ENDGAME! :D

Look at that! OMG!

So now, I’ll tell you how I discovered this emotion-wrecking ship. I was about to sleep, watching a music channel in my room when their Write On Me musicvid came up. I saw Lauren and I fell in love. Yes, I’m a Lauren girl and I admit that it’s too freaking hard to keep up with her but I just can’t unlove her. WHY?? So then I searched Write On Me on youtube again ‘cause I just can’t get over her. Then I saw a vid on the recommended portion title “Camren - Write On Me”. My curious ass clicked on it and damn! I have never regretted anything in my life. It sucked me in. I love it and at the same time I hate it. Damn, Camren! What have you done to me? Somehow, Camren made me a harmonizer. I support the girls up until now. Even Camila. They have earned a big potion of my heart.

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This lured me in! Such beauty…

Now let’s get on Camren. Imma give you reasons to ship it. 

1. Their background/history

Camila and Lauren are both living in Miami. They both are half Cubans. Camila is half cuban, half mexican while Lauren is half Cuban, half American. They both didn’t know each other’s existence until they tried their luck in joining X Factor. Crazy, right? Both have immediately found solace in each other knowing that they have much similarities. They instantly got close and became each other’s bff in the competition. And little did they know they’re in for a big surprise. They were grouped together! And there came Fifth Harmony. Yay!

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Awwww. Fetus feels. T_T

2. The connection/vibes

“I heard Lauren singing from the booth and I was like damn! That girl could sing. Then I saw her came out and I was like damn! she’s pretty too!”

“When I first Lauren, I was like ‘Hi, I like you shirt!” 

“I don’t feel like I have a type. I feel like when you meet somebody there’s just like an attraction. It’s more like an energy If that makes sense.” - Camila when asked about the characters she’s looking for a guy.

“I feel like it’s not something physical. It’s more about the vibe. Don’t you just feel like when you get in a room with somebody, It’s like grrr (you’re gonna make me very happy)”. - Camila during an interview (2017).

There’s tons of sweet interactions actually.

3. Their staring at each other

Have you ever looked at someone and get lost while staring at them? It’s like you’re looking at the world and feel like you just discovered the secret to genuine happiness. Like your eyes turn into heart shapes but you’re never aware of it. These bitches mastered that.

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The most epic look/stare in Camren history. Here you can see Lauren getting lost like she’s in another dimension.

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Camila staring at the world and found genuine happiness. xD

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Lauren enjoying Camila’s spoken thoughts. 

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Camila appreciating her girl.

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Woops. Someone’s droolin. Lol.

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I wish Lauren would stare at me like that. Damn, that girl doesn’t even know I exist. T_T

There’s tons of epic looks and stares I can’t post it all. 

3. Their Indirects.

“Indirects are fun.”-Lauren Jauregui

Bitch, we love it. We’re enjoying it. It’s definitely entertaining. You guys, I think some of their posts/tweets are prolly indirects while some are pure coincidence. I really don’t know how to differentiate. Nevertheless, if they post/tweet the same thought but are not meant to be indirects to each other, then I must conclude they are indeed soulmates. That fucking sameness in wavelength is fucking unreal.

The heck?

Oh, come on!

How weird can they be??


Oh, and I think you should follow their actions on spotify. They listen to pretty suspicious songs. They even post songs that have weird lyrics and that are low key exposing. Camila makes weird playlists on spotify too and they have meaningful songs. She’s even weirder on spotify. That girl is full of feels.

4.  The Sun and The Moon. Sol y Luna

This one’s pretty trippy ‘cause I’m confused as to which of them is the Sun or the Moon and I know Lucy used to post The Sun and The Moon on tumblr and her instagram too.  But fuck it. Imma make it a Camren thing still. One things for sure though, they both have an obsession with this Sun and Moon thing. :*

This one always blows my mind. Fucking soulmates.

5. Mirroring

OMG! Their mirrorings are definitely a must-see. Are they twins or something? Maybe soulmates? I wish I could find a Lauren to my Camila too. Lmao. They’re sometimes so in sync that it gives me goosebumps. 

6. Camila Cabello 

Yes, Camila Cabello. The girl feeds every Camren shippers delusions like hell. She’s the opposite of Lauren who made it a hobby to kill Camren and break her fans’ heart once in a while. Her hatred for Camren is sometimes so questionable. Like girrrrll! Leave it if it annoys you too much. She’s so defensive about Camren that her actions become suspicious. Meanwhile, Camila freely posts too much suspicious shit. Even her new solo songs and even her whole album which according to her, “The album is really not about boys though….”. We get it Camila. You’re in a glass closet. Don’t you think it’s time to finally break free? ;)

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Thanks for sharing, Camz. xD

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This interview was full of tension. Camila, we know you wanna marry Lauren but can you please tone it down a little bit?? Lol.

Remember her posting this after Lauren “accidentally” liked a Camren pic on Instagram?? Well Camz, it was an accident she’ll never live down now. xD

For me, this post gives it all away. In that quote, Virginia Woolf is a writer who had an affair with someone of the same sex named Vita Sackville-West. Now, why would she post that? And to think it was that time where she’s being distant to her bandmates. Oh Camzi.

There’s also that time when she said “that’s cute” referring to a fan’s Camren phone case.

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Here’s a vid. Hmmmmm???

Also, Camila’s Gender neutrality is freakin’ suspicious. She uses gender neutral pronouns too much. Why can’t she just say he, him, his or she, her, hers? She instead uses they, them, somebody, someone, people. Damn, it frustrates me sometimes! Like what is she really? Gosh!

7. Tha Fans aka The Camren Shippers

What’s an FBI when you got ‘em Camren Shippers?? LMAO. These people notice everything even the girls’ fingernails. I’m not even kidding. These people are so good in making ‘em Camren videos, it’s like they went to Harvard to study film making. Lol. They mastered the art of stalking that even the girls’ very  distant relative or clueless neighbor can’t get away. What can I say? It’s complicated. ;)

Some Camren analyzing videos and blogs make sense while some are far too reaching.

 I’ll give you some links to my fave camren videos. ;)


^^This one is a long vid showing Camren interaction from January to June 2016. You can see their awkwardness in there. It’ll make you delusional. :)


^^ This one is a crack vid by heybooboodaddi, Camren Shippers’ resident comedienne. It’s super hilarious. This one’s the latest crack vid and it hits so much points. It’s kinda exposing Camila.


^^ A reaction to Booboodaddi’s crack vid. Those people represent me. CaliforniaLuv84 makes hilarious reaction vids.


^^ If you wanna drown in Camren feels, you better watch this vid.


^^ You gotta see this too but you gotta prepare lotsa tissues ‘cause yer gonna be Crying in Camren. T_T.

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Hail ye Camren Shippers! Woooh! :D

Sooo that’s it.

Wait, gonna give you a fucking bonus.


Remember the supposed Camren kiss on Dinah’s snapchat last year which she deleted minutes after? She posted it on snapchat few days before VMAs 2016. Then during the VMAs Camren was a little less awkward. They were standing and sitting next to each other, talking and laughing. They were kinda happy that time. They probably knew it was their last VMAs together so they made the best out of it. Sooo, in that snapchat I don’t think those were bags. I’ll make you guys believe. It’s the most concrete proof that makes me believe that Camren is or was real. Whenever I doubt about Camren, I always go back to this video and get my Camren hopes up.

Here’s the vid.

ispy with my little eyes. ;)

This was the VMAs days after that snapchat!! T_T

Thoughts - I feel like they are aware of the fact that they are so perfect for each other. Dude, that is why they became uncomfortable about it because they acknowledge the fact that it could be real, it could be true.  Because if it were ever real and they didn’t have the chance to make it public, they’ll be stuck thinking how it would feel like being free to show their love for each other, not hiding. They will always have that “what-ifs” until they’re free and get the chance to try it again. If that time comes, they’re free to tell and show the world the truth. Right now, it’s just complicated. So much is on the line. Their careers on top of it all. Who would’ve known they would end up like that? Wow, what a beautiful love story. Let’s give it let’s say 2 or 3 years more. Maybe till then they’ll come through. 


(Credits to everyone whom I grabbed those pics, gifs and videos from)

Hard Eyes: Part 1

Prompt: batmom meets Talia and there’s a lot of tension between them because of their history with Bruce and Talia wanting to take Damian back to the League of Assassins

Requested by: @shyinfluencer2017

Words: 1445

The station is larger than you imagined, and you’re not quite sure where you’re going. At this point you’re just following instinct. You move through the halls, Dick’s call still fresh in your mind. “Mom, it’s Bruce. You need to come now … it’s bad.” You hadn’t been able to make out anything after that, the tears had muffled his voice too much.

          As you turn the final corner it’s to see your boys, and the entire league. You try not to think about how bad it must be, for those looks to be on their faces. You pause for a moment, cherishing the last few minutes that you pretend everything’s okay. Then you rush forward.

          The boys see you immediately, and it takes no prompting, they rush to you. Despite having been taller than you for several years now, the oldest three seem so small, and Damian, your poor sweet baby, he seems so scared. They cling to you, and you do your best to comfort all of them assuring each of them that it’s going to be okay.

          After they’ve calmed down a bit you move forward and then you stop. There’s no love lost between you and Talia. You’ve seen the woman maybe twice in the four years since Damian has come to live with you. She’s no mother in your eyes, and she certainly doesn’t have a claim to your son.

          You decide to focus more on the doctor. He confirms what Dick said on the phone. It’s not looking good, and it will all depend on the surgery. There’s a less than ten percent chance that Bruce will be able to be the man he was before this. That reassures you in some weird way, Bruce has always been able to beat the odds.

          Finally, you take a seat. Your back is hurting, and your ankles are swollen, and technically, you’re supposed to be in bed at the moment. But, extreme times call for extreme measures. One hand goes to rest on your protruding belly, as the boys sit down beside you.

          Dick is the first one to break the silence, “So how’d your doctor appointment go? Bruce was so bummed to miss it.”

          You smile at that Bruce had been to every pregnancy check before this one. He had been so upset to miss this one. You hadn’t planned this. As far as you were concerned you had your hands full with all the boys. But one glass of wine too many had led to a forgetful night.

          Some part of you had expected the boys to be disappointed. But they had met the idea of a new sibling with enthusiasm. In fact, one of the boys would typically go with you and Bruce to the appointment.

          “Did the doc finally tell you what you’re having?” Jason asks with a grin “It’s another boy, isn’t? Something tells me Bruce is only for making boys. Look at the squirt.”

          Damian scowls at the nickname, but he doesn’t argue with Jason’s statement. If you had expected anyone to be upset about the pregnancy it had been Damian. The boy had clung to his blood tie with Bruce for so long, you had worried about him feeling threatened. Instead, he had taken to the role of big brother rather seriously.

          It had started out with him and Tim inspecting everything you ate. Then he had researched everything needed for a helping a healthy baby grow. Classical music had been playing non stop around the manor. Then one day, you had walked into what had been designated as the baby’s room, just to consider paint colors, to find that it had already been painted a soft yellow.  

          And there was Damian, working on mural. It was this pretty field of flowers, a nature scene. For a while you had just watched him paint before all of a sudden he had simply said, “It’s going to be a girl. And she should have a happy, and pretty place to grow up. Somewhere she can always feel safe.”

          You had gone to him, and pulled him in close, not worrying about the paint staining his clothes and said, “Every child should have that Damian. I can only hope Bruce and I provided that for you and your brothers.”

          Damian had simply hugged you back and said, “I’ve never felt safer than when I was surrounded by this band of misfits.”

          You just laughed, because of course he couldn’t call it what it is, “A family.”

          Coming out of the memory you find everyone silent, and you take a moment to examine them. They’re still dressed in their uniforms and they’re covered in dirt.

          Quietly you suggest they go shower and change, when they protest, you tease and say that their stench is making you feel ill. That gets them going. A few of the League members inquire after you and the baby. Eventually they too leave, and then it’s just you and her.

          Neither of you says anything until you can’t take it anymore and you finally ask, “What are you doing here Talia?”

          She turns to face you, radiant as ever, her eyes as cold as ever. “My son and his father needed my assistance?”

          “Is that a question or an answer Talia, because I’m not buying it. The boys are too distraught to see it, and the League doesn’t know you well enough to see it, but I do. I know everything about you Talia. I’ve read every part of the file Bruce has on you, and I won’t let you do it.”

          She raises an eyebrow at that, “You’d let him die? You must really want his money.” She glances at your stomach, “After all your child is legitimate, and he didn’t even have you sign a prenup.”

          You roll your eyes at that, “I care about what Bruce wants, and he told me that under no circumstances was he ever to go into the Pit. If there’s one thing in this world that scares him, it’s what that goop would do to his mind.”

          She studies you for a minute, “Then I suppose I’ll take Damian with me when I leave then.”

          “You have no right. Bruce and I have full custody. And Damian is just as much my child as any of his brothers.”

          She smiles at that, “Is he as much your child as the one in your womb? Blood is thicker than water after all.”

          You can’t help but scowl, “I hate that saying, because while I may not have given birth to those boys, while I may not share their blood, I’ve raised them. I’ve attended every parent teacher conference, shown up for every play, taken care of them when they were sick, worried every time they go out on patrol, held them after a girl broke their hearts, watched them grow, watched as they became brothers, and so much more that you will never understand.” At this point you’re right in her face, because you want your meaning to me clear, “Those boys, are my children, and blood has nothing to do with it. You just try and take Damian, and you’ll be the one to need that damn goop,”

          She looks down at you amused, “Big words for such a little church mouse. What’s the little pregnant housewife going to do?”

          You just smile, “I wasn’t always a housewife Talia. You would know that if you were actually able to find anything on me before Bruce.”

          She actually looks a little frightened now, and you know it’s your eyes, they’ve slipped into that same hardness that had made people braver than her panic. You make one last statement, “Leave now Talia, and don’t you ever threaten my children again.”

          She leaves, she never turns her back on you but she leaves. You take your seat again, and wait for him to come out of the shadows. You meet Clark’s eyes, and you can finally feel the tears start to build as he wraps an arm around you, you let them out. He just holds you while you cry, because he knows. He and Bruce are the only ones that know about your past, and he knows that it’s Bruce that keeps you grounded, that Bruce is the one that keeps you from slipping. And he knows that if Bruce Wayne dies, as soon as you’re able to, you’ll hunt down the bastard who caused it. And he knows that he’ll have to be the one to stop you.

          For that reason Clark Kent prays that Bruce Wayne pulls through, for the boys, for you, and for your unborn baby girl.

Get Together

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Dick Grayson x Platonic!Reader, Jason Todd x Reader

Request:Hi, can I request a fic where the reader is one of Dick Grayson’s closest friends that he’s known for a long time. And then he just recently introduced her to his brothers, Wally and etc and she’s almost the complete opposite of Jason (she’s shy, not adventurous, sensitive) but somehow they all seem to think she should be with Jason so they try to set them up but keep failing but it finally works and they see this new side of Jason that she brings out?

Word Count: 1166

It had been about three months since you met all of Dicks’ brothers and Wally from the team. You were excited when he told you that you finally were going to meet everyone but no matter how much you were excited, you were still your shy self. Y/n always tended to become shy when meeting new people, never knowing if she could fully trust them even when she knew who they were and what they did. It had taken her a little over a month to come out of her shell in front of everyone.

As time went by you got closer to them, spending most of your free-time with everyone. You were a computer genesis; it was easy for you to hack into anywhere no matter how strong the firewall was. When all the boys learned of this, they quickly asked you to help them out from time to time. Occasionally, Damian would ask you to randomly hack someone or to see if you could get him a certain video game for free; at first you were hesitant but now you had no problem with doing it in a heartbeat. Y/n soon realized that breaking the law from time to time was quite fun but found herself only doing it in spurts; becoming afraid that one day she would slip up and get caught.

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Death, Amnesia and 4 coffees Please - Batmom x Batfam

Just a random idea I got while walking hope from work. Hope you’ll like it, as usual, feedbacks are very welcomed. 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


3 months. 

3 months already since she died…

Jason, just like Alfred, his brothers, and his father just couldn’t get over it. 

He just couldn’t move on with his life without his mother. Without the woman that always stood by him no matter what, even in the worst of moments. 

He was so damn angry at himself that he wasn’t able to save you ! All of them were, the guilt eating them more and more every day…Even though they all knew things went too fast. 

You weren’t the only one that died that day…Thousands lost their life in the almost total destruction of the neighborhood you were born in : The Narrows. 

It was the poorest in Gotham, and you were helping out a charity there when the Batman failed big time, for the first time in his career. 

Ha hadn’t been able to solve the Riddler’s riddle. And for the first time in his life,  Edward Nigma was finally able to fulfill one of his evil plans..Which was the destruction of every single neighborhood of Gotham, one for each riddle the Dark Knight wouldn’t be able to solve. 

And of course, the only one he didn’t find, was the one associated with the only place in Gotham you were in…You, and thousands of other people died. And it was all Batman’s fault. No matter that he was able to save the rest of the inhabitants, the blood of those people were on his hands…

Your blood was on his hands. And, just like Alfred and his sons, he just couldn’t get over your death. They all felt so guilty and angry at themselves that they couldn’t save you…you were always there for them, always by their side, having their back and…they let you down. 

Of course they send you messages telling you to leave Gotham but..You wouldn’t. You stayed because you wanted to help people. According to witnesses, to people who were survivors of the blast, who barely escaped it…the last time they all so you, you were trying to get some kids to safety. 

But no matter how guilty they felt, how devastated they were, it wouldn’t change anything. You were gone. Forever. And once again, Jason Todd found himself wandering the street of Gotham aimlessly, trying to run away from his dark thoughts, trying to grieve you, even though he knew it was actually impossible to ever move from you. 

Staying at the Manor with his brothers and father was…unbearable. 

Alfred kept cleaning the house over and over again, never taking a break, and worst of all…avoiding everything you touched last. Your half finished cup of tea in the library. The books you left open. Your dinner plate still in the sink. Some of your shoes thrown haphazardly in the living room. Your towels in the bathroom. Your jewelry on the kitchen counter, that you left there because you didn’t want to wear anything that’d make people from the Narrows feel uncomfortable around you. Your favorite blanket, still on the floor where you left it, as you realized you were going to be late to the charity event and napping in the couch was now over…Alfred cleaned everything, but avoided touching any of your stuffs. And it was unbearable. 

Dick…Oh it was one of the worst. Jason was used to be the broody and overly-cynical one. Him and his father competed constantly about which one was the broodiest and Dick would just laugh at them and make silly jokes. Jason used to be like that too, making jokes and even able to make the Batman crack a smile…but ever since he came back to life, he lost that. He became darker and meaner. And Dick was kind of his solace, with his cheerful persona and positive attitude. The oldest Wayne boys always been everyone’s beacon of light in the darkest of moments. But your death…your death turned him into a zombie that spend his days looking out of a window, or staring at old pictures of you and him, stuck in memories of you, unable to see his own light…And it was unbearable. 

The only person that could really convince Tim to sleep, to not drink too much coffee, to take care of himself and to socialize was you. A word from you and he’d realize that yes, this was too much and he needed to chill, to go see his friends, to relax…But without you ? Alfred tried, oh he really did try but…Tim wouldn’t listen. You really were the only one to convince him, and he would forever associate all the good things he experienced in life (time with his friends and family, relaxed moment in front of the TV, good nights of sleep etc etc…), with you. Without you ? He just couldn’t…And seeing his little brother destroy himself like so was unbearable to Jason. 

Damian didn’t utter a word since your death. Not even a sound. Him who usually always talked too damn much, and was just so annoying…Nothing. He didn’t brag about anything, he didn’t try to be better than anyone else anymore. He was just…apathetic. He wouldn’t say anything, not even to Dick. He wouldn’t even look at them in the eyes. He spends most of his time in front of your tomb, where he did talk to you. But to others ? No. It’s like he had made a vow of silence and this ? It was unbearable. 

Bruce spend all his time working to avoid thinking about your absence but…Whenever he thought he was alone, whenever he came back to your shared bedroom, half-expecting still to find you there…They could all hear him cry. They could hear him mourn you, inconsolable. And the thought of his father, that he always viewed as invincible, destroyed by you not being there anymore was unbearable. Bruce wasn’t fine, inconsolable. He would forever be inconsolable, he lost the love of his life 3 months ago…

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Bats vs Supers

Prompt : It’s like your blood have these gene to fight the Super family. Like, what could possibly go wrong when the Supers go to the Manor?

A/N : Grammar mistakes of course. It’s actually Jason x reader, but meh.

Pairing : Batfam x Reader vs.  Superman/ Jon / Supergirl  

Warnings: swearing, tiny families differences, fight(? , ends in fluff 

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You couldn’t believe your eyes, your father, aka, Batman vs Superman were going to beat their shit, again… but this time you knew exactly what happened, you knew it was going to be hilarious one day, but right now, you were scared.

To be honest, you were tired of this, you were tired of their fights, really, they were like 10. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent could fight over a freaking cookie and turn the world upside down if they wanted, like if they just wanted to fight each other, oh and don’t talk about how your dad’s behavior after those fights, he was like the broken-hearted girl friend who didn’t want to talk to him. At first it amazed you that he was actually the Batman, but now you just wanted to slap their perfect faces.

Rain was soaking your clothes as your hands were holding a wild Damian ready to punch Jon’s face. Seriously God, why did you deserve all of these shit, today?!

Your gaze went straight to Kara in front of you, she was more than pissed, but she was enjoying every minute of this fight. Her hands were holding Jon tighter, you could easily said after seeing the holes under Jon’s shoes. Well, heck. You said to yourself.

“What? You can even hold your tiny mini-me?” Kara said with a smirk when Damian was trying to escape your arms.

“Oh hell you didn’t said that!” You and Damian said in one voice, both of your anger raised and for sure, your father and Clark were in the same page.

Three hours ago

“I don’t get it Bruce, why do I have to stay?!” you told Bruce as you walked behind him through the Manor.

“I can’t hold Damian, but you can” he said not turning around.

“I’m not a nana Bruce… and I know Dick it’s the ultimate babysister here” you told him with a chuckle.

“Y/N. Dick, Tim and Jason are busy, you are the only one around…” he told you while he searched for Alfred.

“Well… that’s not true, what about Cass, Steph and Barbara?” you asked him.

“Y/N he is your brother”


“And I need you this time, that’s it”

“What if I go with Damian to somewhere else while you deal with Super-family”

“You know what happens when I’m alone, with Clark, Y/N”

“So, there’s no other option, we are staying I liked it or not, right?” you told him with a scoff.

“And I think lady Y/N’s detective genes are blooming” Alfred said when he walked inside the room.

“Y/N go for Damian, see you both here in 10, we gotta prepare everything” Bruce said while turning to Alfred.

“Are you kidding me?! Look for Damian it’s like a living ‘Where’s Waldo?’ ” you said with a scoff.

“Tim found him in less than 10 minutes” Bruce said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, it was your clue to ran in search for Damian, you had to break that record.

“Always works” Bruce said with a chuckle.

“Actually, no one has found Damian in less than 10 minutes” Alfred said with smile.

“She doesn’t have to know that” Bruce said with a tiny laugh.

“Why we have to go?!” Jon and Kara said in one voice as they look at Clark walking around.

“Aren’t you friends with Y/N and Damian?” Clark said with a raised eyebrow.

Both of the looked at each other as they thought for seconds.

“We are friends… for minutes without fighting” Kara said while rolling her eyes.

“Damian always fights dad, he’s my friend… but he always do that” Jon said with a sad smile.

“Well, that makes three of us.. okay look, I need both of you, you know how Bruce and I fight over tiny things, so maybe, if our family is with us, maybe, we can avoid a fight, again” Clark said with a sigh.

“So why you don’t go with Lois?” Kara asked with a raised eyebrow

“She has work to do, but she will be there later” Said Clark with a smile. 

“And what are we supposed to do?” Kara asked confused.

“Just, don’t fight, please” Clark said with a pleading face.

“After these, I want a giant ice cream” Jon said with a stern face.

“I agree with Jon, so we want a double giant ice cream” said Kara with a smile.

“Deal, but no fights” Clark said with a smile.

“Is that a plane?”

“Is that a bird?”

“Wait no?! That’s- Oh damn, I really wanted to be another thing, but you guys, are okay… I guess” Damian said after his eyes recognized the super family.

Bruce hit the back of his head with a face that clearly said ‘Damian, shut up’. So you chuckled after Damian’s face ‘You know it’s true, father’. God, you loved your family.

“I thought you were pretty robins, but you are just, flying rats” Jon said with a smirk.

Jon” Clark said in his dad’s voice. 

“What?! you know it’s true, you have said it yourself“ Jon said without thinking and the three of you looked at Clark shocked.

“Good to see you Bruce, shall we start?” Clark said trying to avoid the fight.

You looked at your dad and you saw his clenched jaw. He was trying not to start an argument.

“Yeah, come in” Bruce said trying to stay calm

The super family stepped inside the Major and your eyes locked with Kara’s. You gotta be fucking kidding me, you thought to yourself, of all the people in the world, she came. Your friendship with her was really strange, sometimes you could be best friends and go out laughing and other days you were actual fighting with her, just like your dad. It was strange, just that.

“It’s going to be the longest dinner of our lives” You told Damian after the super family walked in front of you, leaving you with Damian behind.

“Tt, father made a bet with me, sister” Damian told you with a playful smirk.

“oh, really? Today I won one, Tim is going to be pissed” you told him with another smirk.

“Father made a bet with me about the super brat fam” Damian said with a smirk, he knew you pretty well. Little jerk.

“What about it?” you asked him curious while you both start walking behind your guests.

Don’t punch them” Damian told you with a wide smile, damn. He knew you, and damn, you wanted to won that bet too, but it was actually difficult with Kara here.

“What’s the prize?” You asked Damian, maybe you could break that bet.

“We can have a new pet” He told you with another smile.

“Deal, no punching” you said with a smirk, you couldn’t let this pass, you wanted a pet. 

After an hour talking, finally Bruce and Clark were ending, peacefully. Well, in all that full hour many things were said between everyone, stupid things actually, you punched multiple times Damian’s leg when he was about to start a fight with Jon, and it was ridiculous, he wanted to fight the boy because he pet Titus or because he took the last cookie (well, you understand that part, Alfred cookies are a treasure).

In other hand, your father’s and Clark’s jaws were clenched, they might be talking peacefully, but they were more than pissed.

And well, Kara was playing with few sentences around you, and of course Damian kicked you many times under the table to not fight her, she was talking about how good she was, she could lift cars, she could fly, she didn’t need any of your toys to fight. You were more than ready to stab her with the fucking fork, until Bruce looked at you with a Bat glare.

So you tried to stay calm, your hand was clutching the cloth in your hands trying comfort your anger, you looked at Bruce hands and you chuckled, he was doing the same, you looked at Damian and he was doing the same thing, you wanted to laugh, this was a strong game for the Wayne’s.

Who will crack first?

“Well, for the record Bruce, by far this has been a pretty calm evening” said Clark with a smile.

“Are you saying that it’s weird that we stay calm?” Bruce said curious.

No, Dad please stop. You thought as you looked at your father with wide eyes.

“Well, calm isn’t the word that could define a ’Wayne’ ” Kara said as if it meant nothing, how wrong she was, she was reaching the point of no return.

“What word will be the best for a ’Wayne’ then?” you asked her with a raised eyebrow and Damian looked at you the same way you looked at Bruce before.

“Drama Queens” Damian heard Jon said under his breath.

“I’m sorry, what did you said farm boy?” Damian said with a curious look.

“I can be a farm boy, at least I’m not a flying creepy rat” Jon said with a scoff

Oh hell, they were getting there.

“There goes our calm evening” Clark said under his breath.

“Tell me if I’m wrong, but I could swear you are implying that my kids are breaking your 'calm evening’ ” Bruce said with anger in his voice.

“Bruce, I don’t mean that! But now this is nothing but calm!” Clark said with a scoff and both of his eyebrows went high until they reached his hairline.

“For the record Clark, your family was the one who started” Bruce said with a smirk

“Don’t you dare to blame us, Bat” Clark said with a scoff, but you knew he was getting pissed.

“But I dare, because you are in my house Clark, and all night your family had play with mine to get in our nerves” said Bruce with a glare.

“WE never start fights, Bruce” Clark said getting more pissed.

“Oh, really? guess what? your boy dug his grave when he called Damian 'flying rat’ and so far Y/N it’s not less than Kara” Bruce said and you and Damian looked at your father, you were more than proud.

“Really, Bruce? two can play the same game. Your family always fights mine, no matter what, over a cookie or death glare contest! We were here to discuss your problem with the Joker and the Scarecrow! not our families!” Clark said with a glare.

“My problem with those two it’s mine and not yours! we were here to discuss all the villain out there, alien” Bruce said with a smirk because, everyone knew, Clark hated that word.

“You want to fight Joker lover, bring it” Clark said as he raised up.

“Dad no…” you told Bruce before he raised, he looked at you and Damian, you were not going to crack over them.

“What Y/N, do you agree that your father loves the Joker?” Kara said and well, you crack there.

“You know Dad?, do your own business while I make mines” you said and Bruce and you stand up beside him.

“Tt, Sister” Damian told you while his hand grabbed your bicep “We can’t break the bet” he told you under his breath.

“Aren’t you old enough to deal with your own problems, demon?” Jon asked with a chuckle.

“Nevermind, sis” Damian told you as he glared at Jon.

“Master Bruce, I will not stand this again” Alfred said and everyone looked at him “Cleaning the Manor it’s exhausting, deal with your differences outside” He told everyone as he leaved the dinner room.

And so, that’s why you are outside the Manor, trying to hold Damian the longest time you can, you thought that maybe you could chill things, but no, your family has no chill, and more less when these super fam is trying to die. 

“Your sister can hold you forever!” Jon said with, literal, red eyes.

“You know what? he’s right” you told Damian and you free him.

In matter of seconds they were fighting each other on the ground, and soon you felt someone grabbing you by your hoodie, you looked at Kara and she had red eyes too.

“It doesn’t surprise me, you can’t fight like a human” you told her with a scoff.

“Let’s fight your way then, but no toys Y/N” she told you and soon her eyes were blue again.

You didn’t gave her time to react, you gave her a punch right in her face, oh she didn’t saw that coming, and it was glorious for you, finally you did what you craved.

“Bring it, Supergirl” you told her with a shitty grin

And it was her sign to start fighting against you. You can’t lie, fighting against someone like her was hard, really hard, this guys doesn’t get tired as a normal people, because of course, they’re not, but you were trying your best to act like them. Your father was right, this was your home, and you will not lose in it.

One hour of punching, kicking and screaming and still you were on your feet. Blood was coming from your lip, eyebrows, hairline and nose, you had some bruises and your body grew tired every passing second, but looking at Kara made you feel better, you really did a great job, I mean, she could be all fresh with some dust in her hair, but you really had an actual fight with her. Damian and Bruce were doing their best too, what could you say? you have been all your life training and -

What the fuck is happening?!” you heard Dick’s voice and you turned around.

You shouldn’t had done that, never give your back to your enemy. Kara launched herself to you, pinning you down and holy fuck, you must have pissed her off, because she was ready to make a big hole in your head.

Someone took her away from you, Dick of course and he tried to calm her, you sit on the ground, but seconds after you felt someone carrying you inside the Manor, but you didn’t fight any longer, you were tired, your were bleeding, you knew you were in Jason’s arms so, why fight?

Your eyes looked at Tim trying to hold Damian while the Super boy (that Jackass, but other story for another time), trying  to pull Jon away from Damian. It was pretty funny when you thought about it. Then your gaze drifted to your father, he was being pulled away by Alfred while Lois was trying to calm Clark.

“Care to explain?” Jason told you after he settle you on the couch, he went from some First Aid kit and return to clean your wounds.

“Hello my love, good to see you too… really need an explanation? We always fight” you told him with a chuckle.

“I know the fighting thing, but this time you all came too far” Jason told you before he started stitching up your eyebrow. “For the record, I love you too” he told you with a smile.

“Drake! Put me down!” you heard Damian’s voice coming closer.

Tim placed Damian beside you and you chuckled when you saw him, he had the deepest frown on his face, he was way too cute when he was mad.

“Who won?” you asked your brother with a half smile, Jason was still patching your wounds so you tried not to groan at the pain.

“You really need an answer, Sis? I always- ”

“That’s enough! We leave you for hours. HOURS and you already did a freaking war in the backyard! What’s wrong with you!?” Dick said walking inside the room.

You looked at Damian and you felt a little bad, you really made a chaos in hours just because some stupid words.

“Alfred I don’t need more scolding!” you heard your father’s voice.

Everyone looked at the door, Alfred came in, holding Bruce by his ear (you live for this moments), he placed Bruce beside Damian. The three of you were a bloody mess, Jason gave you a kiss on your forehead before he got up. Tim, Dick, Alfred and Jason were looking at the three family members on the couch.

“Master Bruce. I know you tend to fight with Mr. Kent, but this time you ALL went too far.” he said with with a tired voice. “it is your home, but they are your guest, sir. You can’t treat them like that. Clean up and apologize to them” Alfred said.

There wasn’t a single force on Earth that could fight Alfred, he was always right and so you all felt more guilty. You thought about your actions and you felt more and more bad with yourself, you really need it to apologize to the Supers.

Jason helped with your wounds while Dick helped Damian. Tim was with Bruce. Alfred went outside the room, he was going to apologize to the Clark’s family, but he stopped himself when he heard Lois doing that job.

Minutes later the three of you came out from the room, 'cleaner’ than before. And you looked at the family in front of you. You wanted to make a winning-dance, when you saw Kara’s face but you hold it, this wasn’t the time.

“I want to apologize for our behavior, Clark. We went too far” Bruce said and he looked at you and Damian, like 'Help me here, Batman never do apologies’

“You might be in our home, but that doesn’t give us the right to treat you like, well, like we did back there” You told them with a half smile.

You looked at your side, Damian was still not having any of these shit, so you nudged him with your elbow.

“Yeah, we are sorry, okay? we truly apologize” He told them with a serious tone, you were amazed by that, to be honest.

“Hey, we are in the same ground here, we didn’t have the right to said all those things or to get in your nerves” Clark said and Lois smiled at his husband.

Minutes passed from apologies and some few chats between the families. But they realized it was time to leave. The Bat family arrived to the room as Alfred said few scolding but ending with a speech about how proud he was with the ending of the troubles. Jason tangled his hand with yours as he kissed your temple.

“So, next time you are going to fight her?” Jason told you with a chuckle

“Well, I don’t know, I hope I do, it’s a really good chance to train” you told him with another chuckle.

“Well, as long as you don’t get close to that brat Super Boy, I’m fine with that” Jason told you with a smile.

“Jealous much, Todd?” you asked him with a smirk

“Me? I’m never jealous” he said with a scoff

“Tt so you don’t care I gave Y/N’s number to Jon? That Super Boy asked him for it” Damian said while sitting beside you.

“You did what, demon?!” Jason said with eyes wide open.

“What? you said you weren’t jealous” Damian said with a smirk, he leaned his head in your shoulder and you smiled.

“Please! Don’t fight right now! I really want to watch this show!” said Tim when he placed himself beside Jason.

“The only show you will see is how I kick the Demon’s ass” Jason said with a hiss.

“Touch him and you will regret it, Todd” you told him with a playful glare.

“How are the two of you so damn close?” Dick said when he returned with his 'Batman- Lego’ pijamas. He made a gesture to Damian to move so he could sit beside him.

“She’s my sister, Grayson” Damian said with a glare.

“We are your brothers, Damian” Dick said with a smile.

“Whatever! Don’t fight and everyone shut up now!” Tim said having enough of his family.

After all, it was the monthly sleep over for the Bat Family, you were all together watching (Y/F/TVS), nothing in the world could take this away from you. Soon, you and Damian felt asleep, you were more than tired, you don’t know how many time passed, but the only thing you knew was that now, you were in Jason’s arms, warm and safe.

yorulun  asked:

Prompt 9 between Bruce and Bat Fam where perhaps Bruce was magically transformed into something else, be it angst or comedy. I need more fic with Bruce bonding with his kids.

This didn’t turn into exactly what you wanted, and I’m sorry about that. But I have some problems working with specific prompts like this sometimes. I swear my fingers have minds of their own sometimes. I hope you still enjoy!

This is set a few weeks after Bruce comes back from being lost in time.

“How many times have I told you not to run down the stairs, Dick?” Bruce says when he hears feet stomping down into the Cave. His head is pounding something fierce, and he’s lying on a medical cot. Must have gotten hurt on patrol then. Wouldn’t be the first time. He only pushes himself up when the steps falter at the bottom of the stairs, and then he tenses.

Because that’s not Dick. That’s—he doesn’t know who that is, but it’s not his son. A young man, maybe seventeen or eighteen, with dark hair and blue eyes that sport dark shadows underneath, is standing at the bottom of the steps. He’s also extremely pale, and he’s staring at Bruce like he’s just seen a ghost.

“Who—” is all Bruce manages to get out before the other cuts him off.

“I’m just gonna go get—get Alfred and the others,“ the teen says, blinking rapidly. And before Bruce can respond (like ask how the hell this guy knows Alfred, or why he’s in Bruce’s secret cave), he’s gone. Up the stairs and into the manor.

It takes a few minutes for Bruce to make himself move from the medical cot and tumble over to the stairs. He’s just about to try and go up them when the clock above him opens and he hears a sharp, “Bruce!”

Bruce’s vision wavers, and only once he steadies himself does he look up to find—Dick. But not Dick. Because Dick is eleven years old, and this man is clearly only a few years younger than Bruce himself is. If that.

“Dick?” he asks, his brow furrowing, and No-Dick supports him when he wavers again, leading him back over to sit on the cot. “Or are you—you can’t be John.”

Not-Dick sucks in a sharp breath, and no. Bruce would know those bright blue eyes anywhere. This is Dick. This is his son. But somehow, he’s in his twenties, not his little boy who’d just celebrated his eleventh birthday. It looks like Dick’s aged fifteen years in a night, and that’s when Bruce’ circling mind really starts working overtime.

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Aisle 13

by Justina Ireland

It’s two days before the last day of school, and I’m sitting in my Combatives class ready to die of boredom.  Mr. Vaughn is showing a demonstration video on how to slay a basilisk. Again. It was the last question on our final. Only half of us got it right.

I was not one of the lucky few.

No one is paying attention as the warrior in the party uses her reflective shield to distract the basilisk while a mage makes a big deal about putting the creature down with a sleep spell.  We’re all talking and thinking about the summer.

“What did you get in here?” Jeb asks from across the row.

“C,” I say.  “What about you?”

“D minus,” he says, waving his test at me.  His ears droop a little like a chastised puppy. Demons are so sensitive.

I shrug.  “At least you dodged a bullet. No summer school.”

“Yeah,” Jeb looks down at his test morosely.  “But still, you can’t kill a basilisk?  Who knew they were an endangered species?”

Mr. Vaughn is clip-clopping across the front of the room now, arms crossed as he gives one of his “these are skills for the real world” lectures once again. As fun as it is to watch a centaur go off on a tear, I’m over Mr. Vaughn and I’m over this school year.  

I don’t really care about the test, but I do hate when Jeb gets all emo.  “Look, we’re never going to use this anyway.  No one goes adventuring anymore.”

He nods and incinerates his test with a simple fire spell.  No one even glances at him.

“What are you doing this summer?” he asks after a long while, his voice low. He’s still bummed about his bad grade. Maybe I’ll take him out for frozen yogurt after school.  Cheer him up. Sprinkles would cheer anyone up.

I slouch down in my desk, stretching with a yawn.  Mr. Vaughn has given up on his lecture and has retreated to his desk to eat an apple someone brought him.  He’s much calmer now.  It’s probably the apple.  Centaurs freaking love apples.

“Nothing dude,” I say, finally answering Jeb’s question.  “Absolutely nothing.”


The second day of summer vacation my mom tells me I need to get a job.

We’re sitting at dinner eating Mom’s famous tavern stew, which is really just a bunch of random things boiled down to mush.  She’s still dressed in her work clothes: low cut white gown and flower crown.  I asked her once why the clinic makes her wear such a ridiculous outfit, and she just shrugged and said “It’s tradition. This is how healers dress.”  The men have an outfit that is just as stupid, tight white breeches and a flowy tunic, but I still think it sucks that my mom has to dress like a sex object to help people. Like, where is the self-respect in that?

“So, Caitlyn, what are your plans for summer?” Mom asks as I’m about to shovel in some of her stew.  My mouth is full so I just shrug and say “Uhnano.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? No big plans?” Mom is giving me this tight smile that means she wants a specific answer, but I have no idea what she’s looking for here.  It’s summer.  It’s two and a half months of not thinking about magic spells or chemistry or monster identification or algebra or anything, really.  So why is she hassling me?

“I was thinking of maybe taking my mage’s test or something,” I say, hoping it’s enough to distract Mom from whatever she’s about.  Dad isn’t even paying attention to the conversation. As usual he’s nose deep in Berserker Weekly.  Dad used to be this big time adventurer, walking through forests and bashing in heads for fun and profit.  That’s where he met Mom.  I think he saved her from an evil wizard or a druidic cult or something. It was a long time ago, though, and now he mainly consults for a living.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.  After you get your license maybe you could call Marcus and see if he’ll let you work in the Hex shop.  I mean, you should really get a job this summer.  Don’t you agree, Brock?”

A frown creases Dad’s dark face but he grunts in assent.

I take another bite of stew and look down at the bowl to avoid answering. There’s no way I’m going to work in my Uncle Marcus’s Hex shop. The thought of untangling curses all summer makes me want to turn myself into a frog and hide out in the forest.  Not to mention that my Uncle Marcus is the cheapest man alive.  I’d be lucky if he even paid me.

Mom pushes her bowl of stew away and jumps to her feet.  “Good! Caitlyn, I’ll send Marcus a note letting him know you’ll be there tomorrow bright and early—”

“I don’t want to work in the Hex shop. It’s gross.”

Mom stops and turns to me slowly.  Her skin is pale as usual but two spots of color have appeared high on her cheeks.  She is pissed.  “Removing hexes is not gross.  Your uncle gives those people their lives back.”

“A woman with boils all over her face is pretty gross, Mom.”  Last year when I had to pick a concentration Mom took me to see Marcus to convince me to pick cursework because it pays pretty well.  I chose spellweaving instead.  I’d rather work in a factory making love charms or fire spells than to have to turn frogs back into snotty princes all day.

Mom purses her lips and turns to my Dad.  “Brock, will you please talk some sense into your daughter?”

“Cursework is disgusting, Mel,” Dad says, lowering his paper.  “Why can’t the girl go adventuring like everyone else her age?”

“No one goes adventuring anymore, Dad,” I say.  Because it’s true. Adventuring is something your parents make you do because they don’t understand that it isn’t cool to slay dragons anymore or that maidens can rescue themselves.

I mean, adventuring is just so lame. Walking around, looking for a prophecy to fulfill, and then working really hard for something that may or may not come true? Yawn. I have better things to do.

“No one goes adventuring, huh?” Dad and Mom exchange a look, like they’re about to laugh at some inside joke.  Then Dad raises his paper again.  “Either way, you’re not going to sit around the house all summer and play video games.  Get a job, Caity-Bird, and if you can’t find one then your mother will call Marcus and you can spend all summer waking princesses.”

And that’s how I end up working at the Shop Quick.

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“I have a boyfriend” - Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Anon asked:  “How about a Dick Grayson imagine where his s/o gets kidnapped and they don’t know that they’re Nightwing so when Nightwing saves her and is about to kiss her she’s like woah boy sorry I got a boyfriend!!!! I’m sorry if it’s confusing😅😅😅 P.s love the blog ❤️️”

A/N: I’m sorry once again for taking so long. It wasn’t confusing at all, thank you for your request! Hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

Warnings: Swear Words; Kidnapping


“Shit I forgot my wallet!” you gasped as you entered your house and put your phone on the table.

You quickly opened the door and ran to the store you left about 10 minutes ago.

“No!” you slowed your run to a fast pace as you reached the building that was now dark and silent. “Closed.” you sighed tired and leaned your back against the wall sliding until your body hit the ground.

You were breathing heavily and you didn’t notice someone standing in front of you. You raised your head and gasped before feeling a strong bang in your head. 

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Mother's peril

A/n: requested by moonlightonroses for the dialogue prompts.
#1: “We will break you.” With Batmom

This was all Two-face’s fault. He had robbed a bank a few weeks ago and you had unfortunately been one of the hostages.

When your husband had saved you, he had given you a kiss on the forehead and had gone back to help your sons. Neither of you had known that a reporter had seen you two.

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Originally posted by betamon

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count: 1938

Warnings: Violence, Blood, torture


Summary: You work for a notorious criminal crew but after a heist, the FAHC have kidnapped you. They want to know who you’re working for, torturing you to get the name out but you don’t give in easily. The crew nearly crack you but as you see one crew member walk in it all changes.

A/N: I gave Michael the alias “Tempris” because he’s like a pyromaniac in this fic ya feel me? Also, I just realised how bad I am at summaries. Also, thanks to Ev from the discord for helping me out a lil:)

Darkness surrounded you, the cool air pricked at your skin leaving a trail of Goosebumps. Rope dug into your wrists, constricting any movement. A searing pain shot through your wrists whenever you tried to shimmy your way free, whoever had taken you knew what they were doing.

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Ice Queen and Cake - Jason Todd Imagine

Woo! Lord its been a while, I apologize for that! 

This imagine was requested here.

I hope everyone enjoys! 

~Mod Jaybird 

Warnings: Slight swearing

Word Count: 1,808 (Boy howdy is this a long one)

“Y/N! Come on babe we’re gunna be late! Bruce’s cake won’t make itself and Alfred’s already texted twice!”

“Gotcha,” you mumble as you extinguish a small flame from your hand, and climb out of the lower cupboard where you keep all of your baking supplies. “I’m coming don’t get your panties in a twist.”

You walk down the hallway from the kitchen and stop by the door to grab your jacket.

“What were you doing in there anyway? Sounded like an avalanche at one point,” Jason said as he held the front door open.

“My offset spatula fell out of my decorating bag and into the black depths of the cupboard,” You say as you walk through the threshold. “I had to go on a lifesaving mission.”

“Well it looks like it was successful.”



You head through the garage door and into the kitchen of Wayne Manor, stopping to place your decorating bag on the table and shed your coat.

“Miss Y/N, Master Jason. Glad to see you could join us!”

“The Chef does not enjoy the sass coming from her sous, Pennyworth, but I think I can forgive you,” you say as you pull your hair into a ponytail while walking over to give him a playful kiss on the cheek. “Jason, I love you, but get out of my kitchen, I have a masterpiece in the making.”

“Yes, Chef!” He said with a mock salute and a laugh. “I’ll go see what everyone else is up to.”

“All right Al, this double chocolate, Oreo truffle cake isn’t going to make itself. You start with the Oreos and I’ll start on the batter.”

“Oui, Chef,” the butler says with a smile.

You shake your head and sigh in response.

After a while of prepping and chatting with Alfred, Damian walks through the door.

“Hey Dami, whatcha up to?”

“Hello, Y/N. Todd and Drake are being insufferable so I decided to take a break up here, if it’s no bother to you.”  

“Go right ahead. You’re no bother to me and Alfred.”

The timer for the oven dings, and without a thought you reach in and take the pans straight from the oven.

“Y/N, did you just take those from the oven without mitts?”

You have a moment of enteral panic. Damn Y/N you really should be more careful with your powers around here.  “What? Uh…yeah I did, it’s not really I problem, I’ve burned myself so much over the past few years, it’s kind of like I’m immune,” you say with a chuckle, hopefully passing off the lie.

Damian gives you a look but lets the comment slide.

What you fail to notice is that he’s now watching you subtly from behind his book.

You come back to the cakes and slowly place your hand over the top of each one, using your powers to cool them down at a faster rate. The temperature of the air around you has gotten a bit chilly as a result of using your power so your breath comes out as a puff of fog. You glance quickly over to Damian to see if he noticed anything. He looks to be still engrossed in his book, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hey Alfred do we have anymore sugar? I need just a touch more of the ganache.”

“Try the pantry Miss Y/N”

You head into the small room and begin to look around. While you’re doing this Damian raises from his seat and quickly makes his way to the cakes. His eye goes wide when he feels that they are completely cool even though they came out of the oven moments ago.  

You make your way out of the pantry as he begins to sit back down. You notice the look on his face, as if wheels are turning in his mind, you guess he must have read something intriguing in his book.

You head back to the counter to begin the final steps of the cake, being careful to not use any more of your powers during the process.

The cake was finally finished as you placed the last truffle on top. You take a step back and look at the masterpiece.

“Done,” you say wiping your hands on a dish rag.

“It looks fabulous Miss Y/N, I shall gather the troops into the living room and we’ll begin the celebration.”

“Okey dokey Al. I’ll start bringing everything in.”

You grab the plates, stick them under your arm and grab the cake stand. Right after you set everything down on the table, the boys enter the living room from wherever they were.

“Wow, Y/N, that looks amazing!” Dick said with a whistle.

“Thanks Dick! It was an idea I got from a friend with a few tweaks. It’s Bruce’s favorite, my double chocolate cake recipe filled with chocolate cookies and cream buttercream, covered in a chocolate ganache and decorated with cookies and cream buttercream florets and Oreo Truffles.”

“In other words…heart attack and clogged arteries with a side of diabetic coma,” Tim said with a smirk.

“Yupp,” you replied, popping the p at the end.

“It’s a special occasion,” Bruce said. “So a little sugar won’t hurt. Thank you, Y/N” He walked over and gave you a side hug with a thank you kiss to the temple. “I’m sure it’s wonderful as always.”

“Well. I think we should cut into this sucker. I want cake.”

“Hold your horses, Jay,” you said with a huff. You reach down to pass out the plates and realize that something was missing.

“Darn it, I forgot the forks. I’ll be right back.”

You head into the kitchen and grab the stack along with some napkins.

As you head out the door something feels off in the air around you, and then you place it. You feel the batarang make waves through the air as it soars toward your head. Instantly the cutlery in your hands falls to the floor and your instincts take over before you can stop them. A wall of ice erupts from your hands extending out in front of you successfully trapping the batarang a few inches from your face as well as the boy that launched the projectile at you.  

After a second you recover from what happened. “Well. Shit,” you sigh and head toward Damian. You stop about a foot away from his body. You take a breath and place your hands on the wall. As you begin to focus you can feel the heat starting to radiate out from your hands. The giant ice wall melts into a puddle that spans the ballroom.

You blow the patio doors open with a small push of your hands, and then begin to heat up the room so the water would turn to steam. As the last bits of fog dissipate through the door, you sigh and bend down to pick up the forks from the floor. When you come back up, you’re met with six stunned faces.

Jason is the first one to snap out of the stupefied gaze. “What in the ever-living hell was that, Y/N?” You could tell that he was getting slightly angry because his voice went a squeaky towards the end of his sentence.

“Um…. if you will hear me out for like five minutes this would be explained a lot better downstairs,” you say a nervous smile plastered on you face.

Bruce is the first one to speak, for some reason you feel like he already knows the story you’re about to tell. “By all means, then, Y/N. Lead the way.”


Once you reach the Batcomputer, you turn to face the boys and are met with another glaring silence. Those should really stop happening.

The chair turns and you start pulling up everything about your past life.

“The Elementalist? I remember her,” Dick said as he leaned against the chair. “Pretty sure she’s my age and worked with The Flash for a good chunk of time. She declined the invitation to join the Titans and the League, and then kinda fell off the grid.”

You sigh. “I didn’t fall off the grid, I left. I couldn’t take the life anymore, Barry started to get reckless and I knew nothing good would come of it. I wanted to start over. I left my day job as a geologist at STAR Labs and my night job as The Elementalist. I packed up, moved to Gotham, and went to pastry school. I always loved baking as a kid, so I tried it out.”

You get up out of the chair to look all the boys in the eye.

“Six months after I graduated I met Jason, six months after that I opened the bakery, and six months after than I found out about all this when he came through my window bleeding out at 3 in the morning. You guys are like my family, along with everyone in Central City. Just because I chose not to tell you about this doesn’t mean I lied about anything else.”

No one could meet your eyes after you finished speaking.

“Well…I’ll take that as a not so great sign. I’ll just be going, then. You don’t have to worry about anything. The secret is safe with me. Bye, guys.”

You turn and head to the stairs. Your foot lands on the bottom step when you feel a pressure on your wrist. You turn and almost slam you face into Jason’s. His hands move to grasp your face.

“I’m not going to lie, this is pretty crazy. And I’m only slightly-no-so-angry that you didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t mean I want you to leave. You’re my girlfriend and I love you whether you’re a Meta or not.”

He gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah, Y/N. You’re awesome and we don’t want you to leave either. You the next best computer person, besides me, of course,” Tim said with a chuckle. “I think its pretty cool that you can control all of the elements, it’s like Avatar, in real life!”

“I knew you were a cougar!” Dick said slapping you on the back as he walks up the stairs. “Let go eat some cake!”

The rest of the crew filed up the stairs, but Damian trailed behind. Jason gave you a look, and you motioned for him to head up the stairs.

After a few seconds the young boy spoke. “I apologize for acting odd to you today, Y/N. I just couldn’t shake a hunch that you were hiding something. I should have just asked instead of throwing projectiles.”

“You really should have, Dami. I would have had no problems telling you outright. But your apology is accepted. Let’s go eat some cake.”

“Very well,” he said as he began up the stairs. “I would like to request, if at all possible, that you not freeze me anymore. It was an uncomfortable experience.” 

You chuckle and rough up his hair as you pass by. “Only if you deserve it.”

A Good Dog With New Tricks

Batfam Week Day 2: Shenanigans 

Words: 3,423

Rating: Gen

AO3 Link

You all should know by now that I cannot resist the urge to make Damian the head instigate of any shenanigans, he is my favorite little troublemaker and the star of today’s fic. Though, Titus might give him a run for his money. Enjoy! 

Damian locked his eyes with the large, warm, black ones belonging to one of his closest friends. His companion held his gaze patiently waiting for the boy to begin.

“Titus, I must impress upon you the serious nature of this mission.” Damian started, keeping his tone serious, “If I asked anyone else they would surely fall victim to a double cross for a foolish photo of me in a compromising situation.” Damian grimaced thinking of the many times he’d tried to pull a fast one on his siblings only to have his assistant turn on him, “You are the only one I can trust with this, boy. Do you think you can do it?”

Titus blinked and then licked Damian’s cheek, his wet, velvety tongue tickling the boy’s face. Damian resisted the urge to smile and instead nodded his head. “Very well, let’s get started.”

He clipped a small camera to the dog’s collar, black and thin enough to be easily mistaken for hair then stepped back to check his tablet. He could see himself on the screen, albeit from a shorter height.

The two slipped through the manor silently making their way through the halls. They stopped in the hallway outside the foyer. The dog leaned against his side as he stopped, head ducking under Damian’s hand.

He scratched Titus’s ears, hand pressing into the warm soft fur while he peered around the corner. Today would be a bit of revenge for everything, all the unwanted coddling, the surprise photos, and the team ups his many family members often used to get him to ‘act his age’.

The front door rattled for a moment before Damian heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. He waited as the lock clicked open and the doorknob began to move again, this time turning unhindered.

“You know what to do.” Damian said and scratched Titus’s left ear twice in quick succession and the dog darted forward at the same time as the door swung open.

“Hey there, Titus .” Jason’s voice was warm as the door clicked shut behind him. “What’s up?”

Damian’s eyes locked on his tablet as he moved away from the foyer. He made his way to the living room as he watched Jason struggling at the front door. He had bags in both hands and was trying to move them all to his left. Titus was making it difficult for him, jumping up and pawing at his chest. Jason managed to hook the extra bags around his arm and reach out to pet Titus.

The dog let him for a moment before jumping back with a happy bark, back stepping a foot or so to allow Jason a few steps into the room before he did it again, jumping forward to beg for attention. Jason chuckled and gave him another good scratch on the head.

“Your pretty demanding today, where’s the Demon Brat?”

Titus’s answer was a lick on the face.

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Robin’s Nest: Part 4

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1517

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You’ve never actually planned for a baby before, so you’re kind of surprised when it takes you around six months to get pregnant. It’s not a terribly long time when things are put into perspective, but you’re kind of just used to waking up and finding yourself pregnant.

          This pregnancy is a little bit different from the other two. You’re not sure if it’s just because it’s been three years since the last time, or if it truly is different. All you know is that you feel a lot more tired this time round. Bruce does his best to take over a lot of your duties at home. He starts taking care of bath time, and story time, and even play time, and you can’t help but feel a little bit like a bad mother; as though you’re abandoning the two children you already have. Bruce assures you that isn’t the case.

          Of course, you’re much more hormonal this time round, and you have a total melt down. He takes it all in calmly before just picking you up and holding you. He places a hand on your slight little bump, and jokingly tells you that this little girl is going to be a handful. He seems so certain that it’s going to be a girl, something tells you otherwise.

          Dick is excited about the prospect of another younger sibling. As far as he’s concerned Jason is a great playmate, and tons of fun, which means another brother means that much more fun. Jason is on the other end of the spectrum. Just like with Dick, you tote out the life like baby doll, he takes one look at it before taking it and throwing it down on the floor. Before you can correct him, Dick is there, showing Jason how to hold the baby and love it.

          At the sight of his big brother being loving towards the baby doll, Jason seems more interested. You and Bruce just shrug, and maybe, kind of, sort of leave the issue with your four-year-old son. Over the next several days you see Dick teaching Jason everything he knows about babies, and it just warms your heart so much, and then you’re crying again.

          One again Bruce sweeps in and gets you out of the room before the boys can see. Even in your very hormonal state you know that a mommy’s tears would worry her children.

          When the baby starts moving, you find out that it takes after Bruce and is indeed nocturnal. The only time he seems to move is during the night. It’s safe to say that you’re not getting much sleep and naps have to become a regular part of your routine. When your boys go down for a nap, so do you.

          The baby ends up coming two weeks late. By that time, you’ve tried almost every trick in the book to induce labor, including a lot of “alone time” with Bruce. Your water finally breaks during a Saturday morning breakfast. Bruce just simply grabs the go bag, and with kisses and hugs to your children, you’re off.

          Your labor only lasts six hours, a big time difference from Dick and Jason. Timothy Harrison Wayne comes into the world rather quiet. He doesn’t cry straight away like his brothers did, but he’s healthy. He’s longer than his brothers were, and kind of skinny, he has that trademark dark hair that all of your sons seem to have.

          The hospital keeps you overnight before sending you home. Because of this Alfred never brings the boys up, which is a good thing considering the paparazzi seem to get crazier with each baby. You know the reason behind it of course, they never get unplanned shots of your boys. The only photos released of your children are planned ones. Typically, there’s one following a birthday, or a major Wayne Foundation event.

          Either way, this craziness is the norm, and Bruce just holds you a bit tighter as he and the police escort you to the car. The boys are jumping when you get home, both excited to see their new brother. Because you’re still a bit sore, Bruce takes care of introductions. He sits the boys down and gives them each a chance to hold him.

          Tim seems fine in Dick’s arms, still fast asleep, but when he reaches Jason’s arms he wakes up and begins screaming. Jason winces before demanding you return him to the hospital. When you tell him that’s not an option, he runs off. You take Tim while Bruce goes after Jason. Dick just sits there and stares at his new brother before informing you “I like him mommy, he looks smart.”

          You just smile and kiss Dick’s head, before continuing your efforts of quieting Tim. The next several months are stressful to say the least. With three kids you’re very much outnumbered, and there’s the little fact that Tim not only has colic, but doesn’t want to sleep during the night.

          It’s while Alfred is gone that you and Bruce have your first real fight. Both you and Bruce are sleep deprived, and more than a little cranky. So it shouldn’t be a very big surprise when the blow up happens. He has to head out as the Batman and you want him to stay. You both need sleep, Tim is still crying, and Dick and Jason still aren’t in bed despite it being past their bedtime.

          “Y/N, the Joker escaped he’s causing havoc.”

          Your teeth grind together as you continue to bounce Tim “If you haven’t noticed Bruce our family is in the middle of havoc. Neither of us have slept in more than forty-eight hours.”

          “I have a duty …”

          You stop him before he can finish, “To your family, Bruce. Your duty is to me and your children. Gotham comes second.”

          He takes a deep breath “People are dying Y/N, please try to understand.”

          The anger finally explodes. “Understand what Bruce? Understand that you’re about to get yourself killed. You’re not at the top of your game, you’re tired and stressed, and I refuse to become a widow. If you go out tonight, the boys and I won’t be here when you get back.”

          He looks at you shocked for a moment, then you realize what you’ve said and the tears come. He moves forward to hold you and you let him, while blubbering out an apology. He’s been so great ever since you found out about the pregnancy. Bruce has stepped up taking on so many of your responsibilities, and doing his best to manage family, work, and after hours’ activities. He’s just as sleep deprived as you are, but he never lets it show. You tell him as much, and he just laughs.

          “Trust me, I am just as tired as you are but . . “

          You straighten up a bit and he wipes the tears from your eyes, as you finish his sentence “But people need the Batman. Gotham needs the Batman. I know. Go. And please be safe.”

          He stares at you with love in his eyes and asks, “Are you sure? Because if it’s between the suit and my family, I pick my family every time.”

          You smile “And that means the world to me Bruce now go put the crazy clown back in the asylum. I’ll figure something out.” He nods and turns to leave and you stop him with one more phrase “And Bruce, the boys and I will be here when you get back. Always. For better or for worse.”

          Bruce just smiles, gives you a wink and disappears out the bedroom door. It’s in that moment that you realize Tim has not only stopped crying, but has fallen asleep. Doing your very best to stay quiet you lie him in his bassinet and go put your other two monkeys to bed.

          You wait up for Bruce, despite being exhausted. He comes in a little bruised and battered, but other than that he’s okay. You move to him, pulling him into the shower. Together you wash off the gunk of the day before going to bed. Despite the exhaustion, or perhaps in spite of it, you feel the need to be intimately close to one another. It’s the first time since Tim’s been born that it’s happened, and when you’re done you feel a little sore but otherwise amazing.

          You and Bruce snuggle together, and you sleep through the night. That’s also the night Tim sleeps through the night for the first time in the eight months since you’ve brought him home. The next day things seem to fall into place. Tim’s colic seems to be gone, and he turns into one of the happiest babies you’ve ever seen. Dick and Jason seem to be happier as well, although Jason still wants to return him on occasion.

          Eventually, things fall back into a routine. You and Bruce make sure to spend more time together, going as far as to designate a date night. Your life is complete chaos, but you love it.  

Military sister (3/?)

request: yes

plot: the reader is part of the batfam or batsis and wants to join the mlitary and this is her adventures

A/n: also the last paragraph is part of part 4 which I haven’t even written yet but… enjoy!

word count: 1,509

warning(s): blood, guns, killing (doesn’t go into it)

tagging: @shadowrunner101 @tim-help @ti0261 @comicbookworm @gokusanfan @confidentcorgi

part 1  part 2  part 3 (you’re here)

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WELP I’m certainly not gonna be the first to say it but THIS TOOK TOO LONG.

I’m so sorry you guys but it is getting to be finals week at my school and that has taken up most of my time and I had a falling out with one of my friends which put me on absolutely no mood to write.

Thank you guys so much for sending me all of the lovely comments and I am sad to say that this series is coming to an end.

Scenario- the batfamily is hot on your trail maybe it’s good maybe it’s bad

Warning-cursing, slight violence.

You loved midway city. It wasn’t like Gotham with all of the caped crusaders and evil villains. It wasn’t like metropolis with all of the people full of hope and the man of steel. It wasn’t like central city with the man faster than time. It wasn’t Star city with the man who could shoot better than Apollo and Artemis.

It was midway city home to the ordinary people and no one in a cape, mask, cowl, or hood for miles around.

You had found a nice job at a pet shop. You had always loved animals especially when you were a kid. They weren’t good or bad, they didn’t have to worry about saving the world, their biggest concern was who is gonna feed them next?

You also worked on gaining back your muscles and started training again. Incase he ever came back you need to be prepared to go down with a fight.

You hadn’t forgot your old life. The scars wouldn’t ever let you. The scars from missions gone wrong, scars from injury on the job, and the scars from the torture that riddles your entire back.

The countless electric shock had torn up your back leaving big nasty angry sores and rips on your back.

You of course thought of pleasant memories of your past life. The love, the laughter, the friendships and the family.

You felt love when you saw Jason smile, the way his eyes would crinkle, his laugh lines appeared, and all of his worries were gone for just one second. He wasn’t the failed soldier. He wasn’t the mercenary that came back to life. He wasn’t the red hood who everyone feared. He was Jason Todd, your Robin, your favorite Robin. He was the moon in your stars, the one who made everything all right, even if the whole world was crashing down.

You knew the laughter that haunted your mind. The countless nights of patrolling with Dick and his stupid jokes, when Damian and Tim would bicker for hours on end and come up with the dumbest of insults. When Bruce would be so sleep deprived he would fall asleep in the most random places of the manor, the time he fell asleep in the back of the limo was your favorite. The time Barbara and Stephanie did a entire commentary on the boys bickering, which had you rolling on the floor.

You remember the family and friendships you would never be able to feel again. The time you saw Damian watching a old movie that had been a favorite of yours so you sat down quietly in the entertainment room and watched it with him, soon Dick and Barbara followed, then Tim came in with Stephanie and lastly Jason who made sure to sit next to you. Titus was on the floor with Alfred the cat when you noticed Bruce had crept in and was sitting at the back of the entertainment room behind Dick and Barbara.

You remember waking up hours later with your head on Jason’s chest and his arms wrapped around your shoulders with his faces snuggled into the top of your head. You looked up and saw Tim and Stephanie asleep on the other end of the couch with Barbara and Dick on the couch right behind them. Bruce had fallen asleep with his arms crossed and leaning backwards on the seat, somehow even sleeping, he looked scary.

Damian apparently had gotten tired of Dick laying against him and moved to the floor with Alfred the cat and Titus as a pillow. Alfred (the man) must have come in last night because you all had blankets draped over you. You layed you head back down on Jason’s warm chest, you felt safe and secure, something you longed for now, and went back to sleep. That was family. That was your friendship.

You were currently at your new job, the local pet store and talking to your new found friend, (y/f/n).

“That’s what I said.” You friend laughed as you both walked around the play pins filled with puppies. You knew if Damian was here he would try to buy them all.

“I can’t believe he would do something like that.” You said completely astonished by your friends story.

“See, now you understand my world.” Your friend said and threw her hands up in exasperation as you chuckled. In ways she reminded you a lot of dick.

You were about to tell her of a similar experience you had when she stopped and looked at the tv screen that was in the corner of the room.

“Damn, I remember I use to have a huge crush on him when I was a teenager.” She said in the most lovey dovey voice she could manage. You rolled your eyes and looked at the tv.

“Tragic robbery gone wrong, only serious injury is son of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson.” The big news anchor said in a musky voice.

You could hear him drone on and on about what happened but you could only hear the blood in your ears rushing and your heart beat going in and out. You gripped so tight onto the counter top you felt like your fingers were going to break. You kneeled on the floor and closed your eyes.

“(Y/n) are you ok, what’s going on?” Your friend questioned and crouched next to you and put her hands on your shoulders.

“Where is he being treated, what hospital?” You grounded out as you felt your heart crack and countless memories of Dick flood in.

“Wayne memorial, oh my god, (y/n), do you know him?” She said concerned and put her hand over her heart in astonishment.

“I won’t be in tomorrow.” You said as you stood up and balanced yourself on the countertop.

Before she could get a word in you were already gone. You ran down the sidewalk to your apartment that was just a block away from your job.

You ran up to your room after saying a very quick hello to your elderly neighbor. You quickly grabbed your over night bag which had your eskrima sticks and a change of clothes with 500 dollars in it.

You never knew what would happen if you went back to Gotham, but you made sure you were well prepared for any possible situation.

You quickly put on a pair of black combat boots and kept on your blue jeans from work. You put on your black leather jacket and pulled your hair into a pony tail adding a black baseball cap. You grabbed the keys to your bike and ran out the door with your overnight bag.

You weren’t thinking when you got on your bike, took off your cap, pulled on your helmet and took off in the direction of Gotham. You’re entire body was on autopilot, you only had one goal, get to Gotham and see if Dick was ok.

The only time the news reported on any of the bat kids was when they were in the hospital. Except when it said that they were in a car crash, it really means that, Two face, hit one of them with his car.

When they were in a “robbery” it means they were shot so bad Alfred couldn’t fix them and they needed professional hospital help.

You probably broke all of the speed limits getting to Gotham. When you finally pulled into the hospital car park, it was pitch black outside. You pulled your bag tightly over your shoulder and pulled on your baseball cap after you pulled off your helmet.

You sped walked to the hospital stairs and jogged up to the lobby. You looked around the corner before going into the main section, no batfam or joker minions in sight, so you’re all good for now.

You quickly walked to the front desk and pulled on your game face. You fell forward over the desk and put your hands over your face and let out tiny sobs.

“Umm honey can I help you?” A small older lady nurse asked from behind the counter who put her hand on your forearm in a gesture of comfort.

“I-it’s my brother Richard, h-he was shot this morning and I-i just got into town and oh my god is -is he alright.” You whimpered as tears streaked down your face.

“Ok honey, let’s just see what room he is in and you can go see for yourself, what’s his last name?” She asked very soflty and started to type on the key board.

“G-grayson.” You said with a loud sob at the end causing people to look at you in pity.

“Ok honey, here he’s in room 908 on the 5th floor, the elevators are right there.” She said and pointed to the back of the room where two silver elevators stood.

“Oh thank you so much dear, bless you, bless you.” You said and turned around to go to the elevator.

You wiped the tears off your cheeks and smirked, you still had it. She never would have told you what room he was in, unless you were family and now you were.

You pushed the 5th floor button and fixed the rest of your face while the elevator brought you up. You were going to be in and out of his room, them back to Midway city, to live your life. You walked down the hallway that only had a few other nurses walking up and down to check on other patients.

You stopped in front of room 908 and let out a deep breath praying that Dick was passed out. You quietly opened the door and noticed the lights weren’t on at all. You quickly slipped in and shut the door not wanting the nurse to see you. You went to flip one of the light switches, when someone grabbed your wrist.

You gasped and latched onto there hand pulling them into you and sliding your hand up there shoulders ramming there stomach into your knee. You kicked them backwards as two people grabbed both of your elbows.

“Not to-motherfucking-day.” You said and bent both of your arms outwards and grabbed onto both of the attackers hair and brought there skulls smashing forward against each other with a sickening crack. They crumpled on the floor below you as you could feel someones presence behind you.

You turned around and kicked your left leg around the assailants neck and put you hands on his head and pulled your other leg around his neck so both of you legs were locked behind his neck and pulled forward on his hair causing him to go tumbling forward and you put your foot on his chest and kicked him off of you so he landed on the opposite wall with a loud groan. You quickly got off of the ground and stood in the middle of the room.

You weren’t sure how many attackers there were, so you had to stay alert.

“Yeah you piece of clown scumbag, I’m a bit stronger than last time.” You said and roundhouse kicked the other figure that was approaching on your left and kicked them in the chest so they flew to the other side of the room.

You took a few steps back and rested your hand on a metal bar that wrapped around the room so injured patients could walk around. You took a deep breath as you felt a panic attack coming on, you went to open the door and leave Gotham behind forever. You felt a cold metal wrap around your wrist and a clicking sound. You pulled your wrist as fast as you could but couldn’t seeing as how they were probably attached to the metal pole, you were stuck.

“Oh you fucking coward, if you’re going to drag me down to hell, at least let me defend myself.” You growled out as you kept on high apart with both fists clenched.

“Looks like you don’t need any help defending yourself.” You heard a familiar rough gravely voice say before the lights flicked on.

“What, what why? Why would you handcuff me?” You questioned in complete shock then you remembered, you’re the jokers daughter of course they’re going to handcuff you.

“We weren’t sure if you would try to run.” The same voice said, which belonged to Bruce Wayne.

Bruce stood in front of you with Barbara who was holding a small silver key, presumably to the handcuff that had confined you to the metal bar.

Tim and Dick were on the floor holding there heads while Stephanie checked on both of them.

Damian was half way on the other side of the room where you kicked him and Jason was sitting up against the wall with his helmet on the floor, rubbing his chest and looking at the ceiling.

You felt your eyes go wide as the entire batfamily assembled in front of you holding there injuries. You looked at Jason was had a poker face on and looked back at you dead in the eyes.

“You know I’ll escape before you have the chance to take me to arkham, so why don’t you just knock me out now and it will be easier for both of us.” You said turning away from Jason and looking Bruce in the eye.

“What are you talking about?” Damian questioned in annoyance while rubbed his head.

“Oh come on, you just found the jokers daughter who has been under your nose for years, I suppose this is where you take me to Arkham to live out the rest of my days in a padded cell.” You said in a stiff tone and looked at everyone, who all just stared back at you.

“(Y/n) you’re family, we would never do that to you, we know you did what you did for good reasons.” Dick said and stepped forward to get a better look at you.

You laughed a little bit and covered your mouth with your wrist.

“You do realize that you’re all standing in a hospital in full costume just to drag me to arkham, I feel so honored.” You said in a dark tone and leaned against the wall with a bored expression, while your heart broke.

“For the last time (y/n) we aren’t taking you to arkham, the only reason we are mad is because you didn’t come back, we thought you were dead.” Stephanie said in a harsh tone. You looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Why didn’t you come back (y/n), we’re family, we’re there for each other through everything.” Tim said in a heart wrenching tone.

“I couldn’t face you guys, I couldn’t look you guys in the eyes knowing I lied to you guys for years and put innocent people in danger, I knew you wouldn’t look at me the way you did before, it wouldn’t be the same.” You said as you finally broke and a tear ran down your face. You looked to the floor, as they all looked at you, you didn’t want to see the hatred in there eyes.

“Leave.” You heard the most familiar voice say from the back of the room. The voice that sounded like home.

“What?” Dick said confused.

“Let us talk, Babs give me the key and leave.” He said and held his gloved hand out to her.

Barbara looked to Bruce. He nodded slowly and walked over to open the window where the bat-jet was waiting. Barbara handed over the key and looked at you one last time before she followed the rest of the batkids out of the window. You shut your eyes as the window closed and you absolutely dreaded this moment. You were alone with Jason, for the first time since he found out you were related to the guy who killed him.

“You’re right, we wouldn’t have seen you the same way ever again.” He said and looked at you with the same poker face he had all night. You cast your eyes to the floor as your heart fell into your stomach.

“We would have seen you so much better. You somehow have become the best most amazingly fantastic person, I have ever met and this only makes you more extraordinary. You have come from and been though so much shit in your life, yet you never fail to be kind and put others before yourself countless upon dozens of times.” He said as he got closer to you and cupped your face in his hands making you look up into his bright green eyes, he had a small smile on his face which made your heart inflate.

“You have made me fall utterly, blissfully, and truly in love with you, regardless if you’re the jokers daughter or not because to me you will always be (y/n) (y/l/n) the girl I have been madly in love with and the one I will always be in love with.” He said as he un-cuffed you and pulled you into a bear hug that lifted you off the ground.

“Oh Jason,I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I should have come back.” You said and sobbed into the crook of his neck. You held on tight to him, like he was the only thing keeping you on this earth.

“I though you died and I just, I didn’t know what to do (y/n), what could I have done?” He said as his voice cracked and you moved your head out of the crook of his neck and he put you back on the ground.

You reached up and wiped the tears out from under his eyes and gave him a small smile through your tears.

“Well I’m here now, so don’t think about, I’m here and I’m not going away for a long time. I love too much to leave again.” You said and caressed his face as he leaned down and kissed you so passionately, you thought you were going to fall down.

You could feel the emotions of the past 7 years flowing out in the kiss, all of the pain, the happiness and the laughter was all there. All of the built up compassion was released in that one blissfully perfect moment.

You leaned back down because sadly humans need to breath and leaned your head against Jason’s chest.

“Hey Jason.” You said timidly into his chest as you wrapped your arms around him his torso.

“Yeah babydoll?“ He asked softly and kissed the top of your head, as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

“I think I found my family.” You said softly and looked up at him with a smile as a sly grin spread over his face.

“You sure did baby, you sure did.” He said with a chuckle and leaned down to kiss you again.

Unbeknownst to you one roof top over the entire batfamily was cheering and clapping. You see, Jason had left his microphone on so they heard everything and Dick had won a bet against Tim and Damian.

The girls squealed as they saw you and Jason kissed while Damian just snarled at the scene but everyone knew he was happy.

Lastly Bruce smiles down at the two of you knowing he made one good thing happen in yours and Jason’s life.

Buddy and Ummi: The Trust (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary:  As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that.
This is the fourth part in the series. If you haven’t read the first three parts you can find them in the masterlist below.

Word Count: 1033

Series Masterlist

Lunch continued as normal until Jason burst into the dining room. He mumbled an apology about traffic and being held up by Roy and Kori. The more realistic answer, however, was that he slept in or forgot about lunch, or both. You smiled at him and watched as he took the seat on the opposite side of Dick, where Damian had sat the last time you were at the manor. 

Alfred placed the plate of food you two had left aside in front of the boy who looked like he was still waking up, and the family returned to their meal, and the conversations they were having. Despite being across the table from each other, Bruce and Tim were discussing something to do with Wayne Enterprises, Dick was talking to Alfred about a new recipe he wanted to try, and Damian conversed with you about possible ways of making new friends, and how to weed out the fake people that only wanted him for his money. 

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“Yo, Jay, pass me the nachos.”

The boys and I were all watching Wonder Woman again in Father’s living room. His personal theater was being redesigned at the moment, so we decided to just stay in the one room where we always hang out. Jason took the nachos from Tim and passed them over to me, “Here, babe.”

I told him thanks and grabbed a handful of nachos, stuffing them into my mouth. “Can you guys pause the movie, I need to use the bathroom,” I asked after swallowing.

Damian took the control and paused it, “Don’t take long, the fight is almost over.”

As I got up from the couch, I heard my phone jingle on the coffee table. Probably a new message, “Jason, can you check that for me!?” I called over my shoulder. I barely left the living room when I heard Jason curse loudly, “What the fuck is this!? Artza, get back in here!”

I groaned, my bladder can’t take this kind of torture right now. I turned back into the living room, “What!?”

The boys were all angry crowding around my phone. Jason was the most furious of them all, “What the hell is up with you guys?”

Damian crawled onto Jason’s shoulders,“Pass it here! I want to answer this low life abomination!” 

“No! I know exactly what to say! Give it here!” Tim snatched my phone out of Jason’s hand but a few moments later, Dick was holding my phone, “Yeah right, I’m the oldest, which means I’m the wisest, I should answer!”

Before Dick started typing, I grabbed it out of his hand, “Why are you guys so angry? My gosh!” I scrolled up and read the newest anon, “Oh cool! New anon hate!” I grinned.

“How could you possibly say this is cool!?” Jason growled, “This fucking piece of throbbing turbocunt just told you to go die!”

“And they also want me to burn in hell! This is great!” 

Dick’s jaw hit the floor, “You gotta be kidding me!”

“I mean, I’m already going to hell so…”

“We can’t just let this slide!” Tim snarled.

Damian tried to grab my phone but I raised it up in the air, placing my hand on his forehead, pushing him back as he tried to climb up my body, “Unhand me, sister! I must answer!” 

I kicked Dick in the chest when he also tried to grab my phone, making him fall back onto the couch, “Oh come on!” He protested, “Tim’s right! We gotta give them hell!”

I glared at both Jason and Tim, stopping them from going near my phone, “Listen to me,” I snapped, “This anon doesn't deserve my time, not even yours. So could you guys please let this go!?”

Jason was fuming, “No! That fucknugget called you a bi piece of shit! How are you not angry about this!?” 

“Because I’m smart! They also said that I’m not even really gay, do you know how stupid that is?” I chuckled, “Of course I’m not gay! And this anon also called me a hoe, this is even funnier than the last one, to be honest.”

I still don’t know why these poor excuse of human beings don't understand that calling me a hoe will not bother me. It’s really sad. If you really want to send me anon hate, calling me a hoe wouldn't be such a good idea if you want to see me break. Come on anon, the word is in my damn username. You gotta try better than this.

I was still pushing Damian away, this kid just doesn't want to give up. My gosh, I’m so proud of him.

Dick fold his arms across his chest, “This person thinks you want pity.” He muttered.

I shoved my phone in my pocket, “Haha! I almost forgot about that. Pity for what? Being bi? That was strange for them to say, I love being bi. They just said that because they think being bi is a bad thing.”

“I hate people like that,” Tim sighed, “Being bi is still a significant part of the LGBTQ+ community. What else would the B stand for?”

Jason smirked, “They probably don’t know how many girls you’ve been with before me.”

I bit my lip, forcing myself not to laugh, “That’s another thing. I don’t need to prove that I’m bi. If I say that I’m bi then I’m bi, it’s that simple.”

Damian finally stopped trying to get my phone. He rubbed his forehead after I let go, “So…are you not going to murder them? Because Todd and I would gladly-”

I glared at Damian, “Don’t even think about it.” I said through gritted teeth. 

“What are you going to say to them then?” Dick asked.

I yawned, “I don’t know yet. Can we just continue watching the movie?” I asked.

Damian huffed, “Tt, fine. But we will talk about this again later.” 

I ruffled his hair, “Of course! But first,” I ran towards the door, “I still gotta use the bathroom!”

“Take your time!” Damian called behind me.

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Can I request a DamiJon and TimKon where Kon is flying Tim to their favorite place over Gotham to watch the sunrise, but Damian and Jon are there instead (probably making out)? Queue Jon and Kon yelling at each other 1000 feet in the air, with their BatBoys clinging onto them.

Hope you don’t mind if i altered it a little :p Also, writing is slow because i’ve had barely any time to write this week.

“This is going to be great, trust me,” Kon said giddily as he held Tim in his hands.

“Don’t get too excited in case you drop me,” Tim smirked. Even when he was 50 feet in the air, he wasn’t afraid of falling at all—not when his boyfriend Kon was carrying him.

Kon had invited him on a special date. It was special enough that Kon said that it’d be worth waking up for at five in the morning. Tim grumbled and groaned, but he just couldn’t refuse his boyfriend, especially when he made that pleading look with his bright sky blue eyes.

“It’s just over that hill,” Kon added, in response to Tim’s yawn.

As the the super teen explained, he’d stumbled upon a lonely hill with a small plateau just outside of the Gotham City limits. Not only did it provide a great view of the city, but it also was a spectacular place to watch the sunrise. It was quiet and secluded, and was the perfect spot for a private breakfast picnic for just the two of them. Tim liked the idea—he definitely needed a break from his crazy family.

As they neared the hill, Kon frowned. Tim could sense his hesitation from his look.

“What’s the matter?” Tim asked in concern.

Kon gave him a mildly apologetic look. “We…ah…someone beat us there.”

Tim knit his eyebrows until they got nearer and saw what Kon had meant. His little brother Damian and Kon’s little brother Jon were making out on a picnic mat on top of the grass.

The two younger boys promptly broke their lip-locking when they sensed their brothers hovering above them. They looked up to see Tim riding atop Kon’s shoulders, the latter looking sheepish while the former looked livid.

Tim broke the awkward silence first.

“Damian, seriously? First you were eating each other on the couch at the manor, and now you have to do it at our special spot, too?”

Jon’s face reddened as Damian rose to defend himself.

“Who said this spot was yours, Drake? I don’t see a flag here with your name on it!” Damian shouted from below.

“I don’t have to have my name on it, you twerp! That’s not how land ownership works!” Tim fired back.

“I know that!” Damian retorted.

Kon shook his head and gestured to Jon to come up above. With a sigh of resignation, the younger Superboy got Damian to ride on top of his shoulders, and he flew both of them to meet their brothers in the air. The two Wayne heirs continued to bicker while riding on top of their respective Superboys.

“So,” Kon began, trying very hard to sound calming to his younger brother, “How’d you guys find this place? I just kinda saw it when I was flying by two days ago.”

“Damian found it when he was checking his routine drone patrols,” Jon replied, looking very embarrassed. “He thought it would make a great vantage point or whatever, but I convinced him that it would make a great dating spot, too.”

“Hey, it’s cool, little bro,” Kon smiled. “I had the same idea so I took Tim here…tell you what, we can make it a double date!”

Jon’s eyes lit up. “Sure that’d be awesome!” He then glanced worriedly at Damian and Tim. They were both growling at each other and looked just about ready to throw each other to the ground. “These two don’t look happy, though…”

Kon looked at the Tim and Damian thoughtfully, then turned to Jon. “I have an idea,” he said and he quietly explained what he had in mind. Jon beamed at him with a hint of mischief.

Moments later, Kon winked at Jon and then called out to the two Bat Boys, “Hey, you two! Stop it already! You’re both technically brothers and I know that deep inside, you both love each other! Didn’t you tell me how much you loved Damian, Tim?”

Jon snickered at the expressions on Damian and Tim’s faces.

“Kon, what are you talking about?” Tim asked incredulously. He glanced back at Damian, who was now sticking his tongue out at him.

“I don’t care how many declarations of love you make, Drake I hate you—!”

“—I hate you too—!”

Before either of them could finish hating each other, Jon and Kon simultaneously pitched forward. They found that the best way to shut Tim and Damian up was to make the two of them kiss.

Jon and Kon laughed heartily as Tim made gasping and retching noises. Damian spat out as much spit as he could.

“Drake! Disgusting, eugh! I think I felt your tongue!”

“That wasn’t on purpose!” Tim coughed.

“I don’t know what Damian’s complaining about. Tim does good tongue,” Kon shrugged at Jon. Jon, meanwhile, flushed a deep crimson.


“Isn’t this nice?” Kon asked.

“Yeah!” Jon replied eagerly. “I love egg and cheese sandwiches in the morning!

“Guys,” Tim croaked, “I’m sorry, okay? Can we call a truce?”

Kon looked over to him and answered, “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.”

“Okay, okay!” Tim said in a panic. “I’m sorry I got mad at you, Damian. There. Now can you please untie me from the tree? Ants are starting to crawl up my pants!”

“Damian, you have to say sorry, too,” Jon chided.

“Never!” Damian said defiantly. “Just you wait! I’ll undo these ropes and I’ll get you back…!”

“Gah, Damian! Stop struggling!” Tim groaned. “You’re making the ropes tighter on my side!”

“So,” Jon began as he casually chomped on his next sandwich. “How long are we leaving them tied to that tree?”

Kon glanced casually at their boyfriends. “Until they get along, at least for now.”

“That might take a while…” Jon said with a wistful smile. He looked over at Tim and Damian.

Over by the tree, Damian continued to struggle against the ropes. “Drake! Stop sending your ants to my side, they’re crawling up my arm!” he yelled.

“I can’t control ants, idiot, it’s not my fault!” Tim snapped.

Kon shook his head. “They’ll see sense soon enough. In the meantime, we can watch Game of Thrones on my phone,” he said to Jon.

“Okay,” Jon giggled, “Maybe an episode of Game of Thrones would be good. Damian and I like watching it but, he’s really obsessed with it and he hasn’t watched the last episode before the finale yet.”

“No kidding?” Kon asked. “Tim and I love it too! But he’s like three episodes behind. Let’s watch that finale.”

“Gah, Kon, no! I’ll get spoiled!” Tim groaned.

“No, don’t!” Damian’s face fell. “I’m sorry!”

Tim and Damian’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/Eventual smut

PART 2-A: The One About The Night Before

A/N: Crap sorry it’s so late you guys, I was trying to edit as fast as I could I swear! But if there are typos my bad lmao Anyway I feel like this one is a bit short but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

P.S. Part 2-B should be out some time tomorrow.

(Part One)||(Part Two-B)

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       I woke up with a jolt and a cold sweat, feeling like the entire room was still spinning; physically feeling like I got hit by an eighteen wheeler. I brushed some of the mess of hair from my face and through half lidded eyes I tried to look around the room to make sure I didn’t end up in some stranger’s place; thankfully for my dignity I wasn’t but unfortunately for my ego, I wasn’t.

      “Ugh what time is it?” I groaned reaching for my phone on the nightstand. Fumbling around the nightstand the only thing my hand was met with was the touch activated lamp that blinded me with a bombardment of light. “Argh no!” I threw my arm across my face. I frantically hurried to shut off the lamp that felt like it was emitting the rays from the sun. Only managing to open one eye I looked around for my phone and discovered it was strewn on the floor with a mess of clothes and shoes. I groaned again not wanting to leave the comfort of the bed, I outstretched my hand nearly falling off the bed and quickly nabbed my phone and hauling myself back into my previous position under the covers. Pressing the home button to my phone I again was greeted with a flash bomb of light and covered my face with my hand; slapping myself in the process. Still adjusting to the light I peeked through my fingers desperately looking to find the time. ‘2:00 p.m. fuck’ With my phone unlocked I went wide eyed, ‘Shit, shit, shiiiit’ I thought; I had 17 missed calls and 10 voicemails from Saige. Looking for some kind of answer I scrolled through her text messages that only seemed to get more and more aggressive the further I scrolled along.

      ‘Alex where the hell did you go?’ <received 1:44 am>

      ‘Itsf o k im with djsaho’ <sent 1:52 am>

      ‘Ok bitch you are waaaaaaay too fucked up, where are you?’ <received 1:52 am>

      ‘Urd th e bitc yo bcht’ <sent 1:55 am>

      ‘I’m being serious Alex, if the paparazzi or some douche bag from the internet get a picture of you like this we are royally screwed’ <received 1:55 am>

      ‘Dnt wrry Gbe okie’ <sent 1:56 am>

      ‘Dont do this to me McMahon, WHERE ARE YOU????’ <received 1:56 am>

      ‘Byiii cee yu ntx wek’ <sent 1:57 am>

      ‘Wtf do you mean see you next week???’ <received 1:57 am>

      ‘Alex?’ <received 1:59 am>

      ‘HELLO?!’ <received 2:01 am>


      ‘I swear to God when I see you I am going to kick your ass’ <received 2:06 am>



      ‘Ok somebody told me you went home with someone, for your sake I hope it was Jesus and not that DJ Saho or whatever’ <received 2:15 am>

      ‘Open the door! You know I can hear you and DJ what’s his face laughing!’ <received 2:30 am>

      ‘I don’t care that we are staying at the Palace Hotel Alexandra. I WILL break down this door if you don’t open up!’ <received 2:32 am>

      ‘OPEN THE DOOR’ <received 2:33 am>

      ‘No oo itd coolr ift yo u berki t don’ <sent 2:33 am>

      ‘I SWEAR TO GOD’ <received 2:34 am>

      ‘Fine see if I care when you end up on the cover of some Korean tabloid and Ji-Yong finds out you’re here’ <received 2:36>

      ‘wh att’ <sent 2:36>

      ‘Good night Alex :)))’ <received 2:37>

      Re-reading the last exchanges between us my heart felt like it started beating so fast that it was bound to burst right out of my chest any second. ‘Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuck. How could I have been so stupid?!’  I thought to myself. Normally I’d say I don’t care but that is far from where I am mentally. Suddenly I was brought out of my thoughts by a loud knocking on my door. Still paranoid with the thought of J-him seeing me I climbed out of bed and approached the door carefully. The closer I got to the door the more anxious I became; that mixed with the killer hangover that hit me like a ton of bricks was quite possibly the worst combination of things that could happen at a time like this. The knocking started to feel like the noise was pounding against my skull, wanting to rid myself of this monstrous beating on my brain I opened the door without hesitation. Only to be met with the last person I would ever think would show up at my door.

      “Alex?” he raised an eyebrow.

      “Tim?” I reciprocated.

      “Jesus H–no offence but Saige wasn’t kidding when she said you might look like you crawled out of Hell this morning”

      I clenched my jaw “Just come in before anyone else has to endure my ugly” I slammed the door shut behind him causing myself to wince at what sounded like an explosion went off in my brain.

      Trailing behind him I watched him maneuver his way over the mess that was all over the floor; just clothes and shoes in different piles scattered in every square inch of the room.

      “Jeez, you didn’t want to clean up first?” he said finally making it to the bed.

      Too exhausted to argue I rolled my eyes and plopped back on the bed beside him.

      “Man, guess you had a good night last night?” he smiled leaning back on his elbows.

      “Ugh, if this is what this hangover from Hell is indicating…I wish I hadn’t” I covered my eyes with my arm “When did you get in by the way? I thought you were going to be in Japan until tomorrow? And not that I don’t love you but why are you here in the first place?”

      He chuckled “To answer your questions: I got in about three hours ago, I had a change of plans aaand Saige sent me on a recon mission”


      “She said and I quote ‘Dear God Tim would deal with her because I can’t take her after last night’ end quote” He chuckled again “Also seeing as two of my best friends just got here the night before and one of them was already causing trouble I decided that spending time with that girl in Japan was not really worth it…”

      I uncovered my eyes with a gasp “Oh my God, you are such a jerk–”

      “Relax” he put up his hand “whatever we had between us wasn’t really going anywhere anyway. I think she really just wanted to be with me so she could say she was with me. Seeing as who I hang out with nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out who wants to hang out with me for me and not for ‘Tim Drake, the DJ who so happens to be signed to Seungri’s music label so that must mean he is friends with BigBang’. I mean they’re not wrong, I am friends with them but still it the principle of the thing” he rolled his eyes.

      Merely looking at his face I could tell he was genuinely hurt, he was one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met and just knowing that my selfish wish somewhat came true made my heart hurt.

      “I mean I guess that’s what you get for being such a hot shot DJ with an attractive everything to match” I said trying to make light of the situation.

      “Shut up” he laughed “By the way, are you just gonna chill in your underwear the entire time or are you gonna put on a robe?”

      I looked down at my bra “Tim it’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen me in my underwear. I think we are past that point in our friendship”

      “I mean I don’t have a problem, I just don’t want you to think I’m being a perv” he said sincerely.

      “I would never” I jokingly gasped and placed a hand on his shoulder “Anyway, tell me about your new life here: How do you like it? How’s it been? Besides that girl, how is your love life here? You know all that good stuff” I rolled over on my side to face him.

      “Its been..good?”

      “That doesn’t sound too convincing Timmoth” I squinted my eyes at him.

      He let out a small laugh “No I’m serious! Everything’s been great so far, minus the whole ‘love life’ thing” he air quoted.

      “So does that mean you and Chaerin still haven’t talked?” I rested my head on my arm.

      “Yes, that means I still haven’t talked to Chaerin. Honestly I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I mean I invited her to my party so the only thing I can do now is wait and see if she decides to show up. But I’m not going to be completely heartbroken if she doesn’t, at this point I’m used to getting the short end of the stick with her” he sighed.

      “She’ll show I’m sure of it, if there is one thing that sticks with you after breaking up with your boyfriend no matter how long ago it was you always remember those tiny details about them. She, I’m sure, is no different”

      “Don’t even get my hopes up” he playfully pushed my shoulder “Alright enough about my lackluster love life, what about you huh? I’ve only heard about your rendezvous through what people tag me in on twitter”

      I rolled on to my back again staring up at the ceiling “Ugh. I’ll just say it’s slim pickins in LA. I seriously feel like I’ve about dated everyone in Hollywood at this point. I’m just so bored with everyone there, Saige suggested we move to Manhattan for a while to get a change of scenery and…men”

      He let out another small laugh “Orrr

      “Or what?” I turned my head to face him.

      “Or you could come move here and not only would have a complete change of scenery but you’d get to be with me and also an entire new buffet of men to choose from” he wiggled his eyebrows “Ya know” he cleared his throat “I happen to know one or two, single, billionaire musical geniuses that–”

      “Ha-ha very funny” I interjected “don’t even go there Tim”

      “Oh come on Alex!” he put a hand on my shoulder “You’re gonna see him this weekend anyway, why prolong the inevitable?!”

      I brushed his hand off my shoulder.

      “Okay, okay I take it you’re still mad at me about me not telling you that he was coming until you were on your flight over here, but what was I supposed to do? If i had told you earlier you would have either A) not come at all or B) run out of the airport and go AWOL again!” he scrunched up his eyebrows.

      I took and deep breath and looked away from him.

      “And I couldn’t just not invite him when all of the other guys were going to be there, that would have looked super shady on my part. Besides I know you two have your issues, that you still refuse to tell anyone why you guys broke up about in the first place, but he’s also a homie”

      I turned back to glare at him “Okay well then why don’t you marry him then if he such a good homie?”

      “Very mature” he stuck out his tongue “look you and I both know I love you more than anyone in the entire universe, but you also gotta understand he and I are still cool. He’s also one of the biggest musical influences here and I’d really rather not get on his shit list”

      “Are you just doing this because you want me to talk to him?” I raised an eyebrow “What about girl code? If I hate someone you hate them right back, you don’t just hang out with them like it’s nothing and twiddle your thumbs up each other’s asses!”

      “First off, ouch how dare you say I broke girl code ” he pretended to act hurt “And secondly, I didn’t just do this because I wanted you two to talk…well actually that’s partially it…but that’s not the point! What matters is that we all enjoy ourselves this weekend and celebrate not only my day of birth but also my first album finally dropping; all while making sure it is completely drama free for everyone involved” he smiled.

      I crossed my arms and let out a big sigh.

      “Besides, I think after last night you don’t need anymore drama to be broadcasted out for the world to see”

      I sat up quickly “W-what do you mean?”

      “Oh, you haven’t seen?” he sat up with a concerned look on his face “Well ummm…here let me show you”

      ‘Oh God, Saige was right why didn’t my drunk ass just listen to her?!’ I thought to myself. ‘Oh man she really is gonna kick my ass when she sees me…’

      Tim, taking out his phone pulled up some news article that held embarrassing pictures of my drunk self with some guy. Thankfully most all of them were grainy and the pictures were kind of dark, all except for one.

      “What.the.f–” I let out a blood curdling scream.

      “Hyung, don’t get me wrong I just don’t think this is a good idea” Seungri tried for the thousandth time to pull Young-Bae back by his arm.
      “I already told you, we at least have to make sure he’s alive” Young-Bae said undeterred by the maknae’s actions “What are you so afraid of?”
      “And I already told you, if Ji-Yong Hyung is even possible of being conscious he is going to be pissed that we woke him up just to see if he’s still living and have us maimed!” the younger man pulled on his Hyung’s shoulder.

      The older man simply smiled “Not me”

      “Oh must be nice being the golden star best friend! In case you haven’t noticed, Ji-Yong Hyung loves to show me gestures of his affection by inflicting nothing but pain on me and therefore gaining some kind of sick pleasure from hurting me!”

      The older man stopped in his tracks causing the maknae to slightly bump into him “Seungri we’ve all been friends for longer than ten years, don’t you think if he actually wanted you dead he would have done it by now?” he smiled and continued walking.

      Seungri stuck in the spot that he stood thought before he spoke “You know that’s not actually very reassuring!” he called after his Hyung.

      Young-Bae now at the end of the hallway shot Seungri another smile but this one evoking an eye smile along with it. The maknae picked up his pace and swifty jogged to the older man’s position. Both now staring down the door to Ji-Yong’s condo they both were thinking about the repercussions of actually waking the dragon. Young-Bae not wanting to take the first blow pushed the younger man in front of him.

      “Well go ahead, knock on the door” he gestured with his hand.

      Seungri dramatically pointed to himself “Me? You want me to knock on the door?”

      The older man nodded.

      “Hyung were you not listening to anything I was saying back there?” he stared at Young-bae incredulously “Wow. you all must really want me out of BigBang, well it was nice knowing you”

      “Yah” the older man smacked him behind the head “Don’t be so melodramatic and knock on the door would you? And besides we can’t afford to lose you. You’re too important”

      The younger man rubbed the back of his head “Wah. do you mean that Hyung?”

      “Yea if we lose you then who else are we going to pick on? Dae-Sung? Not on your life” he said with a smug smile on his face.

      The maknae looked to the heavens and closed his eyes, cursing at his Hyungs in his head; the only place he was safe to do so.

      “Yah!” another smack to the back of the head “Quit being a dick in your thoughts and knock on the damn door!”

      Seungri went wide eyed; guess he wasn’t so safe in his own mind after all. He shakily raised his fist in the air toward the ever menacing black door. What laid beyond that threshold could either be a nice Ji-Yong welcoming them into his home or the actual Ji-Yong who was going to rip Seungri a new one for waking him. The maknae took a deep breath before he gave three small knocks.

      “Hyung?” he whispered.

      Young-Bae side eyed him “What human being in your right mind is going to be able to hear that?” The older man grabbed a hold of the maknae’s fist and raised it to pound on the door.

      “No, Hyung wait!”

      With not even a full knock, the door swung wide open. As if it were some cartoon, the two stuck both their heads over the threshold and looked inside.

      “Hello?” they said in unison.

      The two stood up straight and began to walk over the threshold at the same time only to get halted by squashing into each other. The older man glared at the maknae and shoved his shoulder to get by. Seungri merely rubbed his shoulder and closed the door behind him. Looking around the living room gave no impression of anyone actually living there, everything was perfectly in its place making it look like it was some kind of eerie museum.
      “Ji-Yong-ah?” Young-Bae called out peeking into every doorway.
      Seungri having already accepted his fate decided to go rifle around his Hyung’s things in his living room; picking up a sculpture here, touching a nicknack there, leaving fingerprints on his vinyl records…whoops, breaking off a piece of said sculpture.
      “Yah” Young-Bae called out to him.
      The maknae quickly put down the abstract sculpture and shoved the broken piece behind some books on the bookshelf. He looked to his Hyung who was whispering ‘he’s in there’ and pointing to the door that was left ajar.
Again as if the two were in some Scooby-Doo cartoon, they carefully tiptoed into the sleeping man’s room. There sprawled out all over the bed, with half of the sheets and comforter dangling off the bed, was the sleeping form of their best friend. With his mouth parted and a slight trail of drool coming out of his mouth Ji-Yong let out a loud snore that startled the maknae causing him to step back onto a squeaky cat toy; Young-Bae slapped him on his shoulder.
      “Yah! Are you trying to to get us killed?!” he whispered loudly.
      “I thought you said you had nothing to worry about!” Seungri loudly whispered back.
      “I don’t! I’m just worried about you” the two of them continued their whisper argument only to be startled again.
      “Yah! If you two are done pretending like I can’t hear you, you can both kindly get the fuck out” Ji-Yong lifted his head up sleepily.
      “Sorry” the other two said in unison.
      “What do you even want at this hour?” he said plopping his head back into his sea of pillows and tangled bed sheets.
      “It’s three in the afternoon” they said again in unison.
      Ji-Yong dazedly lifted his head again looking toward his window “No it’s not there’s no sun”
      Walking to the window Young-Bae pulled the curtains back “that’s because you live like a vampire and have black out curtains “
      “Yah!” Ji-Yong struggled to bury himself under his sheets “What are you trying to kill me?!”
      “Ok enough” the dreaded man walked to his bedside “we dealt with your drunk ass last night, it’s all been fun and games but now it’s time to wake the fuck up” he pulled him by the only foot that was sticking out of the covers.
      Ji-Yong clawing at his bed like a cat protested.
      “Come on man just get up!”
      “Do we have a photoshoot?” he asked in a muffled voice with his face firmly planted onto the mattress.
      “Music video shoot?”
      “An interview?”


      “A record to write?”

      “No, Ji-Yong why–”
      “Then I have no good reason be even be conscious” he said taking his foot back “
      “Seriously man come on, Seungri and I–”
      “Seungri?” Ji-Yong quickly lifted his head and snapped it in in their direction.
      “Yea Seungri, who the hell else did you think I was arguing with?”
      “I don’t know Young-Bae, I’ve stopped questioning the voices”
      The other two glanced at each other raising an eyebrow.
      The dazed man rubbed his face with his hand “Ok I’ll bite, why the fuck are you here?”
      “Because you can’t keep living like this! I hardly get to see you when we’re not on tour or doing some kind of press junket or variety show, even then we pretend like everything is all ok when it’s not. All you do is drink yourself stupid, complain while you’re drunk, smoke so much that I swear one of these days you’re going to need an iron lung support or something!  It’s like the Kwon Ji-Yong I grew up with doesn’t even exist anymore!”
      Ji-Yong pursed his lips “Tsk. What are you my girlfriend all of a sudden? Get in line you’re not the only one who noticed. Any other complaints or can I just go back to sleep?”
      The dreaded man let out a heavy sigh “Pfft. yea right we’d all know where that would go real fast…” he said under his breath.
      “What was that?” he threw off the covers hopping off the bed and walking to square up to his best friend.
      Seungri, having been silent the entire time, noticed this was going to take a turn for the worse and intervened before any fists went flying.
      “Ji-Yong Hyung”
      He turned to glare at him.
      “Young-bae Hyung” he held up his hands between the two “Why don’t we just go to the kitchen and get some food and some coffee in you guys huh? We can eat a little, talk a little…not using harsh words…and just get rid of the bad energy from last night”
      The two older men glanced at each other “fine..” they said in unison and headed out toward the kitchen.
      “Hey Hyung” the maknae trailing behind the two spoke up again “Don’t you wanna maybe change out of your clothes from last night?”
      Ji-Yong stopped in his tracks to glare at him.
      Along the way Ji-Yong stopped to boot up his laptop that was sitting on the kitchen island then made a b-line for the coffee maker and his pack of cigarettes. Young-Bae simply leaned against the furthest wall and looked down at his feet, still fuming about his little spat with his best friend. Seungri, even in everyday situations, made his way into the kitchen last. He caught a glimpse of his Hyung’s laptop screen and immediately stopped mid-step.
      Ji-Yong raised an eyebrow “what did some porn pop up or something?” he asked lighting his cigarette
      “N-no. just a picture of” he cleared his throat “Kim Tae-Hee popped up” he gave a weak smile.

      The older man gave him a questioning look “Ahh ok?” and turned to ash his cigarette in the ashtray before him. His fingers slightly trembling from the actions of the previous night caused him to accidentally drop his cigarette into the sink.
      “Aish!” he hollered as he threw his now soggy cigarette into the bin and turned away from the other two to light another one.
      The maknae, wide eyed, looked to his other Hyung as a plea for help. Trying to subtly beg the dreaded man with his eyes that he needed him to distract Ji-Yong while he closes out of the webpage on the laptop’s screen; needless to say his actions were lost in translation. Young-Bae not understanding what the younger man was trying to tell him raised an eyebrow and mouthed ‘what?’, Seungri balled his fists in silent frustration and turned the screen toward his oblivious Hyung and emphatically pointed to the news article that blatantly held pictures of ‘DO NOT CALL HER’ in the arms of a man that wasn’t Ji-Yong and at the same exact club they were at the night before no less! Young-Bae went wide eyed and quickly dashed in the direction of the unsuspecting man before he could turn back around; he put his arm around his shoulder. Ji-Yong feeling suspicious about his two friend’s actions wasn’t sure what to think; truthfully he didn’t want to think at all he’d much rather be back in bed ignoring everyone.
      The maknae glanced as his two Hyungs talked it out and as Young-Bae took it upon himself to have a death grip on Ji-Yong’s shoulder forcing him to look out the window as he poetically described the meaning of their friendship to him. Seungri acting quickly turned the laptop back toward him and carefully closed the article but not before looking at all the pictures and reading the headline. ‘Alexandra McMahon Out Partying in Seoul With Mystery Man: Keep reading for pictures below’. Oh shit he was really going to be in trouble now.

The strongest Talon: part 3

A scream woke up everyone in the manor. Immediately, they all were running to their sister y/n’s room. You had been having nonstop nightmares ever since the night you had come home.

Damian was the first to reach your room since his was the closest. He threw the door open and ran to where you were writhing on the bed. Tears were streaming down your face and your pain filled cries broke his heart.

“Y/n! Y/n come on, it’s just a dream! Wake up please! Please, al'ukht alkubraa!(big sister in Arabic)” Damian pleaded. His brothers entered the room and Dick came forward.

He grabbed your hand and tried to wrap his arms around you, but your eyes shot open. Before anyone knew what was happening, you had broken his grip and wrapped your hands around his throat. Tim was yelling and trying to help Damian get you off of their older brother when you finally came to your senses.

You let go of him and backed away from your family until your back was against the wall. You had a hand over your mouth to stifle your sobbing and you sank to your knees.

“I’m sorry, Dick. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t know what was going on or where I was and my body took over. I-I know that’s not a good excuse but…” You trailed off as another choking sob reverberated through your body.

Your father moved towards you and tried to put his hand on your arm to calm you down. You flinched away and growled at him.

“Don’t touch me!” You cried as you backed farther into your corner. Your brothers watched you and they felt small holes being actively punched in their hearts. It hurt to see you like this so scared and afraid.

It hurt even worse that you were so afraid of them.

They all started to leave the room as they noticed your shaking begin to stop. Dick slowly walked towards you and sat down next to you.

“Is it okay if I hug you, little bat?” He asked quietly. You sniffled and looks at him.

“A-aren’t you mad at me? I t-tried to kill you.” You whispered. He shook his head as he put an arm on your shoulders.

“You were having a nightmare and your instincts took over when you thought that you were getting attacked. It’s perfectly natural. Jason must’ve done the same thing to me about fifty times now.”

"I-I remember the first time I saw him having a nightmare. When I tried to wake him up, he flinched and backhanded me into the wall.”

Dick laughed a little at your story. “I remember that. Then Alfred had to patch you up and we both got the lecture to be careful with you. You were so little back then.”

"And you were always so happy. You always cheered me up when I was sad.” You smiled up at your brother. He grinned a little and slowly drew you in for a hug.

You rested against him for a while, struggling to keep your eyes open. All the nights that you hadn’t slept after your nightmares were catching up on you.

"Go to sleep, little bat. You need it.” Dick whispered. You shook your head.

"I-I can’t. Every Time I close my eyes, I see them. They’re always there, hurting me and laughing.” You said. Dick kissed your forehead before picking you up.

"I’ll stay with you y/n. I’ll fight the nightmares off.” He said.

"Dick, you can’t exactly fight nightmares. They’re just terrors from your subconscious. And my subconscious just wants to torture me.” You muttered as he placed the covers over your small frame.

"There’s only one way to find out.” He whispered. Your head hit the pillow and the exhaustion of the last few days took over. Dick shook his head slightly as you drifted off to sleep.


When you woke up in the morning, no one was there. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. You looked at your nightstand and saw a bowl of cereal that Dick had left for you. Smiling slightly, you began to dig in.

A knock on the door had you shooting out of bed. You saw Jason in your doorway, watching you with a smile on his face.

“B told me to tell you that they’re all going to be gone today. Demon spawn has school, and the rest of them have jobs they need to be at. Alfred left earlier to visit some relatives in central city.” He said.

“Then why’re you here? Does dad really think that I need a babysitter?” You said. He shrugged.

“Nah, I’m technically dead which means that I don’t have a job. Perks of being a zombie, I guess. I figured you might want to spar a little if you’re feeling up to it.” He said. You looked down at your feet.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jay. I don’t want to risk anything, especially since the chip the court installed is still inside me. What if it didn’t break and they’re just biding their time? Something bad could happen and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Jason laughed a little. “Well, we can sit around here all day and complain about the others or we can get something done and catch up a little. You might not’ve missed me, but I sure as hell missed you.”

You thought it over a little in your head, weighing the pros and cons. You figured it couldn’t go too badly.

“Sure, why not?” You grinned.

A/n: So how is it so far? I’m going with an idea that Icosplay4u gave to me, where basically each chapter is the boys bonding with the reader and helping her get to normal. Then she’ll drop the big bombshell.