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Tim Drake finally returns from his imprisonment and Dick’s first instinct is to wrap him in the biggest hug ever. But Tim had been isolated in a cage for months with no human contact and at least some sensory deprivation. So Dick’s hugs which once made him feel warm and safe and wanted and all those squishy happy feelings, just make him feel overwhelmed and trapped. He can’t help flinching as soon as someone touches him and even though being hugged used to be comforting, now it just makes his chest tighten with panic and his skin crawl and his head pound as he tries to cope with all the heightened sensory input. And all he wants is to relax in his brother’s arms and revel in the feeling of blessed human touch after being alone for so long but he just can’t and he hates it.


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BONUS Maskless Tim (becaues his eyes are just too pretty)

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Tim’s first Father’s Day

Tim bought Bruce an expensive personalized watch for Fathers Day

Tim had been SO BUSY but he still put so much time and effort into getting Bruce a nice gift

Tim planned to make Bruce Dinner!


Tim got caught up in some trouble and hadn’t come home yet

Bruce worried about Tim!!

Bruce being a GOOD DAD

[Robin (1993) #163]

Together (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request from: Anonymous
Prompt: “Well this isn’t like High School musical at all.”
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Sorry this is so late! I’m starting to feel a bit better about everything that’s going on, and I hope this was worth the wait!

You felt like screaming, crying, and curling up in a ball of death, all at the same time. You stayed up all night trying to finish up an assignment, which apparently lead to you sleeping in through your alarms, and caused your current predicament. Scrambling to get dressed, gather up your things, and book it out the door.

“Fucking shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” You ramble, ripping your couch apart in hopes to find your keys. “I don’t have time for this!”

Your phone begins to go off, and with a distressed groan, you pick it up and hit answer at the same time. “What?!”

There’s a moment of silence before a familiar voice speaks through, “Um, is this a bad time?”

“Sorry, Tim, I don’t mean to snap. I just woke up really late and I can’t find my keys and if I don’t leave now I’m going to be late and-”

“Well, that’s kind of why I called.”

You blink a few times in bewilderment, and your pause urges Tim to go on.

“I’m near your place and I wanted to know if you needed a ride to school,” He states, the calmness to his voice contagious in a way that makes your stress begin to ease.

You sigh heavily in relief. “That would be amazing, Timmy. Thank you.”

“No problem, I’ll be there in a minute then. See you soon.”

With a click, the call is ended and your whole body seems to sag in pure bliss. You’re not sure what you’d do without Timothy Drake- probably have a heart attack due to stress or something. In a more calm fashion, you sling your bag over your shoulder and fix your hair to look at least decent before heading out the front door. As promised, the coffee addict pulls up into the driveway not a second too late.

“You’re a lifesaver, Tim!” You beam, opening the passenger door and sliding into the seat.

“I aim to please,” He smiles, and then the two of you are off.

Much to your delight, you make it just in time to skid into your classroom. It’s an exhausting hour of class, and you find yourself constantly glancing at the clock in hopes it will somehow magically end if you stare hard enough at it.

It’s when you have only five more minutes that your teacher announces you have five different assignments to do before class tomorrow, and your quiet sounds of distress do nothing to divert them. It seems as though the school decided to add on to the living hell that it is, and the process repeats itself. The next class you get four more assignments, the next six more assignments, and just before lunch you get- surprise!- five more assignments.

With your lunch in hand, you track down Tim, plop down next to him, drop your head onto his shoulder, and whine dramatically. He hums in response, very clearly amused, and places his own head atop yours.

After more sounds of annoyance and irritation from you, he finally seems to accept that you’re not going to be the first to use words. With a chuckle he isn’t able to prevent, he simply states: “Yes, Y/N?”

“This place is hell.”

He makes a sound of acknowledgement and waits for you to continue.

“I already have 20 assignments I have to do tomorrow, and I’m not even done with today! Which means I’m probably going to get more!

In a bemused and sarcastic tone, the black haired male responds, “Well this isn’t like High School musical at all.”

“I know! It sucks!” You exclaim, throwing your arms up before promptly dropping them back to your sides. Returning your head back to his shoulder you mutter: “It’s fuckin’ bullshit.”

He laughs, which is a sound that you can’t not smile at, and a small, content sigh escapes past your lips when you feel him press a kiss to the top of your head. “It will be okay. We’ll do the assignments together- I’ll even do your homework for you if you want.”

“Timothy Drake, the good boy- the nerd- the innocent one, dares to cheat for his lover.”

Another laugh is the only response you receive, one that keeps your heart warm, and your head clear. There isn’t a doubt in your mind that his words are true. It was going to be okay, because he was here and you both were going to get through it. Together.

Tim is always cold

No matter what season it is or how many layers he’s wearing, Tim is always a few degrees colder than everyone around him. Nobody knows if it’s because he’s so skinny, because he no longer has a spleen, or because he’s just naturally like that, but no matter the cause, his family always does whatever they can to keep him warm. 

This means warm hugs from Dick whenever he’s in close enough proximity. This means Jason lending his little bro his too big leather jacket when they’re out on a mission and he can see Tim shivering. This means enduring itchy knitted mittens and scarves from Barbara but wearing them anyway because it makes her happy and besides, they do actually make him feel much warmer. This means hot tea and soup from Alfred whenever he needs it, because that old man has unrivalled butler instincts and the talent to provide them before Tim even has to ask. This means Stephanie buying dozens of fluffy blankets so Tim always has enough when they go to bed, and also having the perfect excuse to cuddle with him all night.  


Cold Tim being cared for by his concerned family 

Being Batman's step daughter and new Robin

•He wasn’t used to the sassy attitude you would give him when he brought ladies home.

•Usually the boys would go upstairs and stay quiet.

•But you stood your ground showing that you were a Wayne and she was only a visitor.

•You always wondered why all those ladies loved your Dad.

•You stressed education and used your last name for a good cause.

•"Dad she had like 10% of clothing on her.“

•"She’s a model Y/N.”

•"You should be posing with scientists not super models!“

•He’s hoping you already got the ‘boy talk’.

•Makes Dick explain it to you.

•You talked to him like he was your son.

•"Who’s bright idea was it to jump down into a pile of spears?”
•As you were patching him up.

•He never would admit it, but you got him out of some stupid decisions.

•"Great idea Dad! Lets just burst into A FULLY ARMED ROOM and hope for the best!“

•You had the most spunk as a Robin.

•Like Dick, but 10x more happy.

•"Don’t smile while interrogating.”

•Batman had to get you a mask so you would stop looking so happy while beating up criminals.

•Always asked to drive the batmobile.

•Never got to.

•"Should we get a dog?“

•"A dog?”

•"Yeah! We’ll call him Bat Dog.“

•He sometimes asks you about women.

•You give him your honest opinion about every women he asks about.

•You get worried on who your Dad is in a romance with.

•"Don’t go around kissing people Batman.”

•"When did I ever do that?“

•A big list of names followed right after.

•If Bruce was to every get into a relationship you would have to approve it.

•He’s slightly more protective over you and thinks you won’t be able to do certain things.

•You always prove him wrong and it surprises him.

•In the end he truly loves you and wants what’s best for you.

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"The amount of alcohol I’d need to drink to make me forget about this would literally kill me" Bruce and Tim?

Missions in the profession of vigilantism were of a variety of types; there were the normal ones, the dangerous ones, and the straight out weird ones. This definitely fell under the category of weird. Tim had gone undercover in the Russian gang organizations before but he had never had to sit in on a game of strip poker while his adoptive father sat next to him while both of them attempted not to pay attention to the rather repulsive actions of this particular gang. ‘It’s for the greater good. It’s for the greater good.’ Tim could only repeat this mantra in his head so that he wouldn’t visibly show his discomfort. There was nothing better than when the police arrived and took down the ring but the image of the vile game of poker was seared into his retinas. Someone cleared their throat next to him, causing him to turn and face them, finding that it was Bruce who was vaguely pale and had a grimace on his face. Tim started to say something but found that words failed him and an uncomfortable silence suffocated the room. “The amount of alcohol I’d need to drink to make me forget about this would literally kill me.” Bruce’s deadpan words sank into the near tangible air of the room and Tim let out a short laugh. It was rare that Bruce would try to make light of anything, much less a mission. “You don’t happen to have any that I could have to wipe this out of my mind, do you?” Bruce shot Tim a stern glance “You’re underage. No alcohol for you kiddo.” Tim frowned “Well technically I can drink in Europe.” “Well we’re not-” “Do you want to finish that sentence? Because I’m pretty sure we’re in Russia which is sort of a part of Eurasia which has Europe in it. So I’m right.” Bruce gave Tim a glare that bordered on being frightening but it was softened by the mirthful amusement in his eyes “Sometimes your intelligence is infuriating.” Their banter had thankfully lessened the tension that had before pervaded the room they sat in and finally they were once more comfortable, or as comfortable as one could be in this situation.

Batman: The tennis team? I don’t think it’s a good idea, Tim.

Robin: I’ve never done an extracurricular activity before, Bruce… I know you’re worried it’ll take away from my “Robin time,” but–

Batman: That’s part of it, sure, but there are other, practical, considerations. To join a sports team, you’ll have to take a physical.

Robin: It’s not like I won’t pass.

Batman: It’s not that. You’ve broken bones, Tim. Lots of them. All of that will show up. Excuses won’t cover them. It’ll raise too many red flags.

Robin: You’re dismissing the idea out of hand. We can think our way around any problem. We just have to figure it out.

Batman: Tim, it’s flattering you were asked. I get that. But this life comes with sacrifices, and this might be one of those things that get sacrificed.

Robin: I think if you wanted me to do this, you’d help me find a way. I wonder if maybe you’re not worried…that I’ll find something I enjoy more than I like being Robin?

–Tim Drake with Bruce Wayne (Robin #164 – Making the Band)

Headcanon: Being Tim’s Best Friend then Starting to Date

Anon requested: “Hc of being Tim’s best friend and then starting to date??”

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  • Tbh everyone saw it coming
  • You two really acted like a couple already so it was no surprise when you got together
  • You both had feelings for each other for ages but never acted upon it in fear of ruining the friendship
  • You already knew all his secrets and he knew yours
  • After getting into a relationship, not much changed but there was certainly more intimacy
  • “I had to stop myself for ages, let me hold you.”
  • You and him know exactly what to give each other
  • Dates are always perfect because you two know each other so well
  • Tim’s not a fan of PDA but he’ll do small things such as hold your hand or give you a chaste kiss before leaving, making you blush
  • LOTS of teasing from his family
  • Being comfortable with each other because you two already know each other better than you know yourselves

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How does Damian view Steph's time as Robin? Has anyone told him?

Damian didn’t know about it until one day when he said something about being the fourth Robin. Tim looked at him blankly and said “Fifth.” Damian demanded to know what he was talking about; if he’s the fifth Robin than who is the fourth, and why has Damian never heard of him? 

“Her,” Tim said. “The fourth Robin was a her.”

“Who was she, then?” Damian demands, but he has a feeling he already knows. 

“Steph, of course,” Tim says, then he walks away and leaves Damian alone in the cave. 

Damian has to find out the rest for himself, and he looks it up on the computer and then when he doesn’t find sufficient information, tries to ask Bruce. Bruce blinks slowly and tells him he doesn’t like to think about it, which outrages Damian. Why should Stephanie be less worthy than the rest of Damain’s pathetic brothers?

This, of course, must be solved the only way Damian knows how: a kidnapping. 

He kidnaps Steph in her pajamas at four in the morning when she went to go to the bathroom. She’s tied up on the roof of her apartment building and Damian walks around her. She’s wary but not afraid, which is infuriating but doesn’t matter. 

“Tell me about Robin,” he says, and she grins, sarcastic. 

“Well, once upon a time, in a circus–”

“Not like that!” he snaps. “I know all that. Tell me about the fourth Robin. About you Robin.” 

“Oh,” she says, her eyes wide. “Well. It started, I guess, when Tim quit being Robin.”

“When Drake what?” 

“He quit,” she says, and she smiles. Damian suspects she’s laughing at him. “He quit because his dad found out, and then I made my own Robin costume and broke into the Batcave.”

“And that worked?” 

“Yeah. Course, it was all a ploy to get Tim back. But it was the best time of my life.” She sighs. 

“How–how did it end?” Damian asks, almost afraid of the answer. 

“He fired me,” she says, and laughs, humorless. “He fired me for disobeying one order–and saving his life. He fired me and I died.”


“I stole a plan, one of Bruce’s. I stole it I didn’t know–about Matches. So I died, trying to prove myself to him. And then–he told Cass to give the Batgirl mantle to me. So maybe it worked.”

“Oh,” Damian says. “That’s why he doesn’t like to talk about it. He’s ashamed.” Steph looks at him oddly. 

“If you say so,” she says, then she stands up, the ropes falling away. She’s escaped Damian’s knots. He’s impressed, then he remembers she was Robin. Of course she can untie a knot. She hands him the rope. 

“Was that all?” 

“Yes,” he says, staring at the robes in his hands. Steph ruffles his hair, and she jumps off the roof. It’s okay, though–her balcony is on the top floor. 

Damian sits down. He has to think. 

Her being Robin–why is it erased? Why is it the family’s secret shame? Why has Father not adopted her? Why, why, why?

Damian wonders if it’s because she’s a girl. No, that doesn’t make sense. 

He doesn’t think anyone will tell him the full extent of what happened during her time as Robin–but that’s okay. He’s the son of the world’s greatest detective. He’ll figure it out. 

And when he does, he’ll know why nobody ever told him. He’s sure of it. 

lets talk about moonbounce

5 Things That Never Happened to Stephanie Brown

When Stephanie Brown put on the Robin suit that Batman gave for the first time, it felt so good. The smell of fresh kevlar, the stiffness of something not yet worn, the knowledge that this was hers and hers only.

And when she’s flitting from building to building, flipping in the places were others have been before, the Robin suit has never felt more right.

When Batman first placed his hand onto her shoulder and told her “Good job” after her first successful night out, Stephanie felt above the world.

And when the first civilian she saves beams at her and says, “Thank you Robin!” she feels warm to the core.

When she’s Spoiler and he’s Robin and they’re out patrolling together, swinging past buildings and kissing on rooftops, she feels ecstatic. When she’s Robin and he’s Tim Drake and she sneaks into his room and she gets to kiss him while looking into his beautiful blue eyes, she thinks she can live with it.

And when she’s Batgirl and he’s Red Robin and they move together with an ease that others would be jealous of, it only feels right that she reaches up and he leans down and they meet in the middle.

When her dad comes back home with the happiest look on his face and announces that he booked Bruce Wayne for his show, Stephanie and her mom jump up to congratulate him. And when he says that he can bring her onto set and introduce her to him, she thinks she has never felt happier in her life.

And when she’s finally on set, she finds that her eyes aren’t on Bruce Wayne but the younger boy following him in, who is totally her type. She thinks her heart melts when he smiles at her and introduces himself as Tim Drake.

When Dr. Stephanie Brown finds Red Robin bleeding out on her door step, she rolls her eyes and pulls out her kit, already used to the common occurrence. She silently stitches him up, and leaves some pain meds waiting for him.

And if she lingers slightly to brush his hair out of his face and her eyes stare a little too long, well, that’s nothing.

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Who are the Bat kids celebs crushes??


His woman crush: Ciara / His man crush: Zac Efron (he watched HSM when he was younger & he still holds a candle for him)


Her woman crush: Christina Hendricks / Her man crush: Young Leonardo DiCaprio (Specifically the one from Titanic)


His woman crush: Rihanna (He likes someone with edginess to them) / His man crush: Zayn Malik


His woman crush: Daisy Ridley (he’s a Star Wars nerd after all) / His man crush: Ryan Potter (You know why)


Her woman crush: Beyonce (Lets be honest all the Batkids have a crush on her/ Her man crush: Nick Jonas (She might not admit it now but she used to be a big Jonas Brothers fan)


Her woman crush: Karen Fukuhara / Her man crush: Eugene Yang (She developed this crush from watching him on Buzzfeed)


His woman crush: Najwa Karam (And he was heartbroken when he found out she was over 50/ His man crush: Omar Borkan Al-Gala (Can’t blame him)


His woman crush: Zendaya (And he doesn’t care that she’s taller than him)/His man crush: Corbin Bleu (Same reason as Dick)