rating all the animated robins (part 2)

ok so this has the most notes out of any of my posts by far so I figured I’d make a sequel with all the robins i left out. Let’s begin!

Dick Grayson (The New Adventures of Batman)

What a good boy! He looks like a really sweet guy who I’d love to hang out with! i’m not a huge fan of this animation but damn this robin has a good Look! an adorable friend 7/10

50s Dick Grayson (The New Batman Adventures)

Wow oh wow take a look at this sweet and cheeky little boy! i just wanna pinch his tiny cheeks and pat him on the head! A loveable pun-loving child with quality hair 8/10

Carrie Kelly (The New Batman Adventures)

oh man I’ll never have enough of this girl! She just looks so cool in this animation style and she’s so courageous! And so skilled with that catapult! how can you possibly dislike her??? Batman is lucky to have her as his sidekick 10/10

Dick Grayson (The New Batman Adventures)

A pointy boi! Compared to the BTAS version he’s a lot spikier, maybe bc he has a lot more angst now. But i don’t care he’s still the frickin best!!!! i just… i just love dick grayson so muchh. So so much! this guy is just the best! And man oh man does he have amazing hair! my fave angsty teenage son 50/10

Tim Drake (Static Shock)

Tim. Timmy. Timbo. Timothy. What have you done wITH YOUR HAIR??? I just..i can’t…his hair in tnba was so perfect and now it’s … a mess. He’s such a disaster child i would literally die for him. I can’t even be mad at his poor fashion choices because he is so pure and his smile warms my heart 99/10

Young Dick Grayson (Batman: The Brave and The Bold)

HOLY MCFUCKIN SHIT this robin is so so so cute!!!! If he hadn’t already been adopted by batman I would adopt him on the spot! just look at his tiny face and his startled pose I have never even watched this show but I. Would. Die for him. the sweetest most pure child I have ever seen 100/10

Old-fashioned Dick Grayson (Batman: The Brave and The Bold)

oh wow look at this sassy classic guy! He looks like he’s having such a nice time! He’s not as cute as some of the other robins but I like him quite a lot 6/10

Bat-manga Robin (Batman: The Brave and The Bold)

honestly the main thing I’ve learned from making this post is that BTBATB was wild. like god damn why are they so many different robins? Anyway, this guy is pretty cool and i’m feeling the muted colour palette. He’s a cute birb with rlly cute hair 7/10

Jason Todd (Young Justice)

now this robin just looks like The Coolest! ngl i’d love to see him in the new season in like a flashback or something because dangggg!! He has such a good design especially the hair and it seems to suit jason really well. the most tragic robin with the most beautiful hair 11/10

Old-fashioned Dick Grayson (Teen Titans Go)

oh my god would you look at that hair???? and that smile??? and I can’t even tell if he’s meant to be wearing glasses or a mask but i don’t care! he’s so precious 8/10

Tim Drake (Teen Titans Go)

ah the long sordid tale of tim drake being a fashion disaster continued. Here we have an edgy guy. A cool dude. A gritty boi. He looks so Dramatic. i will literally pay to give him a haircut. a grumpy boi with the world’s most regrettable emo haircut 8/10

Carrie Kelly (Teen Titans Go)

awwwww look at this sweet lil girl! look at all that Attitude she has. She’s got her iconic catapult and lovely hair and distinctive shades. She’s such an icon i will love her forever 9/10

Old Jason Todd (Batman: Under the Red Hood)

My god he’s an even edgier boi than TTG Tim! Look at his stupid cranky lil face! ANd on a sidenote his costume is excellent! man oh man do i love jason in this filmmmm!! A beautiful rebellious boy i just want to give him a hug 10/10

Damian Wayne (Batman Unlimited)

The sassiest of boys! I love this design even if he looks way too tall for damian. Dami should be smol dammit!! But I can’t be too angry because this robin is just so darn cute! And his hair is just…goals! A cute lil snarky son 9/10

Dick Grayson (DC Super Friends)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS RAY OF SUNSHINE!!! He looks so happy and innocent and every time I look at his tiny joyful little face i feel replenished! My skin is clear and all my problems have gone away! I would die for this child 20/10

  • Damian: [to the group message] Mission accomplished, Drake has met the target and phase two has been initiated. Returning to base.
  • Jason: [to the group message] What...
  • Damian: [to the group message] His date! You really need to read your mission briefs, Todd.
  • Dick: [to the group message] Was he excited?
  • Damian: [to the group message] He threw up
  • Jason: [to the group message] Damian read this mission brief: Fuck you.
  • Jason: [to the group message] Eww
  • Damian: [to the group message] I was on the other side of the street. Saw the whole thing. It wasn't pretty.
  • Dick: [to the group message] ..please tell me you're joking
  • Damian: [to the group message] She left with him anyway.
  • Damian: [to the group message] Yea I am


I don’t know why, but somehow in my mind I feel like Tim can sing like Shikara. Like, the batfamily found out during a rare family bonding night or something and then during one of Dicks snapchats or something he dares Tim to sing something by Shikara and now the internet is freaking out because who knew this boy could sing?! So they have like a series going of the batboys hiding and Tim singing and they film random people in public’s reactions.


Ayyye I got around to making a video for all of the Bat Family’s outfits!!  ♡ 

The post where I first showed off these new Sims was something you guys really seemed to like!! So if you want to see more of their outfits/how they look - here ya go. :)

Write for 365: Day 109

Plague of the Night Part One

Twinkling fairy lights strung around the rooftop reflected off the calm surface of the pool below them. After testing the water with a hand, he took a seat at the edge of the pool and let his legs swirl around in the cool liquid. A strong breeze blew his hair around his head probably causing it to tangle into horrendous knots. With a heavy sigh, he pushed the pieces in his face over his shoulder.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

While he rolled his eyes, Tim tipped his head back to look at the god standing over him with a smirk on his face. “That should be my line. Shouldn’t you be on the other side of the world right now?”

“You know that’s not how it works.”

“I can dream.”

“Ouch. That hurts, Timmy. I thought we had an enjoyable time the other night.”

“Guess that means you didn’t think too hard about it.”

“Wow.” Legs slipped around his and a firm back pressed against his chest as arms wrapped around his waist. “Really feeling the love. What are you doing here? Dick said you didn’t show up to the party last night.”

“I didn’t feel like going.”

“You’ve been down lately.”

“Have not.”

A kiss pressed against his temple for a few seconds, then a couple more along the side of his face to his neck. “Do you feel it?”

“Yes. There’s something spreading and it getting harder to hold it back. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it much longer.”

“You should tell them. They’ll be able to help you.”

“This is my job. What good am I if I can’t even do my job?”

“No one would think any less of you. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you.”

“It won’t.” Tim rested his hands over Jason’s and gave his fingers a firm squeeze. “If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll let Bruce know what’s going on.”

“I wish I could help you.”

“You do. Being here helps.”

They fell into silence letting the noise from the street below and the sound of bird and bugs invade the bubble they’d created. Another breeze hit them as they stared at the slightly rippling water, but the heat radiating off Jason kept the chill from setting in. Tim hummed in appreciated and leaned further back into the solid chest at his back. One of the arms around his waist disappeared, while the other tightened.

“I wish I could help more.”

“Wishing won’t change anything. There’s no point in thinking that way. You’re doing what you can that’s what matters.”

A huff of laughter in his ear had Tim smiling before Jason said anything. “Always the voice of reason.”

“Someone has to be.”

“I can be reasonable. Surely you’ve heard things are clearer in the light of day.”

“It still baffles me how humans came up with those kinds of phrases. Anyone that knows you would laugh at that.”

“Rude, Timbo. This is why people fear the night. They don’t want to be insulted.”

“You can handle a few hits to the ego.” Tim turned his head to press a kiss against the sensitive spot on Jason’s throat and smiled when a shiver ran through the god. “It might even do you some good.”

“I think someone needs to cool off.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“Sorry. I can’t hear you over my massive ego telling me this is the best idea.”

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Write for 365 Collection

fandomanddenial  asked:

19, 24, 25, 29. However you want, but Robins are my favorites ;) ;)

Thank you for the prompts! Here is the first one, the others shall soon follow! Enjoy!

“This is ridiculous.” Steph continued flipping through Tim’s wallet. “A credit card,a credit card, and, oh look! Another credit card?! Tim, is this an AmEx black card!?!”

“Why don’t you say it a little louder?” Tim said dryly, not looking up from his phone screen. Steph was pretty sure it was a model that wouldn’t be released by WayneTech for sale for another year or so. “I’m sure the countless bystanders would have no interest in that bit of information.”

Steph gave him an unimpressed look. “Tim, your hoodie costs more than most of these people make in a year. The fact that the only cash you have on you is three hundreds isn’t going to be why you get mugged.” She returned to the wallet. “Seriously though, that you don’t have small bills is a crime. The coffee cart doesn’t take cards and there is no way they’ll have enough change for this.” 

Send me a prompt from the list and I’ll write you a drabble!

Tim Drake. Bart Allen.

Offices. Headlines. Scandals. 

327 words. 

It’s quite amusing to know that Tim has his own office in Wayne Tower. It’s even more amusing to know that said office has a secretary stationed outside and a personalized minibar stocked with cold brew coffee and sparkling water. 

“Must be a slow news day in Gotham,” Bart remarks. He leans back in his chair and reads the headline off his phone, “Tim Drake Wayne Is Sporting A Side Part & We’re Loving It. Do people really get paid to write this stuff?”

“It’s just a headline,” Tim says. He decides to focus more on rifling through his mail as opposed to his friend reading pointless articles. “Last week, someone published an article about what food truck I got lunch from.” 

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Gone|BatFam x Male Child Reader|The Spirit and Love of Christmas! - Special Chapter.

One year has passed since [Name] has being reunited with his Family and even though they knew that [Name] wasn’t completely shattered, they also knew that he was broken enough to have a everlasting change in character and life. His family accepted it, adapted to it and helped him with his needs, but they also had a small change in their characteristics.

It was a rather cold night, leaving a bitter taste to everyone who was still outside at such a late hour. The snow on the ground was almost on the over-knee level, making it hard to walk through it, without getting either frozen to death or drenched to the toes. It was probably one of the coldest Winter in Gotham’s History.

The Wayne Manor was shrouded in silence and, expect for a few night lamps, in darkness. All the residents were fast asleep and deep in the land of dreams or so it seems at least.

[Name] laid in the middle, between Bruce and Damian. Of course sometimes all his Siblings would lay in the bed with him or they would take turns through the week, which sometimes leaves Bruce more or less a bit angry. Small whimpers escaped through his lips, as he turned and tossed around. A heat wave crept through his Body, making him squirm in a uncomfortable manner. It became suddenly hard to breath, as if a invisible weight was placed onto his chest and crushed his lungs in a painfully slow way. Panic took over him, as memories of Isabella came flashing back, letting his breathing getting more and more wheezed. Till he almost stopped breathing at one point. [Name] bolted up, eyes wide open as he started into the darkness. He didn’t dared to blink, too afraid that Isabella would stand before him any minuet. Tears were running down his redden cheeks and it wasn’t long till he let a almost high-pitched cry out.

Bruce sat up quickly, turning on the Night lamp and picked [Name] up, holding him against his chest and tried his best to calm his Son down. Bruce heaved out of the bed, making his way towards the door. Damian stirred awake, asking groggily his Father if he needed help, but Bruce just told him to continue sleep.

It wasn’t the first time that it happend, nor would it be the last time. There wasn’t even one night, where [Name] wouldn’t wake up from his nightmares and wouldn’t stop crying for hours. Bruce walked into the Kitchen, clipped the light on and walked towards a Cabinet, which was labeled as “Everything [Name] needs 1” and of course that wasn’t the only labeled thing in the House. Dick and the others started it, when they had first witnessed one of [Name]’s breakdowns and it was a mess till they have finally found everything.

«Hey, hey, I’m here [Name]. Everything is alright, you’re safe.» Bruce spoke in a hushed whisper, as he prepared a Bottle of Lukewarm Chocolate milk with only one hand. He glanced toward the Kitchen Clock, 4:33 AM.

When Bruce has returned to the Bedroom he took a seat in the Armchair, placed [Name] on his lap and bounced him up and down for a bit, before giving him the Bottle. After the Bottle was finnish, Bruce would go back to Bed, laying [Name] in the middle again, turning on the Music Box for [Name] and draped his arm over his Sons, pulling them close.

It was the 20th of December, Christmas was just around the conner and the Manor inside was still not decorated for Christmas. Which was weird, because usually the whole Manor would be full with decorations since the 1st of December.

[Name] was still confused by the emptiness and blankness in the house, as he walked into the living with his Donald Duck plush. All his sibling were either sitting on the Couches or the Armchairs, they either watched TV or were occupied with something else. [Name] took place next to Jason and Cassandra, leaned against his Big Brother and tugged at his hand to get his attention.

«Jay-Jay! When are we gonna start decorating for Christmas? And we still haven’t started baking yet! Daddy also hasn’t called the others and non of you have helped me with writing the letter for Santa!» at this point, [Name] had climbed onto Jason’s lap, placing both of his hands against his Brothers cheeks and looked eagerly at him. Cassandra quickly pulled her Baby Brother against her Chest, hugging and cuddling him. She even switched the recent TV channel to the Movie playlist, choosing one of the endless Disney Movies. Just so that her Baby Brother would be distracted, she didn’t wanted to tell him about the plans they made, didn’t wanted to upset him on his second favourite Holiday. But Dick, not Jason, decided to be the today’s asshole.

«Hey Pumpink, there is something we wanted to tell you. We, expect for Damian, won’t be there for Christmas nor will be Aunt Kate and Co.» even though Dick spoke in a soft voice, he find it hard to tell his Baby Brother about it and Cassandra’s glare at him, wasn’t helping.

«Why won’t you be there on Christmas? We always celebrate Christmas together. I don’t get it.» the confusion was clearly visible on his face as he played with his plush, though also occasionally glancing at the TV.

«Well, we have made our own plans for Christmas this year. I for example gonna fly to Hawaii and Jason will go somewhere else, so will Tim and Cass.» Dicks soft smile dropped when he saw the sad expression on [Name]’s face. A small tension begun to fill the room, almost suffocating.

Cassandra, with [Name] in her arms, stood up from the Couch and gave her Baby Brother a bright grin. «Why so sad (N/N)? I will be home for Christmas, so will Damian, Alfred and Dad. Now let’s bake us some Cookies and other sweets! And later we’ll could start decorating, sounds good?» [Name] only nodded, feeling already exhausted for some reasons.

Bruce sat behind [Name] on the ground, helped his Son with wrapping the presents. He remember how [Name] once asked him, why they brought and wrapping presents, when Santa Claus was the one who always brings the presents. Bruce had find it rather amusing and explained, that while Santa brings the present, people would buy presents for their beloved ones too and exchange them with each other. His Son was so, in a way, fascinated from it, that he had developed a small shopping phrase once.

«Are you sure you wanna wrap these presents too? You won’t be able to give it to them till after Sylvester, sweetie.» the only answer he got from his Son was a short silence and then small sobs.

«B-But, you told me that I….I should wrap presents for the people I love and give it to them on Christmas! And-And now you say that I shouldn’t? Stop confusing me! Christmas is……is family time but suddenly it isn’t…..and, and……» [Name] curled into a ball, he felt so overwhelmed all of sudden, everything was so confusing. He also felt rather hot those past days, which adds more weight to his uncomfortableness.

Bruce took [Name] gently in his Arms, stood up and walked towards the Couch. Laying himself down, while his youngster laid on his Chest. He was worried about [Name], he wasn’t sure if the Child was still overwhelmed with everything, not to forget he had a operation at the beginning of the month, or if he has came down with the flu. He guessed it was mix of both. Christmas was in days and Bruce could tell, that it wouldn’t be the prettiest Christmas. Especially not for [Name].

Bruce had guessed right with the flu, [Name] had caught one. A nasty one. He had a high fever, stomachaches, constantly nausea and muscle pain. It was awful for [Name], he couldn’t eat anything and getting sleep was hard. He couldn’t stop his crying, he was upset with everything and everyone and it was making him even more sick.

Christmas was one night away and Cassandra has taken the task upon herself to make [Name] feel better. She played with him, watched tons of Disney Movies, baking some extra Cookies and writing a Thank you letter for Santa, finnish the present wrapping and so on. Currently Cassandra, her Baby Brother in her AM’s, walked through the whole Manor, trying to making him fall asleep. In which she succeeded. Luckily.

When [Name] awoke that night, he couldn’t be more excited. It was finally Christmas. Grabbing his plush, he crawled out of bed and walked out of the room, towards the living room. He turned on the light and his smile dropped. A wave of confusion, disappointment and sadness coiled with him. Santa Claus didn’t come.

The Christmas tree was, expect for the exchanged Gifts, empty. The Letter and the Cookies were still there. Something crashed inside of him, making him run upstairs and back into his Dad’s bedroom. He climbed onto the bed, climbed onto his Dad’s chest and poked him awake

«I’m awake, was is it, sweetie?» asked Bruce groggily, cracked his eyes a bit open to look at his Son, «Santa didn’t come, Daddy! He didn’t come!» Bruce picked [Name] up and placed him in the middle of the bed, «Sweetie, Santa didn’t come because he isn’t real. Now go back to sleep.» Bruce was almost fast asleep again, if the sudden crying from [Name] and the angry shout of «FATHER!» from Damian, hadn’t him shook awake completely. Bruce muttered something, probably a few cusses, under his breath. If he was honest, the last few weeks were a complete and utter mess.

When Dick, Jason and Tim came back home in the early hours for the 24th, due to some delays with their plans, they were welcomed with silence and a slight feeling of tension gloominess. Abandoning their luggage, they begun to search for the others, though they could only find Cassandra, Damian and [Name].

«Where are Bruce and Alfred?» asked Dick and took a seat in one of the Armchairs, Jason plopped himself next to Cassandra down, taking the sleeping [Name] from her, «Did something happen to him? He looks awfully red in the face.» exclaimed Jason as he drove with his hand through his Baby Brothers hair. Damian scoffed at them,

«TT, Father and Alfred are out, coming back around lunch. (N/N) is red because he is sick and cried the whole night, thanks to Father, which also worsen his health. Though the real question is, why are you here?» Damian glanced from his Book towards his Brothers, «Well, we have changed our minds and our plans got kind of cancelled» explained Tim.

It was the morning of the 25th, everyone was awake and full of energy. The Manor was filled with people and happiness. They all had made their own plans for Christmas, but who had thought that the weather would be so nasty this year? So Dick came to a brilliant idea.

Even though Bruce hadn’t a reason to be in hurry, he was. Dick had woken him up with playing Christmas music right next to his ear, telling him to get ready, because everyone is coming for Christmas. It was a bit of a hassle, waking [Name] up wasn’t easy at the moment, but Bruce had managed it and after Bathing and dressing his youngster, they made their way downstairs to the living room. Coming face to face with a extremely filled Christmas tree and lots of people.

[Name] couldn’t believe it, the Tree was filled and everyone he saw as his family was here. He waked to Cass, tugging at her hand and asked her if she could go with him, to greet everyone and to make lots of pictures with her Camera.

As the day neared its end, [Name] couldn’t be more happy. It was probably the best Christmas he had.