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The gist of Sweeney Todd
  • Mrs Lovett: Mrs Mooney puts her neighbour's cats into her pies
  • Mrs Lovett: wouldn't do in my shop
  • Mrs Lovett: just the thought of it's enough to make you sick
  • Also Mrs Lovett: we could put people in the pies though that's fine

Yes, this is legit: Toy Story is back for a half-hour special this year, enabling Pixar to sneak in a bit of animation in this current feature-length Pixar drought (since The Good Dinosaur was pushed back to a late 2015 release, Inside Out is set for June, and Big Hero 6 is not a Pixar movie).

As you may recall from Toy Story 3, Woody and Buzz now belong to adorable little girl Bonnie — and this is where the story picks up. The gang, who are voiced by original cast members including Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, work with old pals (Jessie, Rex, Mr. Potato Head) and newer friends (Trixie the triceratops and Mr. Pricklepants the hedgehog [because I know you probably had no idea who he was]) to combat some delusional dino-themed action figures. The story is directed by Steve Purcell, of co-directing Brave fame.

It premiers not on the Disney Channel but on Disney-owned ABC, to accommodate a larger audience, so don’t despair if you don’t have cable. 

Can’t wait ‘til December 2? Take a break from watching your parents struggle with Internet and enjoy these prehistoric figures fighting with the Wee-Fee (wifi) instead, in this broadband Internet commercial previewing the latest Toy Story short. 

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)


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