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I'm new to the fandom, and I saw that article about Louis from the LGBT website. I know all about "homophobic Louis" unfortunately because it's one of the first thing you learn about when you join the 1D fandom (how people believing he was gay and in a relationship with Harry ruined their friendship forever, how he couldn't even understand the idea of supporting a gay man coming out without calling it bullshit...) but I'd love to know what he did to support the community, I had no idea he did!

it’s very frustrating to me that people are still getting confronted with this utter nonsense but please know, it’s not true:

louis has stated - on camera - that he appreciates LGBT fans. here is the whole video by the way.

louis has a triangle tattoo on his right ankle; a symbol closely associated with gay pride.

he has worn rainbow-themed clothing in the past..

most pointedly a rainbow apple shirt days after apple CEO tim cook came out as gay.

there is footage from the FOUR hangout of liam asking louis about the article i linked.

liam: have you seen it?

louis: no i haven’t seen it yet!

liam: it was good

(which is in direct contrast to what we know as bullshit 2.0)

then there’s this jumper with the “all out” slogan (despite common belief not directly associated with the LGBT charity but the message stands; it sure made me aware of the organisation in the first place)

and this tchaikovsky jumper.. a little history lesson: tchaikovsky was very much gay.

louis (along with harry) was thought to be behind the rainbow bears. there is really so much content to choose from but the strongest links to louis are his reflection in the sunglasses

and louis being spotted across the street from where RBB popped up

he shared some nice comments about steve aoki’s rainbow socks

and most recently louis hung out in amsterdam’s gay district, the reguliersdwarsstraat. spot the rainbow!

not so much a homophobe now, is he?

Why CEOs are Turning on Trump

Trump isn’t just alienating Republican senators. He’s also pissing off the executives of America’s biggest corporations, who happen to have a lot of influence over Republican members of Congress because they pay the costs of their campaigns.

Trump’s unwillingness to strongly condemn the neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists in Charlottesville caused business leaders to stampede off his advisory councils.

Now Trump’s cruel plan to end DACA, the Obama-era program that allows unauthorized immigrants who arrived in America as children to remain here, is mobilizing CEOs to make the program permanent.

A business coalition founded by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is lining up corporate leaders in at least 15 states to pressure members of Congress.

Meanwhile, a who’s-who of more than 400 executives have signed a petition urging Trump and Congress to protect the “dreamers.” They include CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Ikea and Kaiser Permanente.

“We’re also calling on Congress to finally pass the Dream Act or another permanent, legislative solution that Dreamers deserve,” wrote Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post last week. “These young people represent the future of our country and our economy.”

CEOs are not moral leaders of American society. They’re taking action because Trump’s hatefulness is bad for business.

Customers and investors reacted so badly to Charlottesville that the CEOs had to distance themselves from Trump.  

Now they’re responding to Trump’s plan to end DACA because they know that Dreamers are good for the American economy. 

Dreamers aren’t taking jobs away from native-born Americans. Their purchases are creating more jobs.

Plus many of them are unusually ambitious, and their drive is already adding to the economy. Their parents, who had to be ambitious in order to get into America, seem to have passed on to their kids a particularly strong work ethic.

Dreamers have been among my best students at Berkeley. In recent years I’ve had many tearful sessions with them, discussing whether they should try for graduate or professional schools when their futures are so uncertain. 

Still, more than 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies now count Dreamers among their employees, according to FWD.us, which organized the recent petition.

Brad Smith, Microsoft president, wrote in a blog post that at least 27 of Microsoft’s employees are Dreamers — including software engineers, finance professionals and retail associates. Ending the program, he said, would be a “step backwards for our entire nation.”

On Sunday, Apple chief executive Tim Cook tweeted, “250 of my Apple coworkers are #Dreamers. I stand with them.”

Trump doesn’t worry about moving the nation backwards. He’s been at it for more than seven months. 

The good news is he’s becoming more isolated than ever – abandoned not just by a growing number of elected Republicans but also by CEOs.   

It’s not that they object to the hatefulness and divisiveness Trump has been sowing. What’s been moving them to action is they don’t like the effects of the hatefulness on business.

It really doesn’t matter how the CEOs come to see the light. What matters is they’re pushing Trump into an ever darker hole.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently from folks asking about my 2nd book coming soon, so I figured I’d tackle the two most common questions right here:

Q: What’s the best way to experience your new book, ‘Maddie Lounging on Things’?

A: Duh. In bed with your eyes closed.


Q: I noticed your book is being released Sept 12th, the same day as the new iPhone 8. What gives? Isn’t that a bad idea?

A: No way! I have every intention of selling twice as many books as that whatever the boring iPhone is gonna be. I’m gonna sell so many books Tim Cook is gonna call me and say they wished he released his phone another day.

There’s very few things that piss me off as much as people minimizing Louis efforts. Remember the time he was trying to get a tattoo in Paris and we got rumors about him winding up in a gay district? Remember RBB at the gay club? Remember the Apple tshirt the week Apple CEO Tim Cook came out? Remember the rainbow shirts on tour when Rainbow Direction had no participants? Remember the Queens’s Surf shirt? Twice? Remember him trying to climb out of a closet on Niall’s Instagram? Remember the sweatshirt he wore recently with the image captured my Robert Mapplethorpe? Don’t strip it down to him not knowing. To not being aware. Louis is incredibly smart and informed. Do not ignore what he is saying.

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not to be accusatory but can you give me reasons why the fandom think louis is gay? i've seen arguments for harry and i believe it mainly because he acts the way i did when i was closeted, but i dont see anything louis has said or done as "gay" aside from Larry. (using gay as an umbrella term)

you can’t really say “not to be accusatory” and then… accuse… me… it doesn’t work like that. so i’m gonna go ahead and say that straight boys don’t make the kinds of comments he used to about harry, ex: “nice little body” :) and also the numerous innuendos and lyric changes, ex: “you’ve got that big dick” “i can’t compete with my boyfriend”

anyway, louis has a fucking triangle tattooed on his ankle. he described himself as “flamboyant” which is a very gay-coded term. it was a fandom meme, but louis saying that he “likes girls who eats carrots,” comes across as circumventing a question he has no answer to by making a joke instead. actually, louis’s body language always reads as awkward and uncomfortable when people ask about women in a romantic context. he is always pointing and waving at rainbow signs. his rainbow luggage tag? 

the tim cook shirt? the queen’s surf shirt? the all out sweatshirt? recently, the fucking polari clothing? imo, the particularly aggressive shutdown of louis’s support for the lgbt community is so fucking telling, especially when real-life louis’s behavior doesn’t support any of the shit his twitter says (see: four hangout). he says things like “you should be happy. proud,” regarding pda. he wrote home and he also wrote end of the day, like, holy shit, the lyrics to end of the day coincide so much with lgbt-supportive rhetoric and also combat typical homophobic arguments. he was in… a fucking… gay district… of amsterdam. like. a place that is known for being gay

honestly i don’t even know why i wrote all this out, mostly for my own reference probably.

i’m glad you see parts of yourself in harry, but everyone’s closet manifests itself differently — even more so when there are contracts and obligations and pr involved. louis and harry’s closets aren’t comparable. louis shows his support for his community, just like harry does, but he is closeted. so, like, think what you want, but just keep this in mind. it’s not something that needs argument.

Dating Tim Drake:
  • Tim is probably the sweetest boyfriend you’ve ever had. As soon as he meets you and starts taking you out on dates, he asks Alfred to teach him how to cook
  • He wants to be able to make you home cooked meals.
  • Tim is also insanely devoted, when he commits to something he does it with 100%. Once he loves you he’ll always love you.
  • Yes, he’s a workaholic, and you have to drag him away from his work all the time and remind him to eat
  • Yes, sometimes he forgets that you have a date planned, but usually that’s only if something urgent has come up.
  • You are basically 95% of his self-preservation instincts, because once you start taking care of him he doesn’t know what to do when you aren’t there.
  • He can never say no to you, so when you ask to meet his family, he brings you to Sunday dinner.
  • When you first meet his family, you hate them. They rarely ever pay attention to Tim, all they do is berate him and pick at his failures or mistakes, and it makes you even angrier that Tim seems resigned to his fate.
  • You end up in a screaming match with Jason the first time you meet him and it almost comes to blows.
  • You and Damian snarl insults at each other, and when he loses his temper and lunges as you, the family finds out that you’ve had active combat training. After that Damian grudgingly respects you and stops insulting Tim.
  • Dick just gets ignored and when he finally annoys you enough, he gets a lecture.
  • With Bruce it’s nothing but a staring match, and by the end of it he gives you a slight nod and glances away.
  • Tim almost cries when his family actually starts treating him with respect, and is practically in shock when Jason decides to fight with him instead of against him.
  • He tells you all of his fears. He tells you about how it felt to lose his friends, even when some of them came back, how it felt to lose his mother and father, how it felt when Dick took away Robin. He tells you everything, laying himself bare, and you accept all of him.
  • You help him work through all of his insecurities, and help him start of overcome his fears.
  • His biggest one is losing you, but you slowly show him that you aren’t going anywhere.
  • You slowly help Tim set up a more regular sleep cycle, and help him cut back on his caffeine intake.
  • He also loves to take pictures of you
  • It’s constant, he has pictures of you laughing, of you sleeping, of you fighting, of you arguing, even of you making stupid faces at babies when you see them on the street.
  • His kisses are either light and quick, deep and breathtaking, or sloppy and not well-aimed because he doesn’t want to look away from his computer screen.
  • The Titans are constantly crashing into your apartment, so it can make your sex life interesting. Especially when Kon just bursts in while you’re in the middle of sex and he just sits on your bed and starts talking to Tim like you and him aren’t naked under the covers.
  • You try and use Tim’s bo-staff once and end up hitting yourself in the forehead, it left a pretty bad bruise. Tim laughs until he cries, and then forbids you from using it anymore.
  • Tim becomes your home, he becomes your safe place, and you become his.
  • Even if your safe place likes to work too much and you two argue about what kind of coffee is better, you’re perfect together.

11 changes coming to iPhone with Apple’s iOS 11

Curious about the iPhone 8? Here’s what’s coming, courtesy of Apple’s introduction of its new operating system.

Apple kept news of a tenth anniversary iPhone under wraps on day one of its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif.

But Tim Cook & Co. revealed plenty about the software that will be at the new iPhone’s core when it arrives, likely in the fall. As with prior iterations of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11 also promises new features for current iPhone models. And Apple also reserved special love for iPads that the company can only hope helps revive a sagging brand.


This corporate giant is openly calling for government censorship and propaganda, total information dominance, and the manner he describes is reminiscent of the Orwellian model all the way down to utilizing the children to control the adults. I don’t care what your political persuasion is or what you think about fake news. Everyone should find this attitude, this public campaign, deeply disturbing.