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He is a poet. He fooled me with a lot of the songs in that, a song like Like a Stone, I thought it was a love song. The chorus is “I’ll wait for you there like a stone. I’ll wait for you there alone.” I was like “yo, bro, what are you waiting for?” And he was like “waiting to die.” And I just went “oh, okay. That changes everything.” I went back and looked at the song and I got kind of saddened by what he’s singing about. Like a guy waiting alone in a house of death. All his friends are dying and he’s just waiting there. I’m just picturing this man in a rocking chair just waiting to die. It changed everything for me. That made me go back and look at all the songs and made me go back and look at Temple of the Dog songs and Soundgarden songs and everything and I started going “okay I get Cornell now and he’s a genius.” He fooled me for 15 years. I maybe thought some of the things he was singing about were slightly trivial, but they’re never trivial. He’s deep. He’s really deep.
—  Tim Commerford talking about Chris Cornell