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Boo! Haha, scared you, didn’t I? Today I went to the Parks to see all the Halloween decorations, dressed in “Bound” of sorts inspired by Halloweentown from The Nightmare Before Christmas! When I first laid eyes on this skirt at Vintage Galleria (seriously, look them up, their designs are fab! They have an Instagram too!), it was love at first sight, and it made me instantly think of Nightmare. It already had a lot of the color scheme that Burton gave Halloweentown (black/gray/off-white/goldenrod/light orange, to contrast Christmastown’s saturated red/green/white) in it, and even the patchwork pattern (featuring skulls, potion bottles, and spiders) reminded me of the movie. I then added my gray dress underneath, a black vest and shoes, and dark makeup and jewelry to complete the look. Even my hair color suited the color scheme perfectly! I felt like a Tim Burton character all day!!

I visited Jack and Sally at Disneyland, but spent most of my day at California Adventure. The Plaza de la Familla was lovely, and perfect representation for both Mexico and Dias de Los Muertos. I took a moment to pay respect to my stepmother (who passed away earlier this year) by tying a note about her to their memory wall. The beautiful “family tree” was there too. I also stopped by Carsland – as much as I dislike the movie, even I must admit their decorations are amazing. (Though their puns could use some work. LOL.) I was also thrilled to finally see the Headless Horseman statue in person – at night, the jack-o-lantern glows and the horse breathes smoke out of its nostrils! So cool!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a spooktacular night!

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Saw this on Pinterest creds to owner. But like this has been happening to me at the library like I want to know what the book is about not someone’s opinion