tim burton portrait

Meet the family!  for now I can at least give names

: left to right: 


Vincent Leonard Skellington (I named him  after vincent price and also named after the vincent short by tim burton)

Edgar Allen skellington ( i think this one is obvious LOL this little guy also has a pet raven) 


Bella donna valentine skellington ( family calls her skelly) @skellingtonatyourservice came up with her lovely name which is actually another name for deadly night shade ..could say she got named by jack ;)


Icabod dullahan Skellington ( named after icabod crane from sleepy hollow, his middle name is the Irish myth/word for the headless horseman) 

Casper Mcfadden skellington ( apparently Casper the friendly ghost had a last name…I really need to watch the movie again )


This took way to long to make than it should of, but finally one checked off my list..for the wedding photo