tim burton is epic

So you guys know Kat Graham’s Wet N’ Wild campaign

Well I really liked the makeup in this shot.

I liked the makeup so much so that I attempted to recreate it on myself…

Suffice to say I epically failed coming out looking more like a dysfunctional clown who always wanted to be a China doll. And then I figured with a little photoshop…

I figured I should embrace the psycopathic barbie bitch on acid look

And then I realized that this would have been the perfect headshot for the movie Big Eyes and that Tim Burton would probably appreciate the creepy things I do when I’m bored. Oh and that I can’t do makeup for shit.

That is all.


‘This guy [Zac Mihajlovic from Australia] built a 1989 Batmobile in his backyard and now completes Make-A-Wish requests and attends charity events as BATMAN.’