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Tim Burtons: The Nightmare Before Christmas,

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Don’t get me wrong, I love how Emily looks in the movie! I really like the casual Tim Burton art style but I think I prefer the concept art of Corpse Bride.. She looks a lot more… gross? But also pretty? I just LOVE the concept art so I redrew it except really shitty. 

I’m sorry.


Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton has a distinct style, a love of stripes and monchrome, and it shows even in his initial sketches for his movies. His sketchy type has made him prone to lots of texture, and elongated proportion, and these come across wonderfully when rendered by other artists. This Disney production based on his poem is no different- and would define “Burton” even into the modern era (combined with Beetlejuice). 


Superman Lives- Brainiac’s Skull Ship

One of the most famous movies never made, Superman Lives was a film initially penned by Kevin Smith, set to be directed by Tim Burton, and starring Nicholas Cage as Superman and Christopher Walken as Brainiac. You read that right. This is not a joke, because the 90′s were clearly an insane time.

The script went through innumerable re-writes before the project was cancelled, but it lasted long enough to produce a lot of excellent (and some…Burton) concept art for the main characters. The script would eventually be re-written by Dan Gilroy and Wesley Strick, but the core story is that Brainiac would come to earth, team up with Lex Luthor, they would fuse into one being, invent Doomsday, and then after Superman was killed by Doomsday, a magical AI Suit named “K” would revive him (and become a shiny, rainbow/black suit) and superman would return to kill Doomsday.

I’m so sad it was never made. Give a listen to Kevin Smith’s tale about it, or watch the sdocumentary “The Death of Superman Lives”.