tim brando

  • Johnny: Hey, Gyro, soulmate, let me buy you a beer!
  • Gyro: Okay! But I’m not your soulmate, I’m really more of a chum.
  • Johnny: What about you, Lucy?
  • Lucy: I’m a croney.
  • Johnny: Hot Pants?
  • Hot Pants: I’d say acquaintance.
  • Wekapipo: Colleague.
  • Mountain Tim: Sympathizer.
  • Diego: I’m a well-wisher. In that I don’t wish you any specific harm.
My sexuality is too expansive for just one example.

My Sexuality:

Ben C. Doing this

and this

Sherlock Holmes Winking

Sherlock ruffling his hair

The tenth Doctor doing this

and this

Robert Downey Jr Doing this

Marlon Brando doing this

and this

Johnny Depp doing the tongue thing

Sebastian Stan doing this thing

Dean Winchester doing this

and this

Dean doing the tongue thing

and this

and this

and this

and this

whatever this is

Dean with guns

also his tummy

Jensen Ackles doing this

Jensen winking

Jensen staring into my soul

and all of this stuff

Everything Misha Collins has ever done including but not limited to


Misc. non-gifs that are also my sexuality

I could go on. I mean, these are just the guys…

Disclaimer: None of the pictures or gifs are mine.

Tim Brando and Me, We Come From Different Worlds. He Likes To Laugh At Me When I Use the Word "Hero."

“HERO” is a very sacred word. Ben Shapiro, right wing “journalist” for Breitbart, has a VERY HIGH BAR for heroism, as we discussed in this post earlier.

Apparently, sports commentator Tim Brando shares those sentiments with Shapiro.

Tim Brando would like to make it very clear…Jason Collins, the NBA athlete who just came out as a gay man in the world of professional sports, IS NO HERO:

Um, ok. I don’t even understand what I’m supposed to get out of that, except for that fact that a Tim Brando is absolutely correct…a Tim Brando sex tape would absolutely not make history, because no one would give a shit.

He continues…

Tim Brando is very good at pointing out the fact that he is horrible at analogies.

But, let’s give him another chance…

Uh, “it’s a choice?” I’ve heard enough…

But, Tim Brando went on and on about the word “hero” blah blah blah blah…

OK! We get the point. Tim Brando DOES NOT use the word “HERO” LOOSELY. It is the most serious word in the dictionary and should not be taken lightly! Only firefighters, police officers, military, etc. are HEROES to Tim Brando. DEFINITELY NO ONE ELSE…

Except sportscaster Curt Gowdy:

…and sportscaster Frank Glieber…

…and when you score one-under-par in a game of golf…


It is reserved for only the most heroic of people…

Jason Collins, first major sports athlete to come out as a gay man? NOT A HERO.

Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish? A MOTHERFUCKING HERO.

  • Tillman: What's Burma?
  • Brando: A country filled with poverty, oppression, a raging drug trade, deforestation, and human rights abuses. Buffeted by the cruel sea on one side and banked in by mountains on the other, it is a series of steaming swamplands and cruel lowlands inhabited by a polite but isolated people who look to the savage past for inspiration, and fear a future of change. Football is not played there, and never has been. Malaria is endemic, as is cruelty.
  • Tillman: Sounds like South Carolina, Tim.