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Justified Kill Chart

Note: An attributed death is when a kill is carried out by a different character than the one who ordered it. So Henchmen murders are attributed to their bosses if they’re acting in their bosses interests.

  • 170 people is a ridiculously high number of bodies in a show that ran for 78 episodes.
  • I expected more of a body count discrepancy between Raylan and Boyd. Or that Raylan would kill less as the series went on while Boyd ramped up. That mostly didn’t happen apart from the drop after Raylan’s prolific first season (10 dead!).
  • Boyd and Raylan are the only characters that kill a person in every season. Their least prolific season (Season 3) had the highest body count anyways (34 dead).
  • These numbers are high enough to make Raylan and Boyd prolific serial killers.
  • Bo Crowder kills no one onscreen (but his lackeys do!). Ava Crowder kills 3 people but none of them can be attributed to Boyd. Raylan gets an attributed death for setting up Nicky Augustine.
  • The Bennetts kill a fair number of people but none of them know what the others are doing (0 attributed deaths for Mags).
  • Only 10% of Justified episodes have no deaths
  • Chief Deputy Art Mullen kills no one and is my Goddamn hero.

Due to the number of dead and the ambiguity in some cases, these numbers have a precision of +/-2ish. I want to emphasize that I love this show very much, but HOLY SHIT SO MANY DEAD PEOPLE HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL ALIVE IN KENTUCKY.


I would encourage you to consider what happens after what happens next.

Justified 5x04, Over the Mountain

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whats justified about? Is it good?

rdtfghjkg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIFIED IS ONE OF MY FAVE SHOWS OF ALL TIME!!!!!

it is about raylan givens, human disaster, played by timothy olyphant, who has incredible face journeys

it’s set in and around harlan county in kentucky (in the deeeeeeeeeep dark hiiiiiiiiillls of eastern kentucky) and essentially it’s about this us marshal named raylan givens whose family is from harlan and is really deeply into the criminality of the region (harlan is one of the poorest parts of the state, and also one of the most crime-ridden). it’s pretty much about raylan coming to terms with like… i guess his past and himself as a person, and how his hometown fits into that

that’s what i’d call the soul of the story, the plot is a lot more procedural in the first few seasons but interspersed with larger arcs that focus on boyd crowder, raylsn’s “shadow self” according to jacob pitts, who plays the light of my life tim gutterson. boyd is, honest to god, one of my absolute favorite characters of all time. he is undeniably fucked up and like… the most problematic of faves but walton goggins brings such a fucking light to boyd and he is incredibly charismatic and watchable… i would watch boyd crowder watch paint dry, to be quite honest

the characters are all so fucking good (even the ones that are only there for a few episodes, they’re all very memorable) and the writing is so fucking good, the amount of fucking quips that they can put in one ep without it seeming forced is astounding. there’s a tarantino-esque sense of conversation that a lot of characters have in tense situations, and there’s great character growth (and decay) for pretty much everyone—although some of the main characters like raylan’s buddies in the marshal’s office only get perhaps one or two central episodes, which is honestly my biggest beef w the show, they’re all so fucking good, they still develop so much over the course of the show and you can absolutely tell that the actors put thought into their characters, IT ALSO HAS THE FUCKING… THE MOST BONE CHILLING VILLAIN IVE EVER SEEN ON TELEVISION, ROBERT QUARRELS, HE SCARES THE FUCK OUT OF ME

as it is a crime show it’s got a whole slew of trigger warnings (most consistently murder / violence, but there are things like abuse and drug use interspersed) so be on the lookout for those, but they’re never very overt i would say, never oddly forced

here’s a great post that summarizes it as a show in an image


It’s hard to believe that after 77 out of 78 episodes, each of these people are still alive and kicking. I’m betting that’s going to change for #78, but hell, we made it this far.

And here’s all I want out of the finale. Do Elmore justice. Do Raylan, Boyd, and Ava justice. Do justice to the last six years we’ve all spent together. It’s not like that’s a tall order or anything, right? It’s not like I don’t have every confidence in the world that this crew can pull it off. 

It’s been something special from day one. It will be something special in the end.

Fire in the hole!


Last night you said Boyd would hit the cash on the road, and then today we go through all the trouble putting together a bait truck so he has something to hit, Duffy tells us he’s planning to hit it, we’re watching one of his guys appear to be waiting for it to move so he can hit it, all which leads you to conclude that that is in fact not his plan.