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15 February 2015

Any fans of The Thrilling Adventure Hour out there? Late last year Ben Acker asked me to do a poster that they could sell at the live shows. I went down and saw the show last night with my wife and some friends and my poster is officially up for sale. So it’s finally time to share this thing. I think that you can still get one if you are going to be going to any of the last remaining live shows.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special #1

…OR “Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor *is* Special #1”

Wonder Woman’s boyfriend is constantly there in the background, waiting for her with some encouraging words and cuddles when superheroing gets her down.  We also know that in between cuddles he’s a military spy, but the comics rarely focus on this (unless he eventually needs his lady’s rescue).  This special is here to tell us a little more about the man behind THE woman. Let’s get to it!

1. The villain formerly known as Eviless

First, I get a whole story about Steve Trevor! Second, the Crimson Centipede makes an appearance! Third, one of the greatest Wonder Woman villains of all time shows up! In Wonder Woman v1 #10 (one of the weirdest and most classic WW issues of all time), beings from Saturn show up to enslave humanity. One of the Saturn guards, Eviless, takes a special liking to torturing Steve Trevor.  Wonder Woman eventually convinces her to come to Reform Island to get rid of her evilness, but with a name like *that* how could it stick?!

She later goes on to assemble Villainy inc (“Not a sissy in the lot”™) in WW v1 #28, but hasn’t been around since then. In this issue she makes her glorious return as SATURNA, leader of a militia who believes that the world will perish *under blood red skies* (that’s more Jupiter, but whatever! It’s planetary!). And she’s still got her whip, which she had in her original appearance as well! I’m here for this, especially since we may see more of her in the future. Heck yeah!

2. Steve Trevor’s Holliday Girls

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I loved the deadline lets play so i decided to draw a tron au. the only reason i picked these colors was because Jeremy was orange in one round and i thought rimmy tim colors would be fun, but i also did one with normal brown hair.


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