tim barnard

My Batkids FanCasting

Pretty well aware it won’t be to everyone’s liking but here are the actors I would cast.

  • Finn Wittrock as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Don’t get me wrong. I really want a Romani actor to play Dick. But since I have the feeling that WB will want a white actor, then I would suggest Finn Wittrock. He has the looks, the charm and proved himself to be a great actor in American Horror Story.

  • Matthew Daddario as Jason Todd/ Red Hood

A popular thought but let’s face it Matthew is the perfect cinnamon roll/bad boy combo to play our Jaybird

  • Aneurin Barnard as Tim Drake/ Red Robin 

He is a bit old compared to Timbo, but when I saw him in Dunkirk my head immediately screamed “Tim Drake!!”

  • Anthony Keyvan as Damian Wayne/ Robin

I mean, look at that face ! He even has the hair!!

  • Karen Gillan as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

The resemblance is uncanny and Karen showed she could be quite a badass in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

  • Ava Philippe as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler

Sorry but I can’t root for a Chloe Grace Moretz or a Elle Fanning. We see those two everywhere and I feel like Stephanie should be portrayed by someone unknown. Ava Philippe has never been in any movie so far but if she’s like her mom then I think she’ll be an awesome actress for the part.

  •  Jin Ji Hee as Cassandra Cain/ Orphan

I’m not really convinced by my own choice to be honest. Cassandra Cain is such a complex character that I think it’ll be difficult to find a Chinese actress that can be as badass and yet as vulnerable as Cass. So I’ll go for Jin Ji Hee for aesthetic reason.