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“Here’s a pretty unbelievable story: Laurie Holden is an actress who plays Andrea on “The Walking Dead,” but she isn’t just an actress. Holden also works as a human rights activist with a group called Operation Underground Railroad. It’s an organization run by an ex-CIA agent named Tim Ballard that works to take down unsavory human traffickers and the like. So, Holden and the group went down to Colombia to try to take down a group of men who were trafficking in underage prostitutes. Ballard, Holden and co. ingratiated themselves into this group and set up an elaborate party in an effort to catch these men in the act….” Adam Pliskin, Elite Daily 

“For months, the group put together a massive sting operation in cooperation with Colombian authorities. They each had an elaborate cover story. Ballard’s story was that he was the best man in a wedding back in the U.S. and was looking to hire several underage prostitutes for a big bachelor party in Cartagena. The cover was meant to lure the sex traffickers into a setup so that Ballard and his team could rescue the girls, many of whom were under 18. … In order for Colombian officials to prosecute the sex traffickers, they have to catch them exchanging money for the girls on tape. … Holden’s job was to “keep [the traffickers] occupied by the pool area while Ballard and the undercover officers worked to catch the traffickers on tape exchanging money.” Candace Smith and Aristides Pinedo-Burns, ABC News 

“When the traffickers agree on camera to to pimp out the underage girls and the money is exchanged, the cops move in to make the arrests.  During the ordeal Holden works with social workers to comfort the girls, who fear they’re the ones who will be in trouble and that they won’t be paid. Holden is clearly heartbroken when interviewed after the fact. But she should also be extremely proud of her work.” Ian Cervantes, Complex

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S.E.X, Nickelback 

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Fuck Away The Pain, Divide The Day

I Didnt Just Kiss Her, Jen Foster  

Bitch Came Back, Theory of a Deadman 

I’m Thinking Country, Frankie Ballard 

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Baby Be Crazy, Brantley Gilbert 

Outlaw In Me, Brantley Gilbert

Something In Your Mouth, Nickelback 

Whiskey in Hell, Anarbor 

Centuries, Fall Out Boy 

The Abolitionists Official Trailer

#LaurieHolden #TimBallard #OperationUndergroundRailroad #OURrescue #EndModernDaySlavery #EndHumanTrafficking I love my fandom’s and everything but this organization is so very near and dear to me that I will do whatever I can to spread word on this noble cause.

The very first time I learned about Human Trafficking was in 2005 when I watched the lifetime television miniseries ‘Human Trafficking’ starring #MiraSorvino and #DonaldSutherland I was about 13 when this first aired. And after watching it, I became furious at this horrific criminal act. Being 13 I couldn’t do anything besides just be angry.

In 2010 a movie called ‘The Whistleblower’ starring #RachelWeisz came out. Being 18 and having more access to social media. I started to voice my opinions as well. So it started to become more real to me that I can actually help end modern day slavery.

Last year I heard about Operation Underground Railroad, a organization that started in the state where I live. And being 21, I was able to donate without asking my parents for permission. And now with ‘The Abolitionists’ doc drama that has just premiered at #Sundance this past week. I am going to do my best to help save these young children and end sex slavery.

I’m going to be using all of my social media accounts to promote the hell out of this cause along with my fandoms. But since this is so near and dear to me, it’s going to be basically plastered everywhere on my blog. Please understand and know that it’s apart of my blog now.