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2000. Dopethrone

is the third album by band Electric Wizard. It was released in 25 September.

Dopethrone, along with Come My Fanatics…, is often cited as Electric Wizard’s seminal release and the highpoint of their career.

On this album, Electric Wizard’s very slow, heavy and psychedelic sound became more abrasive and aggressive. Jus Oborn’s vocals are heavily manipulated and low in the mix and the guitars are extremely fuzzy.

“It sounds like the guy is singing in a vacuum cleaner”. This might seem like an insult, but when you actually think about it – the whole idea of stoner metal is to construct an atmosphere of drug-induced, slow-witted and trashy uncanny moments. This is precisely what Electric Wizard did on this album.

“Dopethrone” is a truly massive album. It’s one your either going to love or loathe. Whether you fall into either category, you can’t deny that Electric Wizard has stapled into music history and relevance with this album.

                         Jus Oborn     Tim Bagshaw    Mark Greening


Remember my first time listening to Electric Wizard’s Come My Fanatics… album. Was just blown away by the mixture of the heaviness of the guitar riffs and psychedelic solos.  Dopethrone album has to be one of the meanest of all time. You can feel the hatred and anger being vented through the heavy riffwork.  This shit’s heavier than any type of metal, in my opinion, and now I’ve been converted into a sucker for the slow guitar riff, and not complainin


Ramesses - Witchampton

Doom Metal at it’s heaviest, this song is fucking evil!


Electric Wizard at the Double Door, Chicago, IL.in 2001.

The fucking Dopethrone tour!


Priceless and one of my fave Electric Wizard live recordings when it was just Jus, Greening, and Bagshaw. I think they broke up shortly after this show. There are too many highlights in this video. Tim looks like he’s wasted and drops his bass at one point, Part of Mark’s drum set breaks in the middle of supercoven and Jus, not realizing it at first goes into the next section of the song and finally realizes and just looks back at Mark lookin super pissed off! hahaha! doesn’t try to help.  Then some rando in the audience tries to help Mark and spills beer over some of Jus’s papers, then Bagshaw fuckin smokebombs, just takes off, and Jus has to jam with some random bassist.  Best part at the end when Jus is like “If anyone sees our bassist tonight on the streets, please, kick his fucking ass.”


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One of you has to know what makes the bass tone in “…Come, My Fanatics” and “Dopethrone” so crushing. Anyone?

Edit: By all accounts, it seems like the entire band was using Boss Hyperfuzzes. There is some weird warbling “drowning in space” sound that kicks in over the FZ-2 from time to time that I can’t wrap my head around, still.

Thanks @stationlost. I hadn’t considered the FZ-2 on bass. Didn’t think Boss boxes had the lows in them.