tim armstrong

best parts of Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

-Tre going “hEeEeEeY lil boy”
-an interview with Tre’s parents (feat. a cat)
-Billie’s ridiculously greasy hair making my skin feel oily just by looking at it
-“stage diving into shrubbery,” a song by Tim Armstrong
-Mike petting cats and drinking coffee
-people telling stories of how fucking crazy young Billie and Mike really were
-Mike and Tre cross dressing in a record store

@brandensteineckert Home!! So good to be back. But that was the greatest tour ever!!!! I’ve still got so many photos from the tour that you’ll be seeing me post for quite awhile. Hahaha but for now I just wanted to thank everyone in this photo for such a great tour, and all the many people behind the scenes that helped make it incredible!!! Thank you all so much for the last 5.5 weeks of fun. The fellas in Green Day, their crew, their families were all so great to us. I can’t thank them enough!! Much love! PS I’m sorry my big head is blocking you Jason :) #RancidGreenDayEuroSummerTour2017#RevRad #TroubleMaker #RageLove@greenday @billiejoearmstrong @trecool@mikedirnt @jw_gd @therealjasonfreese@jeffmatika photo: @amarchitiello

This is the super group I never knew I needed until now. Green Day’s Billie Joe Amrstrong and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong (And his nephew Rey Armstrong) just released this track. It’s a simple, charmingly chunky, rock song that sounds like something you drunkenly sing aloud with your buddies as you debauch the night away. The lyrics are solemnly contrast, and serve as a reminder that these are troubling times, and things for the US and the world are possibly be changing for the worst. The track shines in it’s simplicity and earnestness. I’m looking forward for further releases from “Armstrongs”. Though I think  they might be lacking a certain Armstrong. One who’s alchemy (and punk music talent) have been passed down the Armstrong family for generations!

“Roots Radical”

Took the 60 bus
Out of downtown Cambell.
Ben Zanotto, he was on there he was waitin’ for me
All the punk rockers
And the moon stompers
Are out on the corners where
They sparin’ for change.

I started thinkin’,
You know I started drinkin’.
I don’t really remember too much of that day.
Somethin’ struck me funny when we ran out of money,
Where do you go now when your only 15?

With the music execution and the talk of revolution
It bleeds in me…and it goes…

Give ‘em the boot, the roots, the radicals
Give 'em the boot, you know I’m a radical
Give 'em the boot, the roots , the reggae on my stereo.

The radio was playin’ Desmond Dekker was singin’
on the 43 bus as we climb up the hill
Nothin’ incoming but the reggae drummin’,
and we all come from unloving homes.
(I said) “Why even bother” and I pick up the bottle
Mr. bus driver please let these people on.
Rude girl Carol was a mini-skirt girl
My blurry vision saw nothin’ wrong.


New song by Billie, Tim, Joey and Rey Armstrong