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Morning, Princess

Summary: You recently watched Moana with the fam, what happens when you can’t get the song unstuck from your head and the boys catch you singing it?

Bruce x Reader… + some batboys and Alfred

Author’s Note: I thought of this, but i also requested this same thing from someone else… so, oh well. whoops. (Also, sidenote, I’m sorry if some of the dialogue doesn’t really sound like the boys. I’m new to writing about them and/or Bruce, so if it doesn’t exactly fit, then… yeah. i’m sorry. if you want to give me pointers i’d gladly accept)

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One of your favorite pass-times was showering. Sure it was a necessity, but it was also a way to relax and well, be able to either contemplate your latest questions and situations, or practice your singing skills. 

You don’t often get the chance to shower alone, considering you and Bruce prefer to bask in each others presences, however, when you do get the time to be alone- whether by request or by chance- you relished it.

You start by washing your face and realize that you’re humming the same tune over and over. You don’t really even know the words as you’d just watched the movie a few days ago, but you can’t get the song out of your head!

Before you know it you’re singing the song and trying to search your mind for the lyrics you’ve forgotten… You don’t remember the last time you’ve sung but you love it, and you’re reminded of how good you think your singing skills are.

Bruce’s POV

Luckily it’s the weekend, which means that waking up early isn’t a priority, and jobs don’t really take any thought. I roll over, searching for Y/N’s presence on the bed, but she’s not there.

I furrow my brows, wishing she’d stayed and could’ve woken up with me, being able to actually have time to cuddle this morning… I can hear the shower running, meaning Y/N’s probably already up and getting on with her day. I think about joining her, but considering I already showered last night having come back from a pretty intense patrol, I figure I’ll just go see what the boys are up to instead.

Minutes pass before I get the strength to get up out of bed and put on some clothes. I start to walk through the door before I hear singing coming from the bathroom.


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A Soul Mate to Remember Chap 2

Here’s Chapter 2! Please enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Y/N- your name

L/N- last name

TW: Some name calling/cursing, if I need to add any, please message me!

The party was going splendidly. You hadn’t been forced to talk to anyone, the food was sub-par, and they had a slushy machine filled with a mixed drink that you could probably convince someone to grab one for you at some point. Maybe your cousin, who already seemed to have one to many of them…

 Now paparazzi had been chased off by your uncle and a few police friends, you could tell that the Waynes were somewhat relaxed now. You were standing at a table next to the pool. While your mother was with the Waynes talking, and you could somewhat hear their conversation. What you couldn’t hear, you guessed.

“Oh, I’m Ms. L/N, Greg was my husband’s brother, that’s my daughter, Y/N, over there,” You saw her motion to you and you waved, Mr. Wayne and his wife waved back.

 "She looks so lovely,“ Mrs. Wayne complemented on you to your mother,” I just love her hair.“

 "Thank you, so do you have any children?”

  You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. Your mother knew the answer to that question, and all the rumors too, she read every tabloid available.

“Yes,” Mr. Wayne answered,“ Four boys, ages twenty-six to ten. We adopted most of them at young ages, actually the older three are all here tonight.”

“We should introduce them,” Mrs. Wayne said,“Their names are Richard, Jason and Tim.”

Your mother chuckled,“Oh my! That’s a lot of boys, how do you manage? It must be so hard being outnumbered!”

 Mrs. Wayne laughed, and you checked yourself out of the conversation by checking your lipstick in your phone, before settling on devouring a cupcake.

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The Good Don’t Die Young, They Just Grow Up Too Fast - fic

Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon never lets visiting Damian be easy.
A/N: Damian’s like 30 and Jon’s 27. Based on if Jon had stayed kind of under Manchester Black’s control/ideals and stayed evil/violent justice. Damian agreed/went with him, taking over the League to bolster their strength in their fight for the world. Jon basically embraces the al Ghuls idea of being eco/bio warrior/terrorists. It’s kind of hinted, but basically Clark and Lois are heartbroken but Jon wants nothing to do with them, and might hate them more than he hates Damian’s family (who he sees as perpetually hurting/letting Damian get hurt, even now, thus he came back from space). Damian still loves his family, but knows - and doesn’t at all regret - that he picked Jon over them. They’re so in love in this garbage that he’d basically pick Jon over his fam every time, even if it still hurts them all. Jon is eternally and undyingly grateful that Damian picked him and doesn’t lord it over or bring it up to Damian, but always does to the Batfam. 


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I’ll Love You Forever (Part 6) - Dick Grayson x Reader

Here’s the fluffiest part of this whole series enjoy it while you can

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Words: 1230

“Daddy, Mommy, look! I’m just like Aunt Harper now!” Mary jumps up and down while pointing at Harper’s shaved hair; she even tugs on your hand for emphasis.

“That’s right kiddo!” Harper says as Mary runs up to her. Without missing a beat Harper picks your little girl up and hugs her. “You’re one of the cool kids now!”

It had been about a week since you and Dick had talked to Mary and all agreed that the best thing to do was to go ahead and shave her head. The doctors seem to think the cancer treatments are working, but the panic and emotional turmoil Mary would go through every her hair fell out was too much for your heart to take.

Of course Mary didn’t want to cut her hair at first. You didn’t either. Luckily Mary had always looked up to Harper, so when Dick mentioned that she would look like her aunt Mary was much more willing to comply.

Still, it didn’t make the pain of watching her beautiful black curls fall to the ground any easier. You just kept reminding yourself that this is only temporary. Everything will go back to normal if—when. When Mary gets better. Not if. When. Soon you would be a happy little family of four.

You and Dick still hadn’t told the rest of the family about your pregnancy yet, and since Alfred had been so kind as to organize a tea party for Mary, you decided it would be the perfect opportunity to reveal the news.

“Not only is she a cool kid. She’s also a princess!” Stephanie bursts around the corner and places a tiara on Mary’s head and hands her a pink frilly wand.

“Can I be a princess if I don’t have any hair?” Mary looks up at Steph and Harper with big blue eyes.

Stephanie’s smile only falters for an instant before she recovers her bubbly smile. “Of course, Mary! Being a princess isn’t about what’s here.” She rubs her thumb from Mary’s temple to where her hair once was. “It’s about what’s here that makes a princess.” She pokes Mary in the chest before moving her hands to the girl’s sides to tickle her.

When Bruce walks in the room Mary stops laughing by using sheer willpower. Holding in her smile and pointing at Bruce, she makes her first royal declaration with a wave of her wand. “If I’m a princess then I’m gonna make Grandpa a princess, too!”

“Princess Bruce?” Harper asks as she carries Mary to her seat at the dining table.

“No, Princess Grandpa!”

“Princess Grandpa. That has a certain ring to it.” Jason says as he enters the room with Rosie in his arms. His wife follows behind, holding Matt’s hand, and they all take a seat as Tim, Damian, and Cass come in and take their seats, too.

The table is quickly filled with love and laughter as the tea party starts. The joy on Mary’s face as she ‘hosts’ her part makes your heart sing, though your daughter’s happy face briefly turned sour when Tim asked for coffee instead of tea.

After giving everyone enough time to settle in and warm up, you grab Dick’s hand. “Everyone, I—we have an announcement to make.”

Everyone stops and stares at you with wide eyes, afraid of what news you have to deliver and with everything that’s been going on you can hardly blame them.

Dick gives your hand a reassuring squeeze. “I’m pregnant.”

“We’re going to have another baby.” Dick adds with a smile.

The staring doesn’t stop, but the uniform feeling of tense fear shifts to excitement. Suddenly you’re flooded with congratulations and happy tears.

“You mean I’m going to be a big sister?!” Mary squeals in excitement and bounce up and down in her seat, and her reaction makes everyone laugh. “If it’s a baby sister can her name be Wonder Woman?”

You laugh and try thinking of the best way to let her down easily. “Sweetheart, I realize you love Wonder Woman, but that might not be the best name for a baby sister.”

“Superman then.” Why aren’t you surprised she jumped to another superhero?

“I don’t think that will work either, Sweetheart.”

“Why not?”

“Well—” you stop mid-sentence when you look at your husband, his mouth partially open as if he’s about to speak. “No.”

Dick is slightly taken aback. “Y/N, you don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“Honey, I have been married to you for quite a while now. I know that look in your eyes, and I’m telling you right now that we are not naming our second child Superman.”

“But Mary suggested it.”

“She is also four, but nice try.”

“What about Batman?” Jason asks.

“No. Batman is a loser. I like Superman.” Mary says before you can respond to Jason’s question. Across the table Bruce chokes on his tea.

“But who has the coolest gadgets?” Bruce asks Mary.

“Batman.” Tim stares into his coffee cup.

“Who has the tricked out ride?”

“Batman.” Tim says again.

“Who always pays his taxes?”

Tim snorts. “Not Batman.” Bruce looks at Tim, silently asking him to pick a side and stick to it.

“Superman. It’s definitely Superman.” Jason says.

“See! I guess it’ll have to be Superman.” Dick turns to you, and you roll your eyes at his ridiculous behavior.

“Honey, please be serious about what we name our child.”

“Y/N, your husband’s name is Dick.” Jason pipes up.

“That may be, but I imagine you have been called that on more than one occasion by everyone in this room.”

Jason opens his mouth to shoot a comeback, but Mary pipes up from beside you with a sudden serious expression.


“What is it, Sweetie?” You ask in a soft, sweet voice.

“Will you and Daddy love the new baby more than me?” She asks without looking you in the eye.

“Of course not! What would possibly make you think that?” You are shocked at her question, and you can feel Dick’s demeanor shift from carefree to serious.

“Well, the new baby won’t be broken like I am. Won’t you like it better?” She sniffles as tears well up in her eyes.

“Oh, Mary.” You pick her up and pull her into your lap and hold her to your chest. “You are not broken.”

“But the doctor says I’m really sick. I don’t even have hair anymore.” Mary’s voice is muffled and her tears are seeping into your shirt. Dick wraps one arm around you and rubs Mary’s back with the other hand.

“Alfred doesn’t have hair anymore. Is he broken?” Dick asks softly?

There’s a pause for a few seconds while Mary thinks about it. “No.”

“Mary, you are our Little Bird. And there’s nothing that can change that. We will love you forever, and we’ll like you for always.” Dick starts quoting from Mary’s favorite story in an attempt to make her feel better.

You kiss the top of her head. “As long as we’re living, our baby you’ll be.”

As you sit with your little girl’s cheeks drying and your husband’s arms around you, a sudden rush of strength and love washes over you.

You will make it through this. And the love of your family is what will keep you going until the race is done.

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P1. Tim x Fem!Damian cracks me up. Cause I always imaged that Dami is the kind of person who is a late bloomer, so she probably starts rapidly growing at 16. Tim would think that he can always scoop her up anytime he wants until that happens and he's sorta sad about it, but not so much. And I think they would be in a relationship when Dami is 21 or something. So she would tower over him and tease him constantly.

P2. And when they have kids, all of them would be taller then him too. So Tim is the shortest and his kids likes to throw him up to the air. Tim is tired with this family, but he loves his wife and children. And that’s adorable.

haha aww poor Tim would be so exhausted by his family. But the teasing always ends with hugs and cheek kisses for dad :3 :3 

(I think it might also make him sad because his wife and his kids always jump in front of him in a fight because he’s smaller. Breaks his big ol’ heart, and might take him a long time to get over that, even after they all come home safe. Damian will have to hold him while they rest, and listen to he half-hearted, anguished scolding Tim gives her about her and their kids protecting him every time.)

Tim really hates it when Damian tosses him over her shoulder though. ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE TEACHES THEIR KIDS TO DO IT, HONEY NO.