tim and the lovely wife too

i started watching santa clarita diet tonight and only a few minutes into the first episode I was like “this is so bad and I can’t tell if it’s bad on purpose or not” but I watched the next episode anyway and long story short I’m on episode 5 now and I LOVE IT JOEL IS SO CUTE AND IM IN LOVE W ERIC AND SHELIA IS THE STRONG FEMALE LEAD I NEED AND ABBY’S BADASS TOO but joel is my favorite tbh tim is so goddamn cute

honestly I 100% suggest this show if you like normal people getting into fucked up situations like having to kill people so your wife can eat

but it’s also quirky and sweet and yeah the first episode isn’t really that funny until the end but after shelia does her first kill the humor just gets so much better. I love this show already and I don’t want to finish the season