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A Soul Mate to Remember Chap 2

Here’s Chapter 2! Please enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Y/N- your name

L/N- last name

TW: Some name calling/cursing, if I need to add any, please message me!

The party was going splendidly. You hadn’t been forced to talk to anyone, the food was sub-par, and they had a slushy machine filled with a mixed drink that you could probably convince someone to grab one for you at some point. Maybe your cousin, who already seemed to have one to many of them…

 Now paparazzi had been chased off by your uncle and a few police friends, you could tell that the Waynes were somewhat relaxed now. You were standing at a table next to the pool. While your mother was with the Waynes talking, and you could somewhat hear their conversation. What you couldn’t hear, you guessed.

“Oh, I’m Ms. L/N, Greg was my husband’s brother, that’s my daughter, Y/N, over there,” You saw her motion to you and you waved, Mr. Wayne and his wife waved back.

 "She looks so lovely,“ Mrs. Wayne complemented on you to your mother,” I just love her hair.“

 "Thank you, so do you have any children?”

  You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. Your mother knew the answer to that question, and all the rumors too, she read every tabloid available.

“Yes,” Mr. Wayne answered,“ Four boys, ages twenty-six to ten. We adopted most of them at young ages, actually the older three are all here tonight.”

“We should introduce them,” Mrs. Wayne said,“Their names are Richard, Jason and Tim.”

Your mother chuckled,“Oh my! That’s a lot of boys, how do you manage? It must be so hard being outnumbered!”

 Mrs. Wayne laughed, and you checked yourself out of the conversation by checking your lipstick in your phone, before settling on devouring a cupcake.

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thexfile  asked:

Hi Maru do you think Darren is gay really or bisexual?What is your opinion about this question?

Hey again, as much as I want to think Darren is bisexual, I’m afraid he’s not. He has said that he always knew it but for cultural, familiar and social pressure he hid it from himself. He has said that being gay doesn’t mean he doesn’t find women attractive and admire their beauty, and that he fell in love with his ex wife bcs she was his best friend.

I remember one episode of the he said show when Tim asked him if he were immortal like a vampire, what would he do? And Darren answered that after the death of Richard his husband, he would sleep with women just because he can. And he said he can watch straight porn without problem and having experienced sex with women too in his life is something that has given him a major understanding of the human life.

So I really think he’s gay but as he knows he has majority of female fans, he likes to makes us fantasize with him and he enjoys to know that we women desire him 😉