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Who do you think is the better couple? Dick and Jason? Or Tim and Jason??

I used to ship jaytim, but I’ve gotten so annoyed by all of the Discourse about it that at this point I’m just like :) ya know what? ya’ll can keep Tim far away from Jason thanks. I don’t ship jaydick, but some of the fanart is just so ;)))) so I’ll reblog it every now and then, but rarely. So I guess by comparison, Dick and Jason are the better couple?? Idk. 

TimKon Headcanons: Sleep

When Kon can actually talk Tim into sleeping, Tim falls asleep much faster than Kon, while it takes Kon a little bit of reading or browsing on his phone to sleep.

Tim likes to either use Kons chest or arm as a pillow. When asked about it, he said that Kon was warmer than a pillow, but not as soft.

Tim falls asleep all over their apartment, Kon can only fall asleep in a bed, or on a beach. (from his time in Hawaii) One of his favorite things to ever do with Tim is spend some time in Hawaii, and just sleep on the beach all night, with only the sand for a blanket. It was surprisingly comfortable.

Kon usually wakes up first (because Tim is usually sleep deprived.) Kon also usually floats around in the morning so he doesn’t wake Tim up, and makes him breakfast.

Tim sleeps in a t-shirt and boxers. Kon sleeps in boxers. Tim likes this a lot.

Tim is a light sleeper, Kon is not. Needless to say, whenever something is up and either of them gets a call, Tim always answers it to see what’s going on, and if it’s worth waking Kon up.

-Kind of a surprise post, but I hope you enjoyed. Comment your own sleep Headcanons (if you would like). Have a nice MLK day everyone!

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hi bru, thanks for the quick reply. well, he's acting on mphfpc was a bit lacking, but i don't wanna jump and blame it all on tim burton cause he managed to get some really great performances from ella, fin and of caurse eva green and sam L. jackson. i think asa, maybe because of his young age, the fact that he started so youngand so big and didn't really properly went to drama school means he has some technique problems (not to say he's a shit actor 'cos he does have talent).

…i think the problem, and from some interviews with him i have read, he thinks that working alongside famous actors and directors it’s the perfect drama school and it’s not in my opinion. i personaly believe acting is a serious profession and just like a doctor or a lawyer need to study so does actors. that’s why i have alot of respect from ella, for example, cause she went to loads of acting schools and classes and it shows. but yeah, tsbu looks nice and he seems to be improving.

yes, everyone else in the mphfpc were great, i looooved Ella’s perfomance. I didnt mean to blame on Tim, what I wanted to meant and his character seemed to been poorly written, maybe not giving Asa much to work with. But of course there is a little blame on him too, because who is acting at the end is him.

Yeah, he has worked with a lot of great actors, Ender’s Game team was all (the main) oscar nominated one, also he has worked with great directors too. I think for his age his acting is good, he is very good in drama, at least. But he could be better, yes. I think when he was younger he used to act a lot more natural, and in TTS and MPHFPC it seems he started to… be a little worse than he used to be. It seems he wasn’t giving everything he had, idk. As he said, practice can help you a lot in learning, but when you study too it improves a lot more. We have to have in mind that he used to do basically one movie a year, and not study drama, so his acting was very good for someone like this. now he is doing more movies, he finishes one and starts another, so i think it also helps him in improving. 

I don’t think he plans on studying drama anytime soon. He is very dedicated to every role he gets, he studies while he is doing movies, but it seems that when he is not shooting a movie he is not an actor and doesn’t really care for his acting stuff, he is just the nerd Asa. It would be great if he could spend a little time to learn more, but if he thinks he didn’t need it, and by doing movie he improves,and we see that he improves, it is good by me :)


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  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: Timothy Jackson Drake dedicated himself to searching every corner of the earth for proof that Bruce was still alive even when everything was saying otherwise. He's devoted his life to his friends and family and cares too much about all of them to give up on them. But everyone just went along and accepted that Tim was dead when there wasn't even a body, just a bloody staff left. Everyone Tim cared about just assumed he was dead after his death was staged and didn't even try to see if it wasn't true. Why does DC comics hate Tim Drake so much????
  • Me: I love all the Robins equally
  • *trips and hundreds of picture of Tim Drake fall out*
  • Me: Fuck it's not what it looks like. I love them all so much. Jason is so complex, Dami has a good redemption arc, Steph is so-
  • *dozens of Tim headcanons fall out while I pick up the pictures*
  • Me: Look I don't have a favorite Robin, they're all my favorites. This is all a mistake
  • *Falls and a bunch of unfinished Tim fics scatter*
  • Me: Shit, listen, I'm holding them for Kon, listen

Headcanon that Tim is actually an angry drunk. He crashes into the manor on his 21st birthday at midnight bellowing, “Where isss he? Imma fight ‘im. Imma fight you, Ba'man. Broose. Broose! Get down here! Imma SLAP you. Yeah.”
And Bruce is holding back laughter and makes some coffee for him to sober up. But when he turns around to hand it to Tim, Tim whacks him right on the nose.
“Put 'em uppp… Imma fight you.”
“I never knew you were so violently inclined, Timothy.”
“Lessss chat more sssslap. Stop moving so I can hit you.”
“I’m not moving.”
“Whoa. I think somefing isss happening wif my eyesss.”
“You’re drunk.”
“Das not it.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Nope! Isss somefing different. Come here.”
“We’re gunna FIGHT.”

“What’s This?” - Jack Skellington meets Castiel 

What’s this? What’s this?
He’s pretty like a song
What’s this?
So pretty that it’s wrong
What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up, Jack!
This isn’t fair!
What’s this?

What’s this? What’s this?
His wings are very soft
What’s this?
Why does he look so cross?

Jack can see Castiel’s wings, and they’re both bewildered by each other.


I want to do something fun with this:
Continue the lyrics of Jack praising Cas (JUST CASTIEL, please) in bewilderment.
It MUST be in the form of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I’ll reblog it if I find yours to be a hilarious masterpiece.
if you can get @mishacollins to participate. (I wish!)

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You’ve seen Tim, you’ve seen Pay, you’ve seen Ded

Get ready for this fucker

I guess,, heres *Squints* Torc?

i suppose i could say he likes

  • Herbal tea
  • Swing Music
  • Drawing
  • Nail Polish/make up
  • Outspace
  • Blogging


  • He is Vegan
  • Passive Agressive
  • a Secret sinnamon roll
  • Nervous gay™ 
  • He probably works at a cafe
  • secretly smokes in a secretive way

also has the infinity symbol tattooed on his wrist


Costume swap bc why not