tim abbott

A couple of well timed 360 tail blunt slides, so we recently returned to the island nation of Aruba and returnd to a hill we had scoped out and skated in the past this time with new tricks and years more experience under our belts, this hill is an absolute blast and out in the middle of very dry arid desert we had so much fun shredding it again and have more of this to come. Always bring your board when you travel

So if you follow us you may have noticed that lately we’ve been uploading pictures of us skating in a desert. The story behind this is my brother and I taking a trip to Aruba which is more or less a desert island once you get away from the coast. We decided to bring our boards in the hope that we just might find at least one sweet hill to sesh. All week we asked tons of locals about any kind of hills with roads on the island and it seemed none of them really could fathom why we gave a flying fuck. We went parasailing one day and befriended a cab driver who told us about a hill in the desert called Alto Vista. We decided the next day we were definitely going to dedicate to skating and so we called a cab that next morning with boards in hand at which point to our astonishment the cab driver asked us if we went parasailing the previous day. He said that our cab driver from parasailing had put out over the intercom that two insane kids wanted to skateboard down a hill in the desert. We told our cab driver the day of our skate trip that we were of course those insane kids and he spent the entire cab ride out to the desert laughing at us he said and I quote “You’re going to fall into the cactus and I hope I don’t come back to find you dead.” We arranged a pickup time and shredded this beautiful hill for a few hours and were picked up by the same cab driver to his amazement intact. The lesson here is just fucking shred.