Fanart - The Teamiplier (again)

I..I just love drawing these guys 💛💜❤💙 also! I added @PamelaHorton13 from Twitter to the team. She’s kinda the new member I guess?? She’s not main cast, I like to think she’s like the “back up gal” y'know? And she needs moar love uwu

Speed Draw >>

Anyways hope ya enjoy! :D
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Julian Blackthorn from Cassandra Clare’s The Dark Artifices !

I love him because he is such a complicated character; he is so complex and kinda problematic, sometimes? he has that darker side that I would not have expected such a cinnamon roll looking character to have, and it was a pleasurable surprise!

ok so i feel like when darry and tim are mad at their siblings they totally do the full name thing, but it’s like personalized for each kid, like with curly, tim is just like “CHARLES!!!” and curly’s booking it tf out and for angela he gets like really quite and is just “angela…..” like such a deep sigh at the end and darry is like screaming at the top of his lungs “sodapop patrick!” but for pony he’s just like “you !!” because he’s so mad he can’t talk