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Tilza - TERA: 6, 3, 25

6: Does your OC have a realistic image of their own intelligence?

Oh no he does not. Frankly Tilza thinks he’s above that question. To him intelligence is a matter of knowing, understanding, and employing different systems, strategies and paradigms to achieve certain goals. He sees himself as disproportionately masterful at everything he does. If he didn’t think he was the best at doing something, he’d let someone else do it, and we all know how often Tilza actually delegates things that he cares about: never.

At the same time, Tilza downplays his intelligence the same way he downplays his pride. His faux-humility game is not as strong as he thinks it is.

3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?

Of course he does, and Tilza would think that it’s hypocritical not to. It’s just how social interaction is done. He’s stoic and preening around everyone, but he knows when to play up his humility and when to be boastful. He’s much more dismissive and implacable around Illira, for instance, than around Antimony, whom he had learned awards brownie points in exchange for displays of vulnerability.

25: How would your OC process the grief caused by the death of a loved one?

Oh sheesh I’m not sure that’s something that Tilza would show. He gets really protective of certain people, and if one of them died? I’m sure he’d either pretend the person never existed or that the death was in some way deserved or expected. Like, okay, Aeriyn died. Tilza doesn’t talk about her, and he outwardly credits her death to her own actions. Inwardly, he believes there was some failure to protect her, but that manifests as a feeling to be ignored and not thought about.

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Tilza ➵ Mizar

I would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | I dislike you or you annoy me. | I would like to get to know you better. | I pity you. | you confuse me. | I feel indifferent towards you. | I would be friends with you. | I would fight by your side. | I would hug you or hold your hand. | I would kiss you. | I would sleep with you. | I would lie for you. | I would protect you. | I would fall (possibly) in love with you. | I would kill for you | I respect you. | you are my family. | I don’t know you.

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Hogwarts Tilza!: 44. If he's of age age, would he try to enter the triwizard tournament if they ever host one again? 18. Do you think he'd get a lot of detention? For what reason/s?

Easy answers!

For 44: Tilza wouldn’t enter the tournament. He might instruct someone else to enter and help them win, then turn that to some kind of personal gain, but he has no use for personal fanfare. Celebrity is not a helpful thing to have.

For 18: Probably not? Tilza’s one to skirt the edge of a rule in such a subtle way that if he’s caught it’s easily explained away as misinterpretation or good intentions. Of course, he does break far more severe rules far more carefully, but if he ever got caught doing any of those things the punishment would go way beyond detention.