Theoi of the Fairgrounds

•Aphrodite flitting from girl to girl, giving last-minute touchups for Little Miss pageant contestants.

•Demeter judging the fruits and vegetables for the 4-H club projects while Hephaestus looks proudly over the crafts and wood projects.

•Poseidon and Athena judging the horse shows

•Zeus and Hera strolling amongst the cattle, searching for the perfect steer to take back home to Olympus.

•Hestia working in the food booths, making sure everyone is well-fed and comfortable, sneaking an extra roll to her patrons, handing out cold bottles of water, and giving her workers a break when they need it.

•Artemis watching out for little children and young girls when the sun goes down and the neon lights come on.

•Dionysus distributing “just a little pick me up” to weary adults behind the bathrooms and sending kids on an extra spin through the tiltowhirl.

•Ares commentating the demolition derby and tractor pulls.

•Apollo and Hermes as carnies, swindling parents out of their money for rigged games, and rewarding the successful with gifts of stuffed animals and bagged goldfish.

•Persephone snapping pictures for the local paper, placing her favorites to the side to take the joys of summer home to Haides when the fall comes.

The Theoi present in the most well-known displays of rural community and entertainment. Country Gods for country institutions.