PHOEBE TONKIN GIF HUNT  — “as amy tilton”

           Under the cut you will find the long awaited 160 HQ TEXTLESS gifs of Phoebe Tonkin in the role of Amy Tilton. All these gifs were made by me and I will periodically be updating this gif hunt if I make more. Please like, reblog or just let me know with a kind message if you use these gifs, or add them to your own gif hunt! You may use these gifs to make gif icons and static icons, under the condition that if doing so please credit me and you must link me. Enjoy!

+ LAST UPDATED: April 2017

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Phoebe Tonkin’s ABC | A for ACTRESS

It’s important for little girls to have characters to look up to, and also be entertained by the fantasy parts. There are a lot of not-so-good role models out there for younger kids, it’s good to have someone they can relate to on television.


On this day music history: February 21, 1981 - Prince makes his first appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live performing “Party Up”. Hosted that week by actress Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”), Prince is booked on the show on the recommendation of Eddie Murphy who becomes the breakout star of the show’s new cast. The episode becomes infamous because the expletive “f***” is said twice in the program during the live broadcast. Once by Prince during his performance, and by comedian Charles Rocket in a sketch. Rocket is fired for his infraction, while Prince’s goes largely unnoticed on the original broadcast and subsequent re-broadcasts of the program in syndication.

This is Wilde’s copy of his friend Theodore Tilton’s collection of poetry ‘Thou and I’. He has inscribed in the cover, “Theodore Tilton brought me to see the room where Poe wrote The Raven – on Friday, Nov. 10. an old wooden house over the Hudson – low rooms – fine chimney piece – very dull Corot day – clergyman with reminiscences of Poe – about chickens -“
The style of this particular quote is interesting - the disjointed, stream-of-consciousness, vignette-like way of writing is unusual for Oscar. He might have been jotting down writing ideas, or just recalling details as they came to him. Anyway, it’s interesting, and amusing.