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Oooooh man can I get “What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.” from modernAU!Kylo? Just thinking about him saying that to me has got me sweatin' like a sinner in church, girl! 😩😍

1 & 149! Please kylo please !

Hoooo girl, I’m there with you haha. Alright, we’re doing this one (or these ones) with modern Kylo! Hope you enjoy :)

Modern AU Kylo +  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” +  “I just need ten minutes.” +  “What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.”

Tilting your head to the side you looked yourself over in the mirror, faintly tugging at the bottom of your skirt that accompanied your ensemble. Though you weren’t always one to wear anything this “scantly” of clothing your friend was hosting a party and you found no other occassion befitting for the outfit. Considering how long it had been sitting in your closet, you were more than eager to finally break it in. 

Smiling to yourself you bent forward, retrieving your strappy heels from the ground as you carefully slid them onto your feet. As you began to tie up the right heel you suddenly heard a familiar baritone voice behind you.

“Is that lingerie?”

Turning your face to look at Kylo behind you, you shook your head.

“No, why would you think that?”

His nostrils flared as his eyes raked over your entire body, ravaging in the sight. Even at this point in your relationship you had yet to wear any sort of lingerie or anything especially “sexy” for Kylo, so naturally, your outfit was about as close as he had ever seen you in. The sight consuming all of his attention as he gulped. 

“Your ass is practically out.”

You snorted faintly, “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Your attention turned back to the last ties you needed to make in order to secure your heels before you heard the soft thuds of Kylo’s feet approaching you. The closer he got the more you could swear you heard a low rumbling eminate from his chest. 

“I didn’t know you owned this.”

You smirked as you stood back up straight, suddenly realizing just how close Kylo was standing as you practically knocked into him with a slight turn around. 

“I haven’t had an occassion to wear it to.”

Kylo’s eyes, pupils blown wide, raked over you once again now taking in the full expanse of your outfit. 

“You don’t need one.”

You arched a brow with a playful smirk, “Oh? …You like it?”

He nodded, “Very much so.”

Slowly he brought his rough hands to your upper arms, gently gripping onto them as he returned your smirk.

“In fact..”

In an instant he leaned down and was ravaging your lips with his, almost dizzying you from the sudden onslaught. Your calves hit the back of your bed, causing your eyes to open for a moment as you brought your hands up to Kylo’s chest and gave him a little push.

“Kylo no, I need to get ready and-”

“I just need ten minutes.”

You shook your head faintly with a giggle, “Kylo-”

Suddenly he put one of his fingers up to your lips, silently shushing you as he stared intently into your eyes.

“Can I convince you?”

You sighed as you gestured for him to speak. Instead he remained silent and opted to make his point physically. Gently he pushed you onto the bed, assuring you were sitting down, his hands then continued to push you back, your body laying out on the mattress. You sighed, about to fight back until he pushed you back down. Sighing dejectedly you accepted your position and relaxed on your back. 

Before you could protest or process what was happening you suddenly felt Kylo’s hands grip onto your thighs. Instantly perking your head up you looked down to Kylo who was spreading your legs before himself.



Instantly your heart began to race in your chest, your core faintly beginning to throb in anticipation. Slowly he leaned in towards your left thigh, leaving a chaste kiss to the exposed skin, almost as sensually as he would your lips. The sweet gesture however was quickly followed by a sudden bite to the flesh, eliciting a moan laced with shock. Kylo looked up to meet your eyes, his smirk more devious.

“What a nice little sound, I think I’ll bite there again.”

Just as he had said, Kylo’s teeth sunk into the flesh of your exposed upper thigh, this time earning a sharp inhale and a sigh from you. As Kylo’s eyes met yours again, your chest was now beginning to heave, your breathing growing more rapid already. You gulped.

“T-ten minutes?”

He nodded with the same smirk still playing on his lips, “Ten minutes.”

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9 for Ichiruki please?! *.*

9. “I’m sorry I punched you in the face.”

Ichigo’s holding his nose, blood welling between his fingers. 

“Whaddid you do that for Rukia?” he slurs, and sits down on his bed. Rukia pulls tissues out of the box and hands them to him. He tilts his head back and presses the tissues to the end of his nose. 

“I’m sorry,” Rukia says, “you startled me! I didn’t realise it was you.” 

“Who else would it be?” Ichigo grouses. “As if anyone else is dumb enough to try and wake you up by shaking you.” 

“I didn’t mean to punch you in the face!” Rukia protests, “I was aiming for your stomach - why were you so close to me anyway?” She looks at him, and Ichigo rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. 

“It’s breakfast time, didn’t want you to miss the pancakes.” 


“Watching myself in the phone camera…!”


honestly? one of the shippiest moments in rogue one was when cassian and jyn were trapped in that alley in jedha between two sets of stormtroopers. they just glanced at each other and knew, no need to say anything, just swung out to face the stormtroopers with their backs to each other. these two kiddos had known each other for like, five hours, and they were already communicating wordlessly help me


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