The iconic Trevi Fountain. da massimo cuomo
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3 shots vertical panorama with Samyang 24 mm tilt-shift lens. Follow me on My Facebook Page


“Tootie, King of the Head Tilt.”

Charlie is searching for a new home! Get A Bull Rescue in Huntington, New York is working to help him find one.

Here is his request list:

  • New family must love him.
  • New family must promise to keep him close forever and ever.
  • New family must give belly rubs.
  • Did he mention new family must love him?

That’s not a big ask! Charlie loves to play and go for walks, and although he walks with a limp, he’s otherwise healthy. He’s a mushy lovebug when it comes to people, but he should probably be your one and only pet.

Email getabullrescue@gmail.com or call 516-714-4403 to make Charlie’s dreams come true!