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“Hey Pete what’s up?” You said smiling at the silver haired boy, once he zoomed to your side. Peter opened his mouth as if to say something but no sound came out.

You tilted your head to the side, a concerned look appearing on your face.
“Is everything okay Peter?”.

“Well I ah…” Peter stammered. Jeez you could see the beads of sweat dripping down his face as he attempted to talk to you. Instead of finishing his sentence Peter chose to super speed away. You were shocked. Peter didn’t seem like a shy guy. What could have possibly gotten into him?


a study in communication [jyn/cassian, rogue one]

part 5 of the semantics series

When the convenient reason for living together disappears, it becomes painfully obvious that they haven’t really talked this through.

“She was there all morning, K,” says Cassian, mild, his hand still warm against her leg. “Is something up?”

K2 tilts his head. “I did not mean your room, Cassian. I was speaking about Jyn’s room.”

They all stare at him. Given that she and Cassian have been bunking together for nearly a month—which, despite their never addressing it in public, seems to be common knowledge on base—this is all making very little sense.

“You’re positive you’re not short-circuiting?” Jyn asks, now feeling somewhat concerned.

“I’m not short-circuiting,” K2 snaps. “Are you?”

“K—” Cassian warns.

“Power has been restored to the south quadrant,” K2 explains, as though appalled the rest of them are only just finding out about such important news. “Everyone is returning to their original quarters. Your room is yours again.”

Jyn is skilled at masking her reactions by now; she’s had years of practice. Her stomach clenches involuntarily, and her heart stutters pointlessly against her chest, but she keeps her face even. She doesn’t so much as blink.

Beneath the table, Cassian’s hand stiffens against her thigh.

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a/n: mushing prompts together yeeee

“This color’s weird.” 

You stop painting and look towards where he is. The sun is hitting it a bit weirdly from where he’s standing, and the yellow looks a bit orangey. You pout your lips a bit as you think. “We’ll grow to love it, I’m sure,” you say, but Shawn can definitely tell that you’re anything but sure. 

So that’s how you end up sitting in the middle of your empty living room, the walls half painted, and Shawn’s fingers knotting your hair into something that looks a bit like a braid if you squint and tilt your head to the side and then maybe close your eyes. Loose strands hang around your face and you have to spit the strands out of your mouth a couple times. “There,” he says, “beautiful. Even better than before if you ask me.” 

You reinspect your appearance in the mirror. Shawn’s biting down hard on his bottom lip to keep from laughing, but when your eyes meet in the reflection you both burst into giggles. “It looks like a two year old did it,” you wheeze, gathering all the missing strands together in your fist. 

“But, like, a talented two year old right?”


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*tilts head* what kind of food do u like to eat ?

“I don’t eat anything with fruits or vegetables in it…. Basically nothing that’s a plant…. I like steak…. and bacon… Basically anything Gear cooks for me.”

Midnight ; Jackson Scenario

Warning: implied sex

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The room was dark, your sight taken from you momentarily. The sound of clothes being discarded, your heavy breathing, and your constant whimpering filling the room. Your body shook as you watched an outline of his body move atop of you. Lifting a finger toward you, he tilted your chin up, forcing you to meet his intense gaze. His chest pressed into yours; surely he could hear your racing heartbeat. 

“Jackson,” you whispered, his name repeating itself in your swirling mind as though it were a mantra. He leaned forward, his lips pressing against your ear, his hot breath tickling your skin.

“Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?”

Maybe you didn’t, but you were surely going to find out.

The parallel between the baby kick scene and the one we got in 4x02.

Other people mentioned it on Klayley groupchat in twitter and it was a direct parallel.

Hayley asking klaus if he wanted to feel the baby kick, her head tilt and come on when she she’s his apprehension, klaus coming and seeing his daughter vs feeling her for the first time, his beautiful smile and then hayley’s beautiful smile seeing klaus’s amazement by something they’ve created.

I’m sorry but Hayley ships Klopely more than anything.

If you want to gauge just how terrible pisces are, my 14 year old sister stick n poked the symbol, tilted, on her knee last night, and didnt even draw the sides turned outwards so it just looks like a poorly stylized H, and now she’s hiding it from our mother by putting sharpie/makeup over it which could easily lead to an infection, and good luck doing that all summer m8

Battered and Bruised Ch. 2 (Bucky x reader)

So, here’s chapter two of my latest Bucky imagine. I’m going to work on putting a shortcut to chapter one, but for the meantime just search Battered and Bruised on my profile. I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy! :)

Description: Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Angst, violence

shortcut to chapter 1: https://pietro-capimagines.tumblr.com/post/158788168822/battered-and-bruised-bucky-x-reader


After the sad confrontation between you and Bucky in the bathroom, you both laid in bed for the rest of the day.

“Baby?” You tilted your head up to look at him as you were laying on his chest. Your legs were tangled, his flesh arm was around your waist while his metal one was gently brushing through your hair.

“Hmm?” He responded softly, his body warm against yours, his heartbeat finally steady after sobbing for so long. He looked down at you, trying to give you a small smile.

“You know I love you, right? We’re going to get past this, it’s going to get better. And hell, I could care less if I get a million more bruises. I don’t care, because as long as I’m with you, I couldn’t be happier. Never forgot that, okay?” You brought a small smile to your lips, kissing his collarbone.

His trying smile faded. “And I love you just the same. All the more reason why it hurts me so much that I did this to you.” Tears began to well up in his eyes again. “I’m dangerous, F/N. If I hurt you again, who knows how much damage I could do.”

“I know it’s the nightmares, and I know how vivid they can be. You know I don’t blame you. It’s going to get better, you and me are going to get through this.” You snuggled up to him as close as possible.

He wanted to believe you, but there was so much fear bottled up inside of him. All he could think about were the worst case scenarios. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he seriously injured you. Bucky didn’t say anything after that, all he wanted to do was hold you as close as possible.

Neither of you got up from that bed for the rest of the day, hunger didn’t seem to reach either of you so you went on comforting Bucky, being the one person he knew would always be there.

You talked about everything. It was mostly about your relationship, how far you’ve come over the last 9 months, and all the great memories you had with him. After the many hours of laying together, talking, laughing, he finally lightened up.

“We haven’t moved from this bed since 10am.. and it’s 11:30pm.” You were giggling into his chest.

He joined in your laughter and rolled over so he was on top of you. He placed sweet kisses all over your exposed skin, earning the sound of you laughing, telling him to get off. He loved your laugh so much, it always made him crack a smile. The way your lips curled up and how your eyes sparkled sent him over the moon with adoration.

When he finally got off of you, you snuggled back into him. His steady heartbeat pulled you to sleep, leaving Bucky awake by himself.

“Goodnight my love.” He whispered into your hair before placing a gentle kiss on it.

He didn’t sleep that night, or the night after, or the night after. He was so afraid of hurting you, so afraid of what he was capable of. All he did was watch you sleep. He thought you looked so peaceful, so beautiful when you slept. He loved the way your eyes fluttered when you dreamed, but just when a smile was about to form on his face; thoughts of him doing you harm flooded his broken mind.

Silent tears would stream down his face as he held your sleeping body close to him. It went on like this for days. Every morning Bucky would wake up with even more tired eyes than the day before. You tried to coax him into getting sleep at night, but his fear was washing over him like a tidal wave.

“Baby, you can sleep. I trust you. I love you. I want you to be at peace.” It was a Saturday morning and Bucky looked exhausted. You were cupping his face in your hands, looking at him with the utmost concern.

“I won’t be at peace till I know I can fall asleep without having to worry about hurting you.” His face was hard, he was serious. You gave him a slight frown and pulled his face to yours, your lips contacting his soft ones. You kissed him sweetly when your phone rang. You annoyingly pulled away, Bucky could tell by your reaction that you didn’t want to stop. He chuckled and cracked a smile.

You grabbed your phone. It was from Steve.

It read: Gear up everyone. We have a mission. Meet in the debriefing room in 30 minutes.

“Come on, babe. Duty calls. We have a mission.” You took his hand and pulled him off the bed to go get dressed. He groaned, but complied.


“Okay, so tonight, our mission is to infiltrate the H.Y.D.R.A. headquarters to extract one of the infinity stones. They somehow found it, but it’s located in the heart of the base. We’re all going to have to work together to get it.” Steve was concerned for everyone’s safety. These evil men didn’t play nicely.

The ride on the quinjet was quiet. Everyone was getting in the zone. Bucky was slightly gripping your hand. You could tell that he was terrified to be going back into a H.Y.D.R.A. base.

“It'a going to be okay.” You whispered into his ear and kissed his temple. He gave you a shy smile, giving you a loving kiss to your lips. When he pulled away, his eyes were filled with so much love. But, as he looked away, his smile faded and fear took him over as the base came into view.

The drop door opened and everyone started to jump out. Bucky gave your hand one last squeeze before he let go and leaped out of the jet. You followed close behind and landed with your feet on the ground.

The mission seemed to be going perfectly, you were paired with Bucky. They made him your partner for every mission so in case anything related to the Winter Soldier happened, you would be there to calm him down and bring him back.

You and Bucky were almost at the middle of the base, you easily took out anyone that was in your way. You made it to the end of the hallway where the infinity stone lied and began to break the lock. You weren’t strong enough, so you switched places with Bucky. He broke the lock while you knocked out anybody that tried to get near him.

“I almost got it.” Bucky grunted out while trying to punch the lock with his metal arm.

You turned to him, “All clea-” you let out a groan as someone punched you in the gut, sending you to ground. Bucky instantly turned around at the sound. There you lay on the ground, with a gun pointed to your head.

“Come with me or I put a bullet through her pretty, little head.” The thick Russian accent of the H.Y.D.R.A. agent hung thick in the air. Bucky looked at you one more time and raised his hands. Another agent came from the side of him and hit him in the head with the butt of the gun, both your visions fading into black.


You woke up with your heading spinning. You were tied to a chair in a corner of the room, and you could feel the pain still bright in your abdomen. The only source of light was in the middle of the room, hanging above a metal table. As you strained your eyes, you saw someone chained to it. Bucky. There was dried blood on the side of his face.

“Bucky? Baby?” You groaned, the pain stretching to your ribs.

Bucky was thrashing around and immediately looked at the sound of your voice. Hope sparkled in his eyes, grateful that you were awake. “F/N, I love you. I love you so much.” It sounded like he was saying goodbye.

“No. Don’t do this. Do not be saying it like it’s goodbye, James Buchanan Barnes.” You were crying, tears streaming down your cheeks. “I love you more than you’ll ever know, but you aren’t going to do this to me. Don’t be acting this way.” He gave you a soft smile.

Then suddenly, a man burst through the door, and both of you snapped your heads up. The man had dark eyes, he was like a dark cloud rolling in. He had a notebook in his hand… with a red star on it. Bucky’s eyes went wild. The man smirked at you. He was going to make you watch, watch him suffer. You screamed, tears streaming down your face. You were yelling at Bucky to not give in, to be strong, but everything around him drowned out. You cried out that if he couldn’t, it was okay. That you loved him, that you wouldn’t blame him.

All Bucky focused on was the man with the notebook. The man in front of him smirked, throwing it down on the table, the sound echoing like a bomb in the room.


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My Little Mochi 10

[Oh my god!! I am so god damn sorry about the extremely late chapter! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! Here it is! You’ve waited long enough]


My eyes slowly flickered open as I felt something shuffling around on my body. Once my eyes were fully open I was caught in a pair of large, dark brown pupils. They were staring down at me and I was frozen. It was Jimin…I gulped the last bit of saliva that was left in my mouth as he slowly reached out his small, cute hand. I didn’t know what to do, I was completely stuck in my place. His hand then placed onto my cheek, and I felt a flipping sensation in the pit of my stomach as his icy cold fingers traced along my cheek. I found myself curling into his touch and he tilted his head a little, his eyes showing pure confusion. “J…Jungkook…” His sweet voice spoke out and I could have died happy right there and then…I held his hand on my cheek gently before looking back into his eyes.

“Don’t mind me…” A lower voice called out with a small cough. I suddenly shot up causing Jimin to tumble back onto my mattress with a small gasp.
I looked to the figure standing in my doorway and I tilted my head with a raised eyebrow.

“Wha…What are you doing here?” I asked furrowing my brow slightly.

“Well I wondered if you wouldn’t mind helping me out” Tae answered unfolding his arms with a grin on his face.

“Umm…Wait how did you even get in?!” I continued uncovering my body from the bed sheets, as I stood up scratching the back of my neck.

“Oh…umm well he let me in…” Tae pointed to Jimin who was now staring at me intensely and when I looked to Tae he seemed to be trying to avoid looking directly at me. Only then did I realise I was only wearing a pair of boxers, my whole upper body on show.

“Gah!” I yelped a little as I rushed to put the shirt and the pair of jeans I was wearing the previous day. “S-sorry” I stuttered a little embarrassed.

“No it’s fine…Umm so about that help” He took a step further into my room and out the corner of my eye I could see Jimin glaring harshly towards him, as if Tae was some kind of intruder, which in all honesty he was.

“What is it you even want help with?” I sighed rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“Well you’re top of our Law class and I’m kind of at the bottom…” He started.

“How low are your scores?” I questioned and Tae looked down a little ashamed.

“Well my lowest is 3…” Tae replied, and I raised an eyebrow a little curious.

“And your highest?” I continued.

“Well…It’s only 4…” Tae looked down once again and I found myself cackling out loud and he darted a glare at me. “Hey! I’m being serious here!”

“Sorry…I just, I can’t believe you got 4 out of 180! How is that even possible?!” I added and he just shrugged his shoulders in response, and I could see the embarrassment and sadness in his eyes and I kinda felt bad for him…“Well I was planning on turning you down, but with scores like that you need all the help you can get. Luckily you came to the right person” I confidently stated then I felt a soft tug on my arm. When I looked down Jimin was gritting his teeth violently. “What is it Jimini…Jimin?” I stopped a little hesitant as I didn’t want to make myself look pathetic in front of Taehyung, so I decide to call Jiminie by his actual name…

“Hungry…” Jimin answered in a whiney, but cute kind of voice.

“I’ll make you something in a second” I replied before turning back to Taehyung who had a keen eye on Jimin.

“What’s your name then?” Tae asked looking down at Jimin with a rectangular sort of smile. Jimin stumbled back behind me which made me smile a little.

“His name is Jimin” I answered for him and Tae continued to look to Jimin before slowly moving closer

“Not much of a talker huh?” He questioned approaching him as if he were a child.

“K…Kookie…” Jimin cried out and my heart thumped as he came out with the new name ‘Kookie’. I usually hated nicknames with a passion. I had always been against them, even when my ex girlfriend called me babe it made me puke inside my mouth…but something about that name coming from Jimin’s plump lips, it was like music to my ears.

“Sorry Tae. He doesn’t seem to like you” I pushed Tae back a little trying to protect Jimin.

“Awwh…Here I thought I was a likeable person” Tae groaned a little before shrugging his shoulders then skipping into the main room like a child. I turned down to Jimin and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“He isn’t going to hurt you Jiminie-Hyung. I promise” I reassured and his eyes followed to where Taehyung was then he quickly turned back to me shaking his head vastly. “You don’t have to talk to him ok. Just sit with us and I’ll make you something to eat alright?” I suggested and he looked down as if he was thinking before I felt his small fingers intertwine with mine, looking up at me with his signature eye smile.
We both walked into the main room hand in hand and I noticed Taehyung was looking around the room with a kind of satisfied expression. His eyes then averted down to mine and Jimin’s hands that were enclosed in each other’s. “Is it ok if we talk in the kitchen? Need to make some food” I stated.

“No not at all” Taehyung replied with his hands behind his back. Jimin stayed pressed up against my side as we walked into the kitchen together. I attempted to let go of Jimin’s hand, but he had a strong grip and he wasn’t going to let go.

“Jiminie…” I whispered under my breath in hope that he would let go. I had to pry his fingers away from mine and I could tell by his face he was not impressed, but how else was I supposed to make food…Couldn’t exactly do it one handed.

“So what you cooking?” Taehyung leaned over the kitchen counter trying to get a glimpse of what I was cooking.

“Just some pasta” I blankly replied placing the pan on the cooker.

“Is that pasta for 3?” Taehyung grinned and I closed my eyes with a sigh. First he came into my home without asking my permission, then he asks for my help, and then he was expecting me to make him food…

“I’ve only put in enough for Jimin.” I answered back as I poured the water into the pan.

“Oh well here!” Taehyung reached into the bag of pasta before pulling out a large handful of it and placing it into the pan. “Now there’s enough!”

“Yeah…now there’s enough” I clutched into the wooden spoon tightly. I was so close to smacking him, but I knew it would only scare Jimin…

“Rude.” Jimin spoke up and Taehyung’s eyes fell to where Jimin was sat on the counter, swinging his legs back and fourth innocently.

“Sorry?” Taehyung questioned.

“I said that’s rude.” Jimin repeated turning his head towards Taehyung and I couldn’t help but smirk a little.

“Wha…?” Taehyung gulped with wide eyes.

“Kookie didn’t offer you food.” Jimin continued and his gaze fell to me before he let out a small smile.

“Ah…I suppose so…Oops” Taehyung bit down on his finger as if he was scolding himself.

“Too late now anyway. It’s all cooking” I replied before draining the pasta and placing it back into the pan. “Jiminie, would you like cheese or tomato?” I asked looking at the jar of tomato pesto sauce in my hand, but he didn’t say anything. I turned around to face him and he just shrugged his shoulders curiously looking at Taehyung who was now tapping an incredibly annoying beat. “Tomato it is…” I groaned before adding the sauce. It was completely silent other then the tapping Taehyung was focused on and then I started to hear soft little hums from behind me that went perfectly in time with Taehyung’s tapping. It was really sweet and it even had me tapping my foot to the sound. Suddenly the tapping stopped and I heard a loud bang on then table.

“My god! Your voice is so soft and perfect!!” I heard a very excited Taehyung and when I turned around he had grabbed Jimin’s tiny and pure hands in his giant and sinful ones. I gritted my teeth trying to keep my cool, but I was struggling to let it happen. “I need to record your voice!! It’s too sweet to miss!” Taehyung praised and when I looked to Jimin I noticed how he lowered his head a wide smile showing on his lips. I clenched my fist and I couldn’t hold back anymore. Seeing the smile on Jimin’s face and the fact that it wasn’t made because of me, it made me jealous.

“Don’t touch him!” I pried Taehyung off of Jimin leaving a scratch on his arm.

“Owh!! What was that for?!” Taehyung whined holding his arm like I had just broken it.

“Oh it’s just a scratch!” I rolled my eyes before dishing out the pasta. I gently placed a large portion in front of Jimin with a smile “You need to eat more” I nodded before harshly slamming a small portion in front of Taehyung. “Here’s yours.”

“Thanks for the grub!” Taehyung clapped his hands excitedly before stuffing his face, clearly putting too much pasta in his mouth, whereas Jimin was more graceful, he took small mouthfuls, slowly chomping down on the pasta making a satisfied hum at every bite. “Wow you’re a really good cook!” Taehyung stated with his mouthful and I could see all the equations…
There was a long awkward silence and I had no idea how to break it. All I could hear was the loud chewing of pasta in Taehyung’s mouth. Suddenly my phone started to ring loudly and it made Jimin jump a little. I picked out my phone and the caller ID read 'Unknown’
Jungkook: Hello..?
??????: Excuse me but is this Jeon Jungkook?
Jungkook: Yes…Who’s asking?
??????: That doesn’t matter, I just want to know if a young boy named Park Jimin is living with you.
Jungkook:…I’m sorry I don’t know who that is…
??????: Are you sure, it’s quite important
Jungkook: No I’m sorry. Maybe if you leave a name I can call back?
??????: I can’t
Jungkook: That’s a shame. Goodbye.
_______________________ I hung up the phone before looking at the smiling Jimin enjoying his pasta. I don’t know why, but something just didn’t seem right about that call. Like how did he know my name and how did he know Jimin was even with me. He has only been with me a few days….
I guess I had been staring at Jimin for too long because the look I was given by Taehyung was questionable. “Are you guys…like really together?” He asked tilting his head and Jimin looked up from his bowl his cheeks filled so he looked like an adorable chipmunk.

“…T-together?” I stuttered a little looking down at the counter.

“Well yeah, for starters he was laid on top of you this morning, then you were holding hands and the way you looked at him…I don’t know, just seems like you are together” Taehyung explained and I scratched the back of my neck trying to think of something to say.

“…No, it’s not like that” I answered with a gulp, and he suddenly lunged to Jimin pulling him close against his chest.

“Great! That means I can have this cutie!” Taehyung squealed and I frowned deeply. I was about to pry him off Jimin again, but Jimin had already beaten me to it. Jimin had grabbed Taehyung’s arms and pushed him off with a growl, like he was some kind of dog, well more like a puppy…a cute puppy. “Hey…Don’t you find me annoyingly cute?” Taehyung smirked before pulling a silly face that was supposed to be 'cute’ I mean it was cute, but I wasn’t falling for it…Jimin then jumped down from the counter without a word, completely ignoring Tae, and he waddled his way over to my side. He sighed before resting on his tip toes and placing a small kiss on my cheek. My immediate reaction was to gasp, but I didn’t want anyone to know it affected me…plus I didn’t want to believe it affected me, so instead I just smiled and nodded down at him. “You lie!” Taehyung pointed and chuckled.

“Lie?” I tilted my head a little confused by his words.

“Well he just kissed your cheek” Taehyung shook his head with a box like grin.

“I was saying thank you for the food” Jimin bleakly replied before pushing himself against my side.

“Well where’s my thank you?! I want a kiss on the cheek!” Taehyung whined.

“Only Kookie gets my kiss” Jimin replied simply as if what he just said meant nothing. I choked on air from the shock of his words.

“Well I’ll come back tomorrow then! You can start tutoring me!” Taehyung blurted before he started to hurry for the exit.

“BYE!” I yelled just before I heard the door slam. I sighed in relief before leaning against the kitchen sink. “What an idiot jeez…”

“I don’t like him.” Jimin crossed his arms with a humph.

“He’s just a little simple minded.” I added, absently ruffling Jimin’s hair.

“He called me cute” Jimin pouted and I just chuckled rolling my eyes.

“You are” I accidentally spoke my mind and after I realised what I said I wanted to kick my myself. “I mean…”

“You think I’m cute?” Jimin looked up cocking his head to the side, his eyes turning into crescents as he smiled widely.

“Well, don’t you think you’re cute?” I tried to reverse the question in hope to save myself.

“I don’t know…and hey, you didn’t answer my question” Jimin continued in a childish like tone which only made my heart scream.

“I…well…You are quite cute…” I admitted and when I looked down at Jimin expecting a disgusted look on his face he just giggled softly before wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Kookie is quite cute too…” Jimin added and all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks. It was so hard to believe that this once conserved, quiet and sad boy was now attached to my waist, giggling softy…I was glad that he had opened up to me. Well he hadn’t really opened up to me, but he was more talkative and he seemed happier as well. I gently placed an arm around his back before resting my head on top  of his blonde mop of hair.
Although everything seemed quite perfect in that moment, something quite worrying kept burning in the pit of my stomach. That phone call was so  ominous…I wanted to know who that person was on the phone, but at the same time I didn’t, the voice was definitely male and it was quite deep with a booming tone. It sounded so dark…but this person knew something about Jimin…At the time I remember thinking about how he must have something to do with Jimin’s past, but if I asked it might just push Jimin away from me again, and we would be right back at square one…

[Again I am so sorry! I made it longer then usual as an apology and also I’m going to be posting a Jikook one shot later today as an apology and a thank you, because…I HIT OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!! Honestly can’t thank you all enough! I know to some people that might seem quite small, but honestly that’s amazing and I can’t express my gratitude! Thank you again I hope you enjoyed this chapter! 🔥🙌🏻💜]

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Do you have any cute/feminine/effeminate/pretty Harry fics? I don't mean cross dressing though. Thanks! Love your blog!

Maybe these then?

Failed Attempt at Love Potions - yourturnip

Draco tilted his head to the side, his eyebrows drawn in, and looked at Harry with confusion. The brunette didn’t seem to be acting any differently. He was just as adorably nervous as he had been during their first date last night. Maybe Blaise and Pansy had just been joking about slipping him the love potion.

Shy - thisaintmyname

Harry’s shy but Draco loves him anyway.

Watashi no kokoro “part 2″

Naruto’s POV

Set you free.

You wish for me to set you free, to watch you turn your back without a second glance and just let it be. I watched you rise, I watched you grow, always one step ahead of me. You seemed so untouchable, seemed so strong…seemed so alone. I wanted your eyes upon me, wanted to be acknowledged. To see the upward tilt of thin lips. that low glint in dark eyes that not many would ever believe to exist!

Set you free…

I should set you free…

You would not grow here, the haunting light of your soul, the glow of a moon that cast its brilliance upon a bittersweet night, a wandering soul. You do not belong here, even if…even if it had been your home. You’ve seen too much, you’ve bled too much. Konoha…she, my beautiful mistress. My pain and sorrow and the source of all my hurt, all my joy…she has taken too much from you.

It hurts! God, it hurts! the ever consuming pain that blankets your life like a terrible safety net. The shackles upon your soul that tethers you to earth and refuses to let you soar, let you fly free. How you crumble, pretend you’re strong…your dark eyes that now… never looks away from mine. Dark consuming abyss. the whisper of shadows and fury. The whispers of strength and denial…of carefully hidden weakness, that in its own right was your strength. The whispers of love, dangerous love, obsessive love…pure love.

I watched you fall.


It’s always raining. The sky will bleed to grey and the clouds lazily begin their journey to the unknown. There is alway the ominous rumble of thunder, lightning flashing in the distance and the scared thrill of birds that no sooner take flight. The storm is here, the storm will stay and perhaps, tear my soul asunder. Konoha is bleak, she mourns or, perhaps…it is I who mourns. The one who has lost his anchor and watches the world pass him by with distant blue eyes.

She asked me to marry her you know, she…I can not. It would be cruel, it is cruel. I have no heart to give, no kind word to spare. You have taken it all. Sasuke! You, it is you who I-

It always rains, because you are not here. Because you refuse to be.

Do you think me so weak?

Truly? that I would shatter from your touch, your being. That I would crumble to dust under the weight that is your soul, that is your making. I chased you to the ends of the earth! I bore the pain and hurt when you thrust your arm through my heart.

I cried for you! Wept, when every passing night I would understand the true meaning of alone. That you were no longer by my side, that you suffered… you suffered and I could not understand.

How could I not understand?!

Until I did.

They told me to give up on you, forget our sweet memories. abandon my love for it was false.

I love you, you know. I always did, I just never realised…until the night you truly stole my first kiss.

I should hate you.

I should! But I won’t! For just this one time I’ll be selfish! I’ll take what I want, I’ll let you see, let you feel!

I won’t set you free Sasuke! I won’t! I can’t!

Never ask this of me! it is too much…too raw.

I love you Sasuke, and even if it hurts, even if it kills me…I’ll always love you. There is no one else, you are my beginning and my end.

I am yours, as you are mine…two halves of a whole.

Why won’t you understand?!

Please! It hurts! It hurts…but I… Konoha is not your home, I would never wish that faith upon you. Even if I will forever remain in her cold embrace, slave to her will because it is so that I wish it. Even if I stay here if only to ensure that it is not you who she captures, bend to her will, like she has so many before you, before me.

Set you free, Sasuke?

Set you free my love?

Then I’ll ask only one thing…just one…

What is free?

What is freedom?

Hello @sasu-loves-naru , part two, Naruto’s pov as promised to you and anonymous.Hope you enjoy. Theme as per anonymous’ request is slightly frantic, don’t know if I pulled that off, but hope you like ^_^


I can smell you 
Not touch you 
That’s the rule, the deal 
But God how you fill my nostrils 
 Not sure which is stronger 
You stand there
A vision
 A dream 
My dream 
Shafts of street lights breaking through barely covered windows silhouette your curves
 They too barely covered 
You stand motionless against the cool night breeze 
I move closer 
Your smell more intense 
My body more tense 
Almost no distance now 
My toned torso
I nches from your silk
 So smooth 
Skin so smooth 
So close
 The bulge in my shorts almost 
breaking the no touching rule 
I lean in
Tilt my head
 Your smooth red hair skims my lips 
I whisper 
Breathlessly into your ear
 Wanna break the rule?

ITH Ballet AU drabble

Pairing: SonnyPete

Warnings: none! This is just pure fluff

Word count: 1016

A/N: this is just a drabble, honestly? It’s for @princetetat‘s ballet au. I had a lot of fun writing this, and it’s good to have a change from all the Hamilton stuff I write <3

As always, Pete accompanied Sonny to the dance studio before his show, fingers intertwined as the taller of the two hummed the tune of one of the songs that Sonny had been practicing nonstop for the past week. The two rounded a corner, and Pete glanced over at his boyfriend.

“What’s the matter, babe?” Pete tilted his head, a small smile played across his mouth.

“‘M just nervous, I guess. I still don’t know if I have all the steps down…” Sonny said, biting the inside of his cheek. Pete stopped, pulling Sonny back.

“Hey, look at me,” He reached out, placing a finger under the other boy’s chin. “You’re going to do fantastic, Son-shine. I know it.” Pete grinned lopsidedly, gently placing his hands on either side of Sonny’s face, kissing the tip of his nose.

Sonny giggled, but gave a little pout, rounding another corner, the studio in sight. “How come you never kiss me before the show?” He asked, nodding when Pete held the door open for him.

“Because, it makes it that much better when I get to kiss you after the show. I don’t want to accidentally kiss you senseless and you forget your steps.” Pete said, shrugging off Sonny’s backpack and reaching into it, pulling out his ballet outfit and handing it to him.

“Hey Pete?” Sonny slid the thin black material over his body, quickly getting dressed while it was just the two of them in the room.

“Mhm?” Pete already had his sketchbook out, the pencil scratching on paper as he glanced between the pad and his boyfriend. Sonny smiled. “Thanks for always coming with me to get dressed, even though the show won’t start for another hour or so,” he stretched out, running through the stretches subconsciously– it was second nature to him now.

“Of course babe, I ain’t got anything better to do. Plus, it’s time with you away from Usnavi, so he can’t yell at me just for lookin’ at you.” Pete said. Sonny rolled his eyes, tapping the top of the sketchbook to get the other’s attention. “You know, you don’t have to draw me all the time,” he said, glancing at the paper.

“Yeah, but it’s good practice,” Pete set the pad down, tucking his pencil behind his ear. “Wanna run through it one more time before you have to practice with everyone else?”

Sonny smiled, nodding gratefully. Pete fished out his phone, setting it down after music began to play.

When Pete would help Sonny practice, Sonny always had to close his eyes because he would giggle at how absolutely terrible Pete was at ballet- though he was forever thankful for his ever supportive boyfriend- and if he didn’t close his eyes he wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

Nina and Vanessa walked in shortly afterwards, engaged in some conversation about whether or not The Nutcracker was cliché.

“It’s totally cliché Nina! Every ballet studio has done it!” Vanessa said, setting her duffle on the bench. “Vanessa, it’s a classic! It’s like, a rite of passage!” Nina argued, putting her hair up.

“Hey Son, Pete,” Nina waved. “Hey!” Sonny greeted happily; this caused Pete to glance at him oddly for a millisecond. “Ahh Pete, we have 45 minutes to practice all together, so you gotta get out before Dani comes.” Sonny said, hugging him. Pete kissed his cheek, returning the embrace before grabbing his sketchbook.

“Alright Son-shine, good luck. You’re gonna be perfect, as always!” Pete called, backing out of the changing room. He went and claimed his usual spot up at the front, saving a seat for Usnavi, and finished up his sketch of Sonny as he waited.

As soon as the show was over, Pete practically raced over to Sonny, easily picking him up and spinning around to stop his momentum. “You were amazing, babe!” he said, gently setting the other boy back down.

Sonny smiled broadly, laughing at how enthusiastic Pete was. The artist smiled back at him, before leaning down and kissing him quickly.

Sonny loved Pete’s kisses. They made his chest tighten and his heart flutter, and it was like time stopped, and it was only him and Pete who existed. Sonny guessed that his boyfriend was just magical, because nothing else made him feel that way.

Just as fast as it was there, it was gone, that’s how Pete always did it. A deep blush bloomed on Sonny’s face, reaching up to the tips of his ears.

“P-Pete! You can’t just-” Sonny was cut off by his cousin. “Pete, get your grimy paint hands off my cousin, tu rata!” Usnavi said, frowning. “Nobody wants to watch that.”

“Oh, shut up cuz, we know that you’d be doin’ the same thing to Vanessa if you could,” Sonny countered. Pete laughed, reluctantly letting go of his boyfriend. Usnavi blushed, shaking his head.

Once again, Sonny was enveloped in another hug. “You were great, Son!” Usnavi smiled.

“Okay okay, I gotta go get dressed, then we can talk about how awesome I am,” Sonny laughed, turning and disappearing into the other room.

Pete watched him go, sighing happily. Usnavi rolled his eyes, making a fake gagging noise.

“You two are gross,” He said, crossing his arms. Pete shrugged, smiling. “So what? I love him and he deserves all the love and praise ever, and I’m giving him that.” he said. Usnavi didn’t argue that.

Sonny returned quickly, back in his normal clothes. “Hey, Van and Nina are going out for a celebratory dinner, can we go?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course!” Usnavi was equally as happy to be around Vanessa as he was to celebrate the performance, so it was a win-win all around.

Pete glanced at Sonny and grinned, reaching out and taking his hand. Sonny leaned into his shoulder as they walked out. He couldn’t have been more happy.