tilt o whirl


He felt horrible. He felt like the world was spinning around him. Like he was on the tilt-o-whirl only he felt like he was going to throw up instead of laugh incessantly. The other problem was he was laying on his bed instead of playing at an amusement park.

Hic. He hiccuped again and swallowed thickly when he felt his stomach contents rising up his throat.

His face felt hot but he couldn’t help but shiver. He felt like he was laying in a meat locker, he was so cold. He felt the chill so deep in his body he wondered if he would ever feel warm again.

“Percy?” A female voice called from outside his cabin. He couldn’t bring himself to answer. He was afraid that if he answered he would throw up. “Percy, are you in there?” the voice came again, closer this time. He knew that voice. He liked that voice.

A knock came at the door. “Percy. I know you’re in there. I searched everywhere else. You can’t hide from teaching lessons in your cabin.”

Right. He was supposed to be teaching sword fighting.

The door opened. Light flooding in and making him groan. “That’s right lazy bones, you have been caught.” Annabeth walked in smirking the way she did when she knew she was right. It fell when she got a good look at him.

Percy was incredibly pale and had dark rings around his eyes making them look sunken. “Gods, Percy, you look terrible!”

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Gee thanks. You really know how to improve a guy’s confidence.”

She came over and sat on his bunk next to him. She leaned over and touched the back of her hand on his cheek and then the exposed part of his neck. “Percy, you have a fever.”

He hummed in response. “I figured as much.”

“Well if you knew, why didn’t you tell someone or walk to infirmary?”

“Too many sick people. Didn’t want to hang around them.”

“News flash Seaweed Brain, you’re one of those sick people and you need to go.” She had that look on her face that said ‘cross me and I’ll send you to Tartarus.’

“Annabeth, please, I just want to empty my guts and die in the peace of my own cabin.” All the talking was making him feel like the threat was more eminent than it had been before. To confirm this theory he hiccuped again, bringing his hand to cover his mouth and pressing back further against his pillow.

“Oh man, are you going to throw up?” This was probably as close to a dumb question as Annabeth had ever been, but he decided not to tell her that.

His body relaxed slightly and removed his hand from his mouth. “Probably.”

“Well maybe you should head to the bathroom?”

“Such a wise statement from the wise girl.” but he made no attempt to get up.

“Shut up Seaweed Brain.”

Hic. That’s when he decided Annabeth was right. He jumped up rather quickly and ran for the bathroom in his cabin. He dropped in front of the toilet just in time to bring up a flood of his meagre breakfast. He hadn’t eaten a whole lot, most of his meal was given as an offering to his father.

He hardly got a seconds reprieve before it happened again. It was rough and sounded strained, certainly didn’t feel good. He was miserable and he knew he wasn’t done. Suddenly there was a gentle hand rubbing circles on his back. That felt nice. He opened his mouth to thank her but threw up again instead.

When he was finally finished being sick he reached up and flushed the mess away and leaned into his girlfriend. Annabeth hugged him and rubbed his back. They didn’t get up because Percy’s stomach kept making horrible, ominous gurgling noises. Every time it did he pressed closer to her letting himself moan in discomfort a few times. That’s how she knew he felt bad, Percy wasn’t one to actively complain about how he felt.

Fifteen minutes later round two began. She rubbed his back and waited for him to stop throwing up. “I’m going to have an Apollo kid come check on you but I won’t make you go to an infirmary.”

“Thanks Annabeth.” He croaked, rubbing his upset stomach.

She nodded and ducked out. She could hear him getting sick again as she left.

“Okay, so this stroller seat can spin 360 degrees. What’s our angle?”

“Things that spin!”

“Great, things that spin. What spins?”




“What? Helicopters don’t spin.”

“Well…the top thingie does. You know, the top part, *motioning* It spins around like, ‘WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH.” 

“Okay, helicopters. Can we get a helicopter?”

“Uh…sure. I think Dave has one.”

“Great, we’ll borrow Dave’s helicopter. What else?”

“The mom should be wearing an ill-fitting polyester jumpsuit!”

“Okay…but as long as the jumpsuit is simultaneously way too tight but also loose and sloppy, like stretched-out disco pajamas.” 

“We can do that.”

“Great! So we’ll have Dave’s chopper, sexy-pilot-disco-jammies, and the stroller. Where will we shoot?”

“It’ll have to be at Dave’s parents’ house.”

*Looking confused*

“Because that’s where he keeps the chopper.”

“You don’t think that’ll look weird in the background?

“Not any weirder than the rest of it.”

“Great. Let’s do it. Oh, and make sure the baby is like, ‘WTF.” 

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MCCREE, reaper, and 76 at a carnival with their s/o. could u imagine the hilarity that ensues I'm laughing just thinking about it (ok but give me ur cutest and fluffiest stuff i am r e a d y)

This is my favorite thing to write you have no idea Nonny this is gonna be LONG

McCree: Plays every single shooting game and wins all of them. He even brings a small cart for all the stuffed animals he wins for his s/o, and beams every time they thank him. He hates the Tilt-O-Whirl so much, and always pukes after it, but he loves the big swing ride and will ride it five million times during the night. He loves funnel cakes and always has a powdered sugar mustache afterwards, giving his s/o the perfect opportunity to kiss him. Prefers to go to the carnival at night bc it’s prettier and cooler, and always cops a feel and make out session at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Reaper: Gets mad when he can’t win the fucking duck game and eds up shooting one of the little ducks. Turns out that one was the big prize. He pretends like he doesn’t want the super cute basset hound plushie at the dart balloon game but his s/o sees through it and wins it for him. He’s flushing hard when they give it to him and he murmurs his thanks before kissing their cheek softly. Really likes fried Oreos, and the haunted house. Has his s/o hold his hand while he’s getting his face painted w a little skull and he doesn’t wash it off for like two days. Holds his s/o close the entire time they’re on the Ferris wheel, and also likes going at night.

Soldier 76: Such a gentleman, it’s crazy. Asks what his s/o wants him to win, and he wins it for them and preens when they kiss his cheek in thanks and giggle happily. Loves to do the bumper cars and gets way too into it, same with the roller coaster. Prefers the day time, but will go anytime bc he gets sunburnt easily. Loves it when people bring their dogs with them and asks to pet every single one bc he’s totally a dog person. Hates the swing ride and shoves McCree into a trash can after the cowboy forces him onto the ride. Kisses his s/o and confesses his undying love to them at the top of the Ferris wheel and they take the cutest couples’ selfies.

Favorite Adventure

Characters: Dean x Reader

@iwantthedean requested: Can I please get something with fluffy Dean and the reader on a first date? Can be AU or not. Maybe throw in Favorite Adventure by K’s Choice if possible? Thanks 

Here you go love! Get ready for the fluff!

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Companions in a working theme park

Preston: He’s seen trying to win prizes at the games section. He gets good and wins the big teddy bear!

Piper: The rides are fun, but she really loves all the snacks involved I parks. Cotton candy, kernel corn, ice cream. Girls got a sweet tooth. Unfortunately she eats to much and throws up on the dizzier rides….

Nick: He’s having a good time just taking a break from his hectic life. It reminds of of when he was younger.

Hancock: Tilt o whirls or any ride that goes in circles and makes him dizzy. He tries to see how many he can go on before he throws up or falls down.

Danse: he’s also at the games area trying to shoot down the bottles with a ball. He gets mad when the soft ball doesn’t knock the heavy bottles down, so he shoots it instead. Don’t try to scam a brotherhood member.

Maccready: You know he’s a kid at heart so his so pumped to go on every single one!

Deacon: Little shit would insist one everyone doing bumper cars. He’s made it his personal goal to slam into everyone of them.

Curie: She’s not all that into fast thrill rides, but more calmer ones. She LOVES Ferris wheels but always needs a partner to go with.

Cait: The faster and more thrill inducing, the better. She loves having heart heart pumping with adrenaline.

X6: He’s more interested in any shows that occur at the park than the rides themselves. He’ll watch a band play a few songs while the rest of them go on rides.

Strong: He’s a little to big to go on the rides, so he hang out at the water park.

Codsworth: He’s the parent waving to the rest of them as they go past on the ride they’re on.


words: 3.6k

warnings: swearing, mentions of smoking

a/n: i weirdly wanted to write idk like i wrote this in a few hours oops whatever get some tissues it’s a wild ride


Loving Dan is like when Phil saw his primary school teacher cry for the first time

He’s the kind of beautiful that stains a person’s teeth. Ragged, even, choked reds and yellows and lacquer purples like cracked smiles and a mouth that tastes like kerosene drenched flowers. Maybe if Phil doesn’t think about it, he’s not choking on stolen glances and bruised fingertips and the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.

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summary: in a world where a person’s soulmate has an identical birthmark, police intern phil lester is completely alone; that is, until he starts receiving cruel gifts from a psychotic serial killer. seeking out the comfort of a boy on the phone, dan howell, while desperately trying to figure out the killer’s messages, time is running out by each fractured second.

words: 2.3k

warnings: alcohol, drugs/drugged persons, swearing, graphic/grotesque mentions of blood on animals

a/n: hello friends it’s calista hovvells and abs got her computer taken away right as she finished this sO I AM HERE TO SAVE THE DAY AND POST IT FOR UR READING PLEASURE PLS ENJOY THIS FIC IS THE BOMB.EDU 

part 1

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Also I'd like to request favorite fair/amusement park rides for all the characters(or specifically maybe Reinhardt, Soldier: 76, McCree, and Hanzo)?? Pretty please, please! C:

Reinhardt: Loves the big ship ride, the one that swings back and forth really high, and the Ferris wheel, of course. He also likes the cool ass swing ride too.

Soldier 76: He’s not an amusement park ride fan, honestly, and just likes to watch them go. He does like the haunted house, though, and can be taught to like the Ferris wheel with lots of kisses as bribery.

McCree: Loves the swing ride, and the big ass roller coaster. Basically every single ride is his favorite and he loves them so much. He’s an adrenaline junkie, and they give him his fix.

Hanzo: Hates every single ride that isn’t the camel or the kiddie rides. get him on the Tilt-O-Whirl and he’s ready to barf and also kill you.

“I can hear the Scrambler and the Tilt-O-Whirl calling my name, but I’m serving funnel cakes and nachos. Hopefully there won’t be too much puke in the seats when I get a chance to ride.” Liam rested his chin in his palm, smiling. “So, what will it be, dear? I hear this frozen pickle juice cup is pretty tasty. Not really sure how it is, but that’s a big buzz right now.”