tillys tour

frick house tour || tilly & nicholas

Nicholas’s plans with Tilly seemed to dominate the entire day, and he made no attempt to even leave the house, fearing some sort of catastrophe could result, creating a sudden change in plans. He’d called her days previously due to both boredom and curiosity, and once they’d made plans, he made no attempt to stray away from them. Days had passed since they had met, but Nicholas was not going to make the mistake of forgetting her; however, it wasn’t exactly easy for him, either. Conversing with her at the bookstore was something he deeply enjoyed, possibly a bit too much for him to admit. Maybe it was the way she looked at those books, or maybe it was merely his loneliness that created a desire to see her again.

He sat on the subway for twenty agonizing minutes, squeezed between a couple who continued to argue over him. Nicholas didn’t intend on listening to their conversation, but it was difficult for him not to, especially with their entire argument being yelled into his ears. They both failed to tell each other details of their past, and the woman yelled something about not knowing the man she married despite being together for years. Once their words softened, they slowly began to acknowledge Nicholas between them, which only increased his desire to disappear. He could feel their eyes on him, on the bouquet of flowers in his hands. Nicholas checked his watch, and heaved a sigh, hoping to make himself appear as small as possible.

Once he was a stop away, Nicholas caved, and consequently jumped to his feet, eager to be away from those prying eyes. Walking ten more minutes would not be a problem, he told himself, hoping to justify his possible mistake. Nicholas tried to enjoy his surroundings, but he was too distracted by his thoughts to properly appreciate them. Once he was close, he quickly dialed her number, immediately putting the phone to his ear. “I’m here, Tilly. Where should I meet you?”