everyone go listen to my star fanmix, it’s good

1. trouble -neon jungle 2. no good advice -girls aloud 3. i don’t wanna -puffy amiyumi 4. dreams and disasters -owl city 5. maladaptive daydreaming -futurecop! 6. lions! -lights 7. love saves the day -the orion experience 8. rescue -yuna 9. the princess who saved herself -jonathan coulton 10. wunderkind -alanis morissette 11. rainbows in the dark -tilly and the wall 12. power of love -sailor moon & the scouts 13. bring it on -puffy amiyumi


If you’ve been on the 405 Freeway in Southern California over the last week, you’ve probably noticed something new… One side of Tilly’s HQ (a 15,000 square foot wall) has become home to a new mural by our friend Zio Ziegler. We hung out with Zio over the three days it took to complete the work to snap some photos of his progress. The mural will remain on view over the next 90 days, courtesy of a partnership between Zio, Artists Republic, and Tilly’s. Check it out if you can, but maybe not while you’re driving.

photos: maxwellgallery

Pretty Soldiers: A Sailor Senshi Mix

I’ve been working on this one for a long, long time, so I hope you enjoy it! An in-depth playlist for the Sailor Senshi as a group in all continuities, with a mix of battle songs and friendship songs! All female singers!

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1. Sailor Moon Metal| 331Rock//2. Lady Moon| Kellianna//3. メギツネ  Megitsune (Female Foxes)//Babymetal//4. Centuries (Fall Out Boy Cover)| Samantha Potter//5. Never Look Away| Vienna Teng//6. Suddenly I See| K.T. Tunstall//7. Glory and Gore| Lorde//8. Galaxy Supernova| Girls Generation//9. The Call| Regina Spector//10. Ba Bing| Havana Brown//11. Defenders| Tilly and the Wall//12. Rosie| Daisy Dares You//13. in the Stars| Icona Pop//14. Spectrum| Florence and the Machine//15. Always Be Together| Little Mix//16. Meet Me in Space| Ke$ha//17. We Go Down| Krewella//18. Me & My Girls| Fifth Harmony//19. Locked Within The Crystal Ball| Blackmore’s Night// 20. Love and Girls| Girls Generation//21. Sisters of the Light| Xandria//22.Demons| Sleigh Bells//23. We Got The World| Icona Pop//24.This Will Be The Day| Casey Lee Williams

Added on Playmoss: Shine| Vienna Teng//Glow|Ella Henderson

Quick Annotations and Lyrics under the cut (warning for some manga spoilz):

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Once Upon a Dream 

a Solavellan mix - {listen}

Lover is Childlike - The Low Anthem | JOY - Ellie Goulding | No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine | Elastic Heart - Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo | Demons - Imagine Dragons | Some Nights - Fun. | I Wish You Would - Taylor Swift | I Believe in You - Tilly and the Wall | Adieu - Enter Shikari | Yesterday - The Beatles | I Miss You - Blink-182 | Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Rey


01. go home - eliza doolittle | 02. you can’t outrun ‘em - jenny lewis | 03. this head i hold - electric guest | 04. lady percy - king charles | 05. bad education - tilly and the wall | 06. i’ve got your number, son - she & him | 07. relator - scarlett johansson and peter yorn | 08. new shoes - paolo nutini


Fight Song(s)

an all female semi-crack playlist chronicling the love, loss, and determination of Alec Hardy [listen]

Ella Henderson | Grace Potter and The Nocturnals | Nico Vega | Avril Lavigne | Annie Lennox | Bonnie Tyler | Kelly Clarkson | Beyonce | Marina and The Diamonds | Florence + The Machine | Fifth Harmony | Serena Ryder | Paramore | Tegan & Sara | Missy Higgins | Taylor Swift | Tilly and the Wall | Rachel Platten | Katy Perry | Lorde | The Veronicas | Charlie XCX

Elastic Heart ~ Music for the Wildcard [8tracks]

i. Ready to Go - Republica // ii. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - Christina Laroque // iii. Disparate Youth - Santigold // iv. Wicked Ones - Dorothy // v. Pot Kettle Black - Tilly and the Wall // vi. Dancing With Myself - The Donnas // vii. My Work is Done - Dragonette // viii. Running Wild - La Sera // ix. Electric Daisy Violin - Lindsey Stirling // x. Rock the Ride - The Asteriods Galaxy Tour // xi. Elastic Heart - Sia // xii. We Are Giants - Lindsey Stirling ft Dia Frampton // xiii. An Arrow - Sarah Blasko 


Perfect Songs: Tilly & the Wall -“Pot Kettle Black”

I happened upon this song thanks to Pandora playing a bunch of stuff on shuffle at the salon yesterday. I’m an easy mark for a schoolyard chant type of vocal and an easier mark for a good beat, so I was hooked immediately. When I checked to see artist I was surprised to see that it was Tilly & The Wall. They’d always had a sweeter sound as far as I’d heard but apparently I missed out on this track, which was a pretty big hit for them. Sometimes it’s embarrassing when I realized I missed a gem when it was released. It’s already earwormed its way into my brain because I had to download it immediately and listen to it repeatedly on the bus ride home and as I danced around the kitchen making my dinner. I can tell this one will have its hooks in me for awhile.