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“Upstate Blues” Live x Rochester, NY 

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This was taken at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, which was also my first year of going. I saw the list of band and loved all of them so I had to go that year. But sadly I had to go to summer school that summer(Sucks) but we where aloud to listen to music, so i had my Pandora on and New Year’s Day came up and it wasn’t my first time hearing them so i sat there and I searched more songs by them. Then i became hooked, so i had to see them. Come to find out they where on warped tour it was a must for me to go see them.

As my friends and I where waiting in line I kept telling them “I have to see New Year’s Day!” As we got in i saw Nikki Misery holding the NYD sign in one hand and a pumpkin in the other. I didn’t go up to him cause i was scared too, so i just walked passed and went to the inflatable to see what time the bands play and i saw New Year’s Day and it said “New Year’s Day plays Tilly’s Stage 1:00. Wrote it down in my phone and then we walked around and i found the guys just chilling before there show, so i walked up to them and as i was asking them to take a picture with me,when Nikki was walking up to us and got in the picture. Gave them all a hug and thanked them. Then 1:00 came and I told my best friend I have to see them front row! So we got to there set early and i was right in the middle of the stage i brought my friends with me and they never heard of this band so as they started playing i look over to my friend and there all head bagging and having fun. As Ashley was singing i sung along to every song they played and she looked at me and smiled. Then the best part was she came up to the barrier and was right in front of me! She had her hand out and I held her hand as she was singing. When they had there signing i went to see them and Ashley was there so i asked her if i could have a hug and she said yeah! I hugged her. I got a picture with her and with Jake Jones and Nikki again. Then asked them to sign my black vans and they did(: I now have my vans in the box they came in never to be worn again. Ever since i started to listen to them my love grows for them, they are truly an inspiration to me. Also skipped summer school to go to warped tour. Warped tour 2013 was really the ‘best day ever.”
frick house tour || tilly & nicholas

Nicholas’s plans with Tilly seemed to dominate the entire day, and he made no attempt to even leave the house, fearing some sort of catastrophe could result, creating a sudden change in plans. He’d called her days previously due to both boredom and curiosity, and once they’d made plans, he made no attempt to stray away from them. Days had passed since they had met, but Nicholas was not going to make the mistake of forgetting her; however, it wasn’t exactly easy for him, either. Conversing with her at the bookstore was something he deeply enjoyed, possibly a bit too much for him to admit. Maybe it was the way she looked at those books, or maybe it was merely his loneliness that created a desire to see her again.

He sat on the subway for twenty agonizing minutes, squeezed between a couple who continued to argue over him. Nicholas didn’t intend on listening to their conversation, but it was difficult for him not to, especially with their entire argument being yelled into his ears. They both failed to tell each other details of their past, and the woman yelled something about not knowing the man she married despite being together for years. Once their words softened, they slowly began to acknowledge Nicholas between them, which only increased his desire to disappear. He could feel their eyes on him, on the bouquet of flowers in his hands. Nicholas checked his watch, and heaved a sigh, hoping to make himself appear as small as possible.

Once he was a stop away, Nicholas caved, and consequently jumped to his feet, eager to be away from those prying eyes. Walking ten more minutes would not be a problem, he told himself, hoping to justify his possible mistake. Nicholas tried to enjoy his surroundings, but he was too distracted by his thoughts to properly appreciate them. Once he was close, he quickly dialed her number, immediately putting the phone to his ear. “I’m here, Tilly. Where should I meet you?”

Not In That Way Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

Hello, part two was requested by the lovely independenthemmings and whalebutt along with a couple of Anon, so here it is, its a little longer than usual, i got carried away, if you haven't yet read part one then you should find it here. ENJOY!!!

‘I can’t believe how good you were, I mean I knew you could sing but you were amazing’ your Aunt gushes as she bounces your cousin on her knee and you smile as you take a sip of your drink.

‘I always knew you could do it, and to think the other day you nearly pulled out’ Luke reminds you, nudging your shoulder with his and you sile up at him, pulling a face and he laughs.

‘Why would you pull out?’ your Mum almost shouts from the bottom of the table and a couple of people laugh at her dramatic line, and you just shrug, hating all the attention.

‘Cause you’re an idiot’ Ashton sticks his tongue out from across you and you roll your eyes. ‘I was just nervous, I didn’t want to mess up in front of all you guys’ you smile as most of them ‘aww’ including Luke next to you, you jab him with your finger in his side and he groans, falling onto you slightly. ‘Mean’ he whispers as everyone else starts chatting between themselves.

‘So’ Luke prolongs the word and you turn to Luke at him, with a raised eyebrow, as soon as you’re looking he smirks a little ‘How come you changed the song?’

‘I told you, I wanted to mean it, I thought I would perform it a little better if I actually meant what I was singing’ you explain, and you feel your chest tightening, as you watch his lips curl in the corner.

‘You could have sung about me, I’m supposed to be the most import person in your life’ he teases but doesn’t realise how much his words mean, you laugh a little, hoping to keep it light.

‘Oh yeah, sorry Luke, you just slipped my mind’ you tease and he glares, ‘what did you want me to sing?’ you sass and he pulls a face, then Michael cuts in laughing ‘You could have sang, your so vain, for Luke’ which makes Calum and your cousin laugh too.

‘You could have sang, the one off Toy Story’ Luke tells you and you smile nodding a little ‘You got a friend in me?’ you check and he nods, wiggling his eyebrows, he opens his mouth to say something but stops, he looking at the people at the table and when he noticed no one paying attention to you he smiles, it’s a cheeky smile, the one that always appears when he wants to talk about a secret or do something we shouldn’t.

‘Who is it?’ his words freeze you, your heart physically feels like its stops and  you feel the goose bumps rises on your arms, you part your lips to speak but don’t say a word, ‘Come on(Y/N), it’s me, you have to tell me, please’ he begs almost like a girl, and you smile a little.

‘Is everyone ready to order’ You Dad’s voice calls up the table; you spin your head to him and smile nodding along with the rest of the table. ‘Could we wait, I actually invited someone else’ Luke’s words sock you a little but everyone else agrees to wait, and now for the first time you notice the empty seat next to Luke.

‘Who’s coming?’ you ask, he gives you a smile but shy smile and he scratches his jaw, something he has always done when he is a little worried or uncomfortable. ‘Erm, I actually invited Tilly, I’ve been talking to her a lot recently, I hope you don’t mind, it’s just we are only back for a couple days you know?’ he explains, your shocked, shocked that he is speaking with her again, shocked he hadn’t told you, and socked that he invited the girl you hate to a meal with your family and friends. You nod a little and look away, trying not to show your augur and make things awkward.

‘(Y/N) come on, do you really care that much?’ he whines a little, try to get your attention by placing his hand on your thigh.

‘Its fine Luke’ you tell him over your shoulder, no compassion in your voice and you look back at your Uncle who is sitting next to you, and you hear Luke sigh. You chat with your Uncle and dad for a couple of minutes until your hear Luke’s chair pull out and everyone looked towards him and smiled, saying a number of welcomes. You turn too, not to look rude in front of your family and smile at Tilly, she smiles back but you and anyone looking could tell it was for show, and not a great show at that.

‘Hey (Y/N) congratulations on tonight, Luke said you were amazing’ she complements but even she can’t make it sound genuine, ‘Thanks’ is all you reply before turning back to your Uncle not wanting to see Luke and Tilly together. Luke and Tilly dated in school for a couple of months and you always hated her, when Luke left for the One Direction tour she got back in touch with him and they dated again for a couple of mouths, again you hated each other and now, now she is here again.

The meal is over and everyone is looking to see what they want for desert, you haven’t spoke to Luke since she turned up and kept your self chatting to others so you wouldn’t have to listen to their giggling.

‘(Y/N) we are gonna go’ Luke’s voice sounds over and you turn to him, he nod, trying not to show how upset you are, how hurt you are. You hear him sigh again as you looking over to Ashton, and you hear shuffling as Luke gets up along with Tilly. He says good bye to everyone and your mum gives him a hug before he leaves, you know your mum is watching you as soon as Luke has left so you drop your head a little, to try and hold back the tears before anyone e saw. But they were coming and you knew it so you excuse yourself and head for the toilets. You hear someone call your name as you reach the door and turn to see Ashton, he doesn’t say anything else as he opens his arm sand you let him hold you tightly to his chest as you cry. Once you calm down he leads you out into he garden area and you sit on the bench with Ashton.

‘You okay?’ he asks and you nod. ‘Yeah, fine, god how fucking stupid do I look’ you sigh and he chuckles a little ‘Don’t worry about it, he’s an idiot for bringing her, he only told me and the lads he was talking to her again yesterday, if I had known he was inviting her I would have stopped him’ Ashton explain and you nod.

‘I hate her, I really do, but maybe I was about over the top, I shouldn’t have ignored him’ you sigh but Ashton shakes his head. ‘No, no way, you have every right tonight was about you and he brought her knowing how much you hate her’ he comforts. ‘God I just wanna go home’ you sigh, dropping your head on his shoulder.

‘Come on then, we will tell everyone you’re not feeling to good and are gonna come back mine for a bit’ he tells you, standing and offering you his hand, which you take, he pulls you up and holds the back of your head kissing your forehead.

‘Hey mum, I’m not feeling to good, it is okay if I go Ashton’s’ you whisper, leaning down to her, she looks at your, raising an eyebrow, knowing what’s wrong, but she nods anyway. ‘Everyone, (Y/N) is going to head out, she’s not feeling great’ your mum announces loud enough for everyone to hear and you smile, after hugging everyone and saying good bye, you, Ashton and Michael finally leave, only no noticing Calum isn’t with you.

‘Where’s Cal?’ you ask, ‘He wanted to catch up with Luke’ Michael tells you and you look up to his with a questioning look but he just gives you a sweet smile. ‘Sorry guys’ you sigh, Michael throws his arm around your shoulder and pulls you in a little ‘Don’t be, we can just order pizza when we get in’ he tells you, your eyes widen and you look at him in shock and Ashton starts to chuckle. ‘I’m still hungry’ Michael defends and you shake your head a little.

‘Seriously, I’m thinking plain pizza, actually I could eat a sub, oh god A..What the fuck?’ with Michael’s change in conversation you look up to see Luke and Calum heading straight for you, no Tilly in sight. ‘What’s going on?’ Ashton calls over to them, as you all continue to walk closer to each other.

‘I need to talk to (Y/N)’ Luke tells him, his eyes locked on yours, ‘I don’t want to talk Luke, go out with Tilly’ you tell him but he just narrows his eyes, as he reaches you, Michael and Ashton walk ahead a couple of feet to Calum. Luke stops in front of you and just tares at you, ‘seriously Luke, just fuck off’ you tell him, ‘Jesus, your so annoying, you don’t want her around and then when she’s gone your telling me to go to her, make up your mind’ he growls. .

‘Don’t make it seem like I’m un fair here, you invited her, knowing how much we hate each other, this shit is on you’ you tell him, trying to keep yourself calm.

‘Your my best friend, I didn’t think you would be so fucking cold with me because of it’ he accuses, and you scoff. ‘Well if I’m such a shit friend then why did you come back?’ you hit back, only making his shake his head.

‘I don’t know why I bother, honestly, I don’t’ he sighs, as though he is deflated, the augur leaving you both and you feel your heart drop, you shrug, as though his words don’t bother you. ‘Then don’t, don’t bother with me, go find Tilly, go on tour and leave me alone’ you tell him, turning and heading in the other direction, your breathing heavily trying to keep the tears down. Fuck, what the hell did you just do? You stop walking, not able to leave Luke behind. You think as you stand staring at nothing in front of you, whenever you and Luke would argue, how you would just lie down, anywhere, top to tail and stay silent and then when one of you felt better your hug and everything would be fine.

Would this time be different, when you turn around will he be gone, what will you done if he is,

If he is, will that be the end, all because you’re jealous of Tilly, but it’s more than that, it’s so much more. You can’t stop caring about Luke; you can’t stop thinking about him, talking to him, seeing him. So you spin around, eyes closed scared to see him gone. But when you open your eyes you see Ashton, Calum and Michael, Ashton is watching you and smirks a little when you turn around while, Calum is looking around almost embarrassed and then, then you notice Michael tugging on Luke’s arm as he lies on the pavement.

You try to keep a straight face as you walk back towards then, Michael stops pulling Luke’s arm and you stop, your feet nearly touching Luke’s was it as you look down at him, his eyes closes but you know he knows your there.

‘Get up you moron, people are looking’ you whisper, you glance up to Michael, Ashton and Calum to see them smirking at you and Luke and you narrow your eyes.

'We’ll leave you too it’ Ashton winks as he turns pulling Michael along with him and Calum follows. You look back down to Luke to see he has one eye open and a small curl at the corner if his lips.

'Since when do you care about what people think?’ With the simple statement he closes his eye again. You sigh and get down, resting your head on the floor next to Luke’s feet and that’s how you stay, eyes closed for maybe ten minutes, you hear whispers as people pass. But no word from Luke, not a sound until a heavy sigh.

'Your feet stink’ he sounds up and you shake your head, eyes still closed.

'I have my shoes on’ you remind him, he doesn’t reply, instead you feel his hand in your waist as he begins to play with the end on your top.

'I love you’ he whispers after a couple more minutes, you swallow, hard, wishing the words meant more. But they are good enough. Luke as your best friend is better than no Luke at all.

'Yeah, I love you too’ with your reply he shuffles, sitting up and his fingers more from your waist to your fingers as he entwined them and gives your hand a small tug. You open your eyes as you sit up, fingers entwined, you look down at them as he plays tapping his thumb on your hand.

'I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have bought her. I shouldn’t have even spoken to her. And it’s not because of you, although what you think is important to me but when we left, she said something and I knew I knew it was gonna be the same.’ He tells you, you know he doesn’t want to tell you what she said or he would have done so you don’t push. 'And I realised when Calum came after me, everyone sees it you know, that you’re the only girl for me’ his words ring in your ears, your heart pounding

'All I need is my best friend right now, maybe I will find the one girl in a couple of years’ he finishes, you feel twats weal in your eyes, your throat tightening. You thought he meant more, wanted more; you’re nearly as blind as he is.

'I’m gonna be here till you don’t want me around’ you laugh a little, hoping he won’t notice your hurt.

'I will always need you around’ he whispers his hand holding the side if your face as his thumb brushes the tears away. 'Can I take this opportunity to in advance as you to be my best man’ he gives you’re a cheeky smile that you have never been able to hate.

'I’d be honoured’ you smile as his arms pull you to him and you rest your head in his neck and breathe in his secure sent. And you realise that means some day you will have front row seats to his wedding, as his best man. Just the best friend.

Part 3

From Chelsea