australiaThere’s nothing quite like breakfast in bed on a chilly winter’s morning ☕ Tilly the baby yellow-footed rock wallaby certainly agrees! Tilly lives at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw, and at five months old she weighs in at just 430 grams. The team here is providing Tilly with round-the-clock care, feeding her with bottles of specially formulated milk every five hours and ensuring she is kept toasty warm in her knitted pouch. Video: The Australian Reptile Park


Because mark my words; you will look back proudly and tell the world you were there, when the USS Discovery saved Pahvo and ended the Klingon war…


Well i suppose i um- i should call you something. I’ve only ever know one person good enough to pass on their name; my Mother. She tried to stay with me as long as she could, and i vow to do the same for you, Alice.