Just found out that my friend who I went to high school with got married yesterday. She’s eighteen.
Idk what to think of it. Above all I’m shocked, I mean c'mon you don’t drop that kind of bomb in a text message ahaha but I sent my congratulations; I guess I’m happy if she’s happy. I’m also scared now, thinking about how quickly everything and everyone has changed though high school ended only a couple of months ago. Friends drifting, relationships ending, forgetting about people you once used to see or talk to every day. It’s scary to think more changes will happen when uni starts. Anyways back to my friend. Still can’t get my head around the fact that now she is somebody’s wife. When only several weeks ago we were laughing at the fact that she can’t even boil an egg, true wife material we said. And now she actually is one. Wow. Yeah, just had to get that out.