Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you

We’re four songs into this album and already you can spot the difference between the first album and Sounds Good Feels Good. The songs are more lyrically mature and the instrumental has improved, they’re really breaking out of the stereotypical boyband. Literally if anyone calls 5sos a boyband after this album drops please hand them a copy of Sounds Good Feels Good. 


This time, clever friend, the disaster will be yours.


in which dinah is on the opposite side of the stage

Here’s to all the music,
Here’s to all the awards,
Here’s to all the voting and records broken,
Here’s to sleepless nights,
Here’s to rumours and fights,
Here’s to absolute unconditional love and faith,
Here’s to a lifetime worth of memories,
Here’s to you One Direction.

Thank you for the memories and music.
Until next time then.