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Hey guys! Say I've just discovered you this evening and gotta say FINALLY another band to fall in love with. I personally love those who make "weird" experiments with sound (Everything makes a difference), and the song I've heard till now are by far gorgeous! My question is... How do you come up with the lyrics and the melodies? What things inspire you most? Lots of love from Argentina! ;D

Thank you so much!! The lyrics come from a lot of realms of experience, a few are mine, and the rest from stories I remember and things I’ve read.  Very scattered and interspersed.  The melodies usually start from something I bring to the band, often an acoustic demo, and then we hash it out from there. Hope we can come to Argentina sometime!!




It seems Splatoon is going to have a midnight launch there too uwahhhhhhh

I can’t camp over at midnight that’s…a bit too much especially since its dangerous and trains run differently at night too >A<

The best thing I can do it try to go earlier in the morning and hope that there’s still stock left with all the splatoon crowd taking up the space too ;A;

Sorry Meta the future looks bleak right now

"Four for you Glen Coco" Tarot Spread by Arcane Mysteries (December 31, 2014)

Happy New Year!  To celebrate the New Year coming I did a reading with one of Arcane Mysteries Tarot spread.  With a name like that it had to be done LOL :D

Four for you Glen Coco Tarot Spread

1. What Blessing is coming to me in January till March:  2 of Sword

Feeling confused and blind, bind down but everything will come to by continuing walking forward.  By acting and walking forward I will walk out of the fog instead of starting confused and stay put, the fog won’t move unless I do something about it.

2. What Blessing is coming to me in April till June:  10 of Cups

going to be great quarter with time of happiness and blessing.  My sister is due in May with her twins so there is this joy to look forward with.  Great time for stability at home and life, love is everywhere.

3. What Blessing is coming to me in July till September:  10 of Pentacle

I will be rush in prosperity, great financial stability and a new home.  Just you know, great awesome time and won’t have to worry about finance again!  Just need to be careful and budget.

4. What Blessing is coming to me in October till December:  3 of Wands

Moving forward in my path, more then I though and ready for what the future holds for me. More is coming.

Progress has been made and more is coming on it’s way and I am ready for whatever arrives at me.

For what my cards tell me, 2015 is going to be a great awesome year for me.  I just have to work hard, move forward, budget my finance like that I don’t go overboard.

I did did a reading for one card for each month, but this reading was shorter and it gives the same conclusion.  A lot of great news and it is GREAT to hear about it.  Since the past few years were hard to go throughout, 2014 was a pick me up year and I am finally starting to pay back what I owe everyone and feeling stable enough to save for the future.

2015 looks promising, if I work for the future it is told.

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does gintama have a plot? it looks like pure nonsense to me

it does have a plot, but it is also a lot of nonsense which is not everyones cup of tea

here you can see the arcs 

many people choose to skip a lot of episodes to watch just the arcs to get the plot, but they will miss out on a lot of character plots and little details