i’m gonna be the corniest gf when i fall in love like catch me writing shit like “i used to hate *insert the colour of their eyes* but now it’s everywhere i look at, i want to drown myself in *insert colour of their eyes* when i think of love i think of the colour *insert colour of their eyes, once again*” 

but no one wants to do dat so imma sit here at 2AM thinking about it until someone steps up n takes one for the team n love me till death do us Part 

i shall love you till the day i die
till there are no flesh on these bones
till you can see my naked soul
and see that i am a woman of my word
till death do us part.


“till death do us part, every word you say, whatever it may be, me too”


“In a way Robert and Aaron have been married since february 2015 because Robert said the ‘till death do us part’ line of his vows to Aaron and that’s amazing." 


FIRST.he touches you and you light on fire. Your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. The burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. You’re suffocating daily.

SECOND.it hurts to watch him. He shines. He’s brighter than the sun.. he’s too beautiful for your eyes. It’s hard to look at him. You’re going blind.

THIRD.your ears are tuned to his voice. You could pick him out in a sea of thousands. His voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. His voicce makes everything else sound ugly.

FOURTH.the color of his eyes are blue enough to drown in. He’s turning you into a cliched love-wrecking being. You’re drowning, always sinking down, down, down.

FIFTH.you know him. You love him, through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him, you’d never leave him. You love him, till death do you part.

SIXTH. He loves you, too.

- five things you know and the one thing you don’t.


I really like the crack idea of Gladio and Ignis tried to keep their ‘discreet relationship’ under control but Noctis was just tired of it all because c'on it was so obvious they were a thing and Noct tried to keep his mouth shut and expected them to idk FINALLY CONFESSED TO EACH OTHER??? but no not even after 10 years and Noctis finally took the matter in hand, one day grandly announced before the boys something like “By The Power Vested In Me, Noctis Lucis Caelum, The First Of His Name, King of Lucis, The Protector Of The Crystal, The Chosen, The Reluctant Leader Of This Fieldtrip, I Hereby Marry You, Gladiolus Amicitia, The Shield Of The King, The Rare King’s Knight Character, The Cup Noodles Lover, Off To Ignis Stupeo Scientia, The Advisor Of The King, The Cook Of This Fieldtrip, The Ebony Lover, The Specs, The Elvis Hair, From This Day Until Your Last Day. Till Death Do You Part. You May Kiss The Groom.” while Prompto was snickering all the damn time in the background (and taking pictures of Noctis stomping his foot on a bench while announcing his speech).


Shaking your head and staring directly into the very familiar stare of your husband, you watched Barry press his palm flat into the glass between you before hearing him say, “Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this… And I don’t know what happened to us but…” Flicking his eyes to the ground for a moment, he drew in a hard breath and fixed his gaze back on you before forcing out, “I do know that no matter what, I’m always going to love you. Whatever that means… Whether you’re waking up next to me or you’re out there fighting the Flash. I love you more than anything else in this world…”

“Even now?” You asked, your brows furrowed and your voice dropping to a quiet rush before letting your eyes fall to the crimson leather covering his digits as they curled against the glass. “Even after going beast-mode on you and knocking you flat on your ass?”

“Till death do us part…” Came his mirthless jest as a sad smile pulled at the corner of his mouth.

With something akin to a glare, you lifted your gaze back to his face before grinding out, “Then let me out of this box…”

“I can’t do that, princess…” He replied, shaking his head. “Your powers… I don’t know what it is but you’re changing. Okay, you’re not yourself… I think whatever is going on might be making you sick.”

“I’m not sick.” You growled, baring your teeth and balling your hands into fists. “I’ve never felt better…”

With his lips forming a hard line and his big eyes fluttering to a brief close, he said, “I think you should get some rest.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Married to Barry and being an Enemy of the Flash without Knowing Who’s behind the Mask*

@hj12700: Okay so January 27th is my birthday & I was wondering if you could do a Barry x reader & they’re far into a relationship or married but don’t know the other has powers but the reader is basically a bad guy & was trying to kill the Flash with her power to transform into other animals. Barry finds out who she is when he knocks her out & confronts her as the Flash when he locks her up in their metahuman prison & she mentions having to go home to Barry be4 he got worried, if you could that’d be gr8

A/N: This deviated a little bit from the way you asked for it to end but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have/had a great day and you got everything you wanted! <3

Camren fanfiction!! For those who do not know what to read. And write me an interesting fanfic, which is not in this list. If you can't find some fic, write me and I'll give you a link.

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I feel like I’m anti-ferret but really I’m pro-ferret.

People come up to me because they see my ferrets and want to get ferrets.

That thought scares me so I tell them the “cons” of owning a ferret. I don’t sugar coat. I want them to know what they are getting themselves into.

Ferret shelters are overflowing, ferrets are one of the main animals getting abandoned. People get ferrets because they think they are like miniature cats/dogs/bunnies. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

If you are going to get a ferret, I want you to marry it. Till death do us part.

They are costly and needy but worth all of it.

Picture via @cannonball-the-ferret