I think people would make much better decisions when it comes to dating if they stopped focusing on things like weddings and babies and instead focused on things like funerals and disappointment. What I mean is when I think about who I want to marry, I can’t just stop at who I want to meet at the altar. Because when you’re thinking about the person you want to spend your natural life with, that means the person who will be by your side when life is hard. When your parents die. When you lose your job. When your child is hurt. When bill can’t get paid. And when all of those painful moments come, you have to think “is this the person i want by my side? Is this the person who will be generous and giving when I’m in need? Is this the person who will find the words to soothe my aching heart? Is this the person that when I look across the room through tearful eyes, I want to, need to see their face?”

What I’m saying is when you’re thinking till death do us part, you really have to listen to the whole vow. The commitment is more than just walking down the isle. Its who you want to walk through life with.

I just want to remind everybody

Leverage gave us a middle-aged couple who impetuously fell into bed and had hot passionate sex, then cleaned up their acts emotionally before committing to each other in marriage.

Leverage gave us a young black man gently, wisely courting a non-neurotypical blonde white woman.

Leverage gave us a young black man whose two white male best friends both describe him as the smartest man they’ve ever known.

Leverage gave us a guitar-playing country boy, an ex-hitman and army vet, who puts his life in the hands of a geeky black man and his blonde girlfriend (till death do them part).

Leverage gave us Parker, Sophie, Maggie, and Tara; it also gave us female villains with as much cunning, ruthlessness, and agency as any man’s. 

Leverage gave us villains who were rich, powerful, greedy white people who had to have just a little bit more, and a clever, cunning, usually compassionate, occasionally terrifying white guy who beat them at their own game and robbed the rich to help the poor.

Leverage, gentlefolx.

a concept

merle officiating lup/barry and taako/kravitz’ baller double-wedding. the ceremony is going along smashingly, there’s not a dry eye in the house. then they start reciting the vows and hit a teensy little snag. “till death do us part.”

merle reads it out gravely, and there’s a moment of silence as all four of them try to conceal their giggles at the complete and utter contextual ridiculousness of that sentence. kravitz sort of awkwardly coughs to hide his laughter, taako’s biting his lip to hold it in, lup’s shoulders are noticeably shaking, and barry just sort of holds his breath and tries to turn his face away bc he knows if he so much as makes eye contact with his soon-to-be wife he’s gonna lose it. 

in the end, kravitz is the first to break. he lets out an undignified snort and the other three follow immediately. lup and taako are just fuckin wheezing, barry’s doubled over slapping a denim-clad knee, and kravitz just has his face buried in taako’s shoulder giggling uncontrollably. 

and merle is trying desperately to maintain decorum but every time it seems like they’ve calmed down enough to resume the ceremony one of them will start laughing again and the rest crack up too and it’s basically like. this, but quadrupled. 

and that’s the last time merle highchurch ever officiates a wedding, although, come on, with the twins what else could he have expected. 


@quidditchleaguenet​‘s oct. challenge + fav ships: kriggotter (viktor x cedric x harry)

It was a rather sad story - if anyone bothered to ask. A story of three lovers who ended in tragedy with a boy who  l i v e d, a boy who  d i e d, and a boy who was  l e f t   b e h i n d.

‪*Wedding Day*‬
Husband: for better for worse.. till death do us part ‬
Me: and… ‬
Husband: *Sighs* and I vow to never complain that Taylor Swift ‬always comes first