• Infinity on High: Till tonight do us part
  • AB/AP: May nothing but death do us part
  • Infinity on High: The kid was alright but it went to his head
  • AB/AP: Don't you know that the kids aren't all right
  • Save rock and roll: Put on your warpaint
  • AB/AP: Put all of your anger on
  • Take This to your Grave: I know I'm not your favorite record
  • AB/AP: I'll spin for you like your favorite records used to

I Stiles, take you Lydia, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ‘till death do us part. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care.Through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you. I promise to love, guide, and protect you no matter what. I know you Lydia, I’ve always seen you, even when you haven’t seen me… Long ago you were just a dream and a prayer. You are all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ll ever need. I’m so glad to have you, finally.

i shall love you till the day i die
till there are no flesh on these bones
till you can see my naked soul
and see that i am a woman of my word
till death do us part.


“It was all clear blue sky all the way—as I was sure our life would be. I couldn’t forget Bogie’s tears. Every time I looked at him I welled up. How had I lived before him? I couldn’t remember my life before him—it all ran together, like watercolors. It seemed that everything that had ever happened to me had led to this day with him. I don’t know whether it was his particular personality, his strength and purity of thought, or whether all brides feel that way. Probably a combination. I had no doubt that this happiness would last forever. I could not imagine living a minute without him. From now on I would not have to—we were together now, like the man said, “till death do you part.”

— Lauren Bacall on her wedding to Humphrey Bogart, May 21st, 1945.

Natsu’s Eyes

Okay guys, bear with me. This might get kinda long and I had to screen shot the photos off of my phone…

My rule is simple. Ship what you want to ship, as long as you DON’T HATE ON OTHER PEOPLE’S SHIPS AND/OR HIRO MASHIMA. 

I believe someone should be allowed to ship what they want. Weather it be Natsu x Lucy or Natsu x Erza. Or any other ship for that matter. If it’s homosexual or heterosexual, doesn’t matter to me. If it makes you happy and that’s your ship, then you go for it! Support it! Make fan art! Write a fanfic! Do what makes you happy. Who am I, or anybody else for that matter, to hate on people and tell them what to ship? Or go rant about Mashima and his choices?

Now with that being said, I am a hardcore, till death do us part NaLu shipper. And I have also seen some of the latest posts about the new Fairy Tail chapters, including how Mashima “ruined” NaLu.

In my personal opinion, I do not agree. I believe he was simply showing the platonic, brother/sister relationship Natsu and Erza have. I also have evidence of some sort to back it up as well (assuming my theory is correct).

All of these screen shots are from some of the newer manga chapters. 

Watch Natsu’s eyes.

Natsu and Lucy


Natsu and Erza

His eyes say it all.

Have you ever noticed that when Natsu is super angry,stressed,or emotional his eye’s go from their lighthearted black design to a circle with a dot in the middle? Like we can actually see how upset he is.

And when he is relaxed, not all that worried or serious, his eyes stay black.

Example: Circle-dot design in the frames concerning Lucy. 

Lucy was on the ground, in pain and danger. However, I do not believe her stomach pain was lethal. (Until the dude with the sword came along and put it next to her neck). And look at Natsu’s eyes. He was freaking out, anxious, angry, worried. And Lucy was right in front of him, and not in a position to die. Granted, his eye’s also represented his anger with Gray, but I believe most of his emotions were aimed towards Lucy.  

Now look at the frames concerning Erza. She was falling towards the ground at who knows what speed? If she hit the ground, I am fairly certain she would have died. Look at Natsu’s eyes. The entire time his eyes remain the relaxed black color. Not to say he wasn’t worried about Erza, because he was. He caught her and saved her life. 

From looking at his eyes though, it just looks like he holds stronger emotions towards Lucy. 

If you are a Natsu x Erza fan and you think this scene is romantic, than that is your opinion and I respect that. 

But please, for the sake of the fandom, don’t hate on Mashima